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Chuck E Cheese, Trampoline Park, Indoor Playground, Challenge

– Let me show you how it’s done! (upbeat music) (crashing) – Maybe not like that. – [Child] Whizzaroo! (lively music) – Oh no guys, it’s raining. What are we going to do today? – We can go to Chuck E. Cheese! – What about a trampoline park? – Hmm. – Big Air Indoor Playground. – Let’s do it all. – Guess where we are today! – At Trampoline Park. (lively music) Jump with us! (lively music) – This indoors playground is awesome. – Guys, what’s the best
strategy for doing this? Comment down below. – Hey guys, do you think
I could run up that thing? I’ve got to try. (upbeat music) Epic fail! Let’s try again. – Let me show you how to do that, Bird. (upbeat music) – Watch your Daddy Whizzaroo do it. (upbeat music) (pinging) – [Girl] Bird, that’s not
where you’re supposed to be. – I know! – Let me show you how it’s done. (upbeat music) (crashing) Maybe not like that. (upbeat music) (pinging) – [Child] Hey, how’d you get down there? – I don’t know! – Time for another challenge. (upbeat music) (dramatic music) – That’s how you do it, girl! (dramatic music) – [Child] Daddy Whizzaroo,
what was it like up there? – I thought I had it, but that was a loss. (dramatic music) – Time to trapeze this! (screaming) (dramatic music) – [Child] Walk the plank! – No! – [Child] Walk the plank! – No! Cannonball! – This bull has no talent for The Bird. (dramatic music) – This is a piece of cake. (dramatic music) – This is harder than it looks. (light music) – Come with me! (upbeat music) – This ball is huge! (upbeat music) – One point for Scooter. – I think I could handle this. (upbeat music) I underestimated. – At Chuck E. Cheese you can play games! (upbeat music) – At Chuck E. Cheese, you can
play the Fidget Spinner game. (upbeat music) I won four tickets. – At Chuck E. Cheese, I can be a professional basketball player. (upbeat music) And they pay me to do so. (bell ringing) – At Chuck E Cheese I can play all day. – Do you have a favorite
Chuck E. Cheese game? (upbeat music) – I earned nine tickets. Do you see that? – Oh, then, I was close! Eight tickets, not bad! – Little B ball too! (light music) – I get the most tickets on this game. (light music) Almost. – Buckle up Chuck E. Cheese, let’s ride. (light music) Where do you guys wanna go? – I’m driving Daddy this time. (light music) (screaming) – I don’t know what I was thinking about letting Bird drive me! – I’m not afraid to ride roller coasters. (funky trumpet music) – Do you guys like roller coasters? – Do you have to have a
license to drive this, Blue? (funky trumpet music) – We can be rock stars! (singing) (upbeat music) – [Child] But my awesome
day has hit the sky. – [Girl] Bye friends!

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