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CGRundertow RUNE FACTORY: TIDES OF DESTINY for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

The first Rune Factory game – which has lots
to do with runes but not a damn thing to do with factories – carried the subtitle, “A
Fantasy Harvest Moon.” Which, itself, has nothing to do with lunar cycles but everything
to do with Natsume’s long-running, world-famous farming slash marriage slash gnome-directing
simulation games. But outside of some particularly pragmatic styles of martial arts centered
around farm equipment, combat and strife aren’t really part of the whole agricultural paradigm.
There were just enough abstractions in Harvest Moon to make one want to call it an RPG…
so Rune Factory took the second step across that line. You control a young man, who was about to
go use magic to – get this – MAKE CROPS GROW, before a strong burst of light erupted from
a nearby lake, engulfing both you and the pesky girl who pays attention to you and makes
you lunch. When you come to… suddenly there’s a town, and the girl’s gone, but she isn’t,
because she just pulled a Cameron Diaz as you were pulling a Zanarkand Special. The
two of you now inhabit the same body, where plucky-girl will be providing commentary as
you integrate yourself into this new town, get along with its inhabitants, and FIGURE
OUT A WAY TO UNDO THIS THING BEFORE BJORK GETS INVOLVED. There are several distinct elements to the
game, but they all run on the same basic principle: Everything costs Rune Points, if you run out
of RP, you spend Hit Points instead, and if you run out of HP, you pass out and wake up
in bed the next day. And you might have a cold. And if that sounds like Harvest Moon…
yeah, you’re totally right. There are items to buy, weapons and foods and medicine to
craft, a home to expand, a GIANT FREAKIN’ PLANT GOLEM that you use as naval transportation,
interdimensional doors leading to islands you can farm, a persistent clock, townspeople
going about their daily rounds according to said clock… honestly, and I hope you follow
me with this, it feels like Harvest Moon with a side of Radiata Stories. And that’s awesome. I hear complaints about JRPGs all the time,
but games like Rune Factory serve more and more to blur that line. There’s no lining
up and taking turns to attack, there’s no stoppage of time so you can do sidequests,
the world feels… natural, in a word. Granted, there is a dark-elf exchange student, and
patron dragons you can bribe, and… well, your huge Plant Golem. But if you’re more
familiar with the western school of adventures… honestly, Rune Factory’s not as alien as
those hair colors would lead you to believe. Only way it could be better? Catherine Keener.

Reader Comments

  1. For the fungus, eh I mean win! I've always wondered how a game like Harvest Moon would be if they made it more like a 'real' RPG.

  2. So, is there any real difference aside from the obvious graphical differences between this version and the Wii version?

  3. rune factory frontier was a pain, no runey's in this one? I want it. How ever, it will never arrive in iceland.

  4. I spent several in-game days doing nothing but side quests and conversing with the townsfolk before I realized I could go fight on another island. I like to call it the Derping Game because all I ever do in it is derp around. And yet, it's more fun then most games this gen. 🙂

  5. I agree… It made absolutely zero sense from a review standpoint and I don't know if I should buy it…. But… I think it was positive? D:

    Either way, I love harvest moon, so I'm probs gonna look into it. :/

  6. OMG?! You can run with the Golem?!

    I've done the whole game 100% without knowing that!! O_O

    So many hours wasted walking from island to island for nothing!

    Impossible! This is an PS3 only option or you can run on the WII too?

  7. Really? Cause that is wicked awesome. Might get this at some point then. I always loved Harvest moon a wonderfull life on the GC but never got any other game like it cause they never showed anything about the marriage or kid raising aspects which were my favorite parts.

  8. well, we all got together, as like minded americans and approached japan, rather every person in japan, and asked them, on way or another, change the end part of the game's name. 'ocean' to America means nothing. a blockade to dominance perhaps? 'tides of destiny' is what we say, when we go sailing… as americans of course.

  9. Fucken Natsume don't have any other console to turn to so it came back to Playstation.

    Mother fucker took everything the wii.
    And we Playstation people were all waiting for a new Harvest Moon. But now that that Nintendo is basically dead. It comes back.


    I apologize. But I'm pissed at them for leaving the Playstation fans who wanted Natsume games on the PS3 for so long. Assholes ditched us.

  10. Cgr has too many bad jokes and wastes a third of each review with pretentious intros. Very annoying when reviewers make their reviews about themselves and not the product

  11. This is a positive review, the reviewer liked the game go buy it. why are people so stupid and not understand that?

  12. This really didn't explain too much of the game. You could at least talk about what you personally liked about the game, what you could use less of, and whether or not it's worth your time and money.

  13. I know I'm 6 years too late for this but dear god you fucking suck, you're not funny, stop trying to sound like an entertainer, just review the game.

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