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She’s jumping on the trampoline. What’s going on? Are you two putting pp’s on her mouth? She’s trying them out. Here let’s see. You’re so cute. Before when they pulled it out of her mouth she went… Putting it back in so cute. Look what I’m doing. This is called a jenn-air thingy. And I’ve never tried it before, but we have it in our kitchen, and now I’m trying it and it’s smelling so good. It’s like just that aroma of the barbecue outside. That’s what it smells like. Leftovers. Let’s see them. Scrambled eggs. steak A1 sauce grapes and fruit dip and milk. I’m very happy right now. And the kids are happy. They’re just playing. Around the swing set. It’s a beautiful day outside today. And stay and come eat out here and just take it easy. I probably overdid it over the weekend. And so I’m just trying to relax a little bit more and not be so crazy. All that dancing. No, I’m doing good, but I have to eat coz it’s delicious. Today’s been a good day. I’ve just been taking it easy, and I took a long nap and I feel oops. I feel really good. Michael just got home. And it’s earlier. Oh goodness. I’m too tall. But I just remembered. So I called Ryan coz I was like I know… I know he probably hasn’t seen the video yet of the baby reveal. So I called him and I was like… I really want you to see that video. He’s like well. I’m at school. I have a final today. I’ve got all this stuff going on. What is that Ellie? Is that good? So he’s like. I don’t know I’ve got a final today. I was like just do it. Just go find a computer somewhere, so he went and he found a computer. Or it was on his phone or something in the middle of tons of people. And he said his phone was blasting it so loud that he started blushing really bad. Looking at him and laughing about it? He felt like they were and then he said they probably didn’t even think anything of it, but he said no offense. But the music was kind of terrible, and I was blasting so loud. And I thought everybody was looking at me, and I was like he called. The first thing he said was you embarrassed me. and then after that I was like okay, okay, then I want you to watch something else. It’s called tight pants body rolls. So I had him look that up too. And he said you did it to me again. He’s like, that was so bad. I was literally watching it with my eyebrows down on my mouth wide open like this… And he said he didn’t even notice until afterwards when he realized his mouth was dry from being opened. hanging open So glad we got the swing set set up. Kids having fun on there? You look like you’re enjoying yourselves. Wow. I told you she likes it. She loves it. Yeah When you’re recording it I said it to you and she really likes it. Oh, cool. When I was a little kid we used to have a swing set just like this. And I remember it seemed huge. It seemed really really big but now it’s like not that huge. Isn’t it interesting how things when you’re little kids seem really really big? But then when you grow up, they’re like really small? Hi. Boing boing boing. Are you having a good time Ellie? She loves the trampoline. It’s all to herself. You want to jump on it? Oh Ellie’s jumping on it. But Ellie’s having a turn see? She’s jumping on the trampoline. You’re watching Pokemon? yeah Hello, everybody. Hi, ready to shoot video? Yes. Come film me. Space station. That’s the space station. It’s going really fast. Alright, let’s get you some of this food Ellie. They’re wearing you out, huh? They need more roughhousing in their life, I think. Well today has been a good day. I just rested after that crazy weekend and took a break and just slept as much as possible and got the house clean later and Michael got to wrestle at the boys. Which is awesome. It’s just been a good day really good day. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Let’s pause this game.

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