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City of Miami – Grapeland Water Park

♪♪ ♪♪ -We love Grapeland Park! ♪♪ -This is a very unique park. We don’t have anything
like this in the city. It’s a water park.
We have different attractions. We have the lazy river. We have pirate’s plunge,
shipwreck island. Those are all activity pools that have slides
and have different features. -I like to play
in the water a lot, and I like water parks
because it’s fun. My favorite slide is
the blue one and the yellow one. It goes really fast.
I like fast slides. But the really ones I don’t like
is just the normal part. -I like to come to this park because you can
meet new friends, and there’s lots of waterslides,
and I like the lazy river. -So, from Spring Break
through June 10th, we’re only open on weekends and on teacher planning
days and holidays. And from June 11th
through August the 20th, we’re open 7 days a week. -I like going on the slides because I like swirling around
on the slides, and I like pools
that have slides. I go in the pool
because it’s fun to play in. -For children, it’s $7. For adults that live
within Miami-Dade County, it’s $12, and a nonresident… That’s anyone that lives
out of the county…it’s $15. -The slides are very fast
and very cool, very, like, swirly,
and, like, they go. They, like, twirl around like
that one, and I love them. ♪♪ ♪♪

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