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ChuChu says “Yes Yes Vegetables” – ChuChuTV Storytime Good Habits Bedtime Stories for Kids

It was a bright sunday afternoon. ChuChu was very hungry. She was waiting to eat some lunch. Mom, I’m really hungry! May I have something to eat please? Yes, ChuChu! You can eat your lunch now. Huh? Vegetable soup? I don’t want this soup, Mom. You must have this soup, ChuChu. It’s delicious and full of vegetables that are very good for you. But it’s full of spinach and broccoli! I only like carrots and potatoes. I’ll only eat the carrots and potatoes. You must eat all of the vegetables, ChuChu. Each of them have different special vitamins. They will help you grow. Nooo, I’ll only eat the carrots and the potatoes. ChuChu’s mother and father were very worried about ChuChu. They wanted her to eat a variety of vegetables to help her stay healthy and grow. We must help ChuChu learn to eat and enjoy more types of vegetables. Why don’t we take her to the vegetable market? She will have fun meeting the farmer there and she’ll learn about some vegetables too. Good idea! Later that day, ChuChu’s mother and father took her to the vegetable market. There was a friendly-looking farmer there. Where are the carrots and potatoes, Mister farmer? Carrots and potatoes don’t grow at this time of the year, ChuChu. Their season is over. But this is the time of year when we grow other delicious vegetables. Like broccoli and okra. Why don’t you try them? They’ll make you smart and strong. Just then the broccoli started to talk to ChuChu. Hi, I am broccoli! I’m very, very yummy! Don’t I look like a bunch of flowers? My vitamins can give you super powers! My stalk is delicious and slender My florets are yummy and tender. I can make you strong and pretty! Roast me with butter and I’m yummy! Put me in a soup and you’ll have lovely hair. And if you want bright eyes, I’ll surely take care. You sound very delicious and healthy, broccoli! Thank you for telling me all about you. I won’t fuss so much about eating you anymore. The farmer then introduced ChuChu to another vegetable. It was okra. Meet okra, ChuChu! Okra? The okra began to talk to ChuChu too. Ra, ra, ra, I’m okra! I’m long and green okra! I’m shaped like a long finger. I’m also called a lady’s finger. I can clear your face of pimples. Just eat me up it’s so simple. I’m full of vitamins A,B and C I’m very good as you can see! It was nice meeting you, okra! And I’m never going to fuss about eating you now. Hee hee. Thank you. The farmer then showed ChuChu many other vegetables. ChuChu, these are cabbages. These are eggplants. These are beets. And these are radishes. And they are all very delicious and good for you. You must come to the market again so you can learn more about them too. Wow! They all look so delicious and healthy! When it was time to return home, the farmer gave ChuChu a basket full of fresh vegetables. These vegetables are for you, ChuChu. I’m sure you’ll like them. Thank you, Mister farmer. When ChuChu returned home, she couldn’t wait to eat the vegetables. Mother, will you make a soup with these vegetables please? Yes, ChuChu. Mmmm! Delicious! ChuChu then asked her mother and father if they would help her grow a vegetable garden. Let’s plant some vegetables in our garden. so we can eat fresh vegetables everyday! From that day onwards, ChuChu looked forward to eating vegetables every day. Yummy!

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