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CGR Undertow – CUT THE ROPE: TRIPLE TREAT review for Nintendo 3DS

Alright, you guys know I’m not a math guy,
but…in this case, I’m gonna do my best. I mean, because the original Cut The Rope?
It costs three bucks, in the App Store. And Cut The Rope: Experiments? Yeah, that one’s
two bucks. Hey, what about Cut The Rope: Time Travel? Well, that one’s also…two dollars.
So add the thing, carry the…guy, that’s seven bucks. Seven dollars, for all three games, on your
iPhone. Or, you know, you could get ’em for your 3DS,
in this handy dandy compilation. It’s Cut The Rope: Triple Treat for the Nintendo 3DS.
And at the low, low price of 30 dollars, it’s only three times as expensive as getting them
from the App Store. Triple the games, triple the price. Triple the treat, indeed. So, uh…as you may or may not expect, this
was published on the 3DS by Activision. No comment, just saying. For those who have never
played these games, Cut The Rope is an immensely popular physics-based puzzle game. And it’s
immensely popular…because it’s immensely awesome. The original game debuted on iOS
in 2010, and since then, it has spawned an entire series of games. Three of which…are
on this compilation. Now, I’ll say this about Triple Treat. Obviously,
these are, just…fantastic puzzle games. So there’s that. And to take it a step further,
they play really well on the 3DS. The gameplay was obviously designed for touch-based interfaces,
so…I mean, the 3DS is a natural fit. And you know, to be honest…I almost prefer playing
it here, because of the stylus. It feels like you can make much more precise
cuts when you’ve got a tiny stylus point, as opposed to using your finger. It’s thinner,
and it doesn’t obstruct your view of the screen. Plus, there’s no drag, with your disgusting,
sweaty skin. So. Why don’t you…wash your hands? Sickos. And, uh…when it comes to the games individually,
I mean, all three of them are great. And the cool thing is that, each one adds its own
little twists. So for the original Cut The Rope, that’s the most straightforward of the
three, the simplest. But each of the sequels adds some stuff to the concept. Especially
Time Travel, which gives you two little monsters to feed. Like, the first one was planned, but…not
another one. What a terrible mistake. Speaking of monsters, that’s what the whole
game’s about. There’s this little monster guy, the Om Nom, and basically…dude likes
candy. That’s all there is to it. So actually, he’s probably the most relatable video game
character in history. Anyway, in every puzzle…he’s just sitting there, somewhere in the level.
And you have to cut the rope…to get the candy in his mouth. Of course, you don’t just cut ropes. You…freeze
time, and you…pop bubbles…the game is constantly introducing new gizmos and gadgets
that you have to use to feed the monsters. So, I mean…obviously, I’m a big fan of Cut
The Rope. These really are great little puzzle games. They look great, the play great, they
have solid sound and music. But…and it pains me to say this…there’s just no way this
game is worth 30 dollars. Sorry, but not when you can get all three for, literally, a fraction
of that price on the iPhone. Unless you don’t have a smartphone? There’s seriously no point
is buying this. That’s, just…alarmingly close, to throwing
20 dollars out the window. You’re getting almost the same effect, buying
this game. You know, with a game like this…I mean,
it’s tough. Because these are awesome puzzle games. And in total, there’s more than 650
levels here, as well as these adorable little videos, telling stories about the little monster.
There are leaderboards, it plays great…in and of itself, this is a nice little package
on the 3DS. It’s, just…I mean, the App Store has changed
everything. And frankly, you can even take the App Store out of the equation. Pretend
this is a compilation of NES games, for the Super NES. The platforms are irrelevant. The
point is, it’s three times the cost of the original games. No matter how good Cut The
Rope: Triple Treat is, and it is good… It’s not worth that.

Reader Comments

  1. Hell, with that math in the beginning, it's MORE THAN FOUR TIMES the actual cost of those games.
    It's absolutely disgusting that this kind of thing is considered okay.  They're good games, yes, but buying this is literally taking $23 and throwing it into a fire.

  2. Porting mobile games to dedicated handhelds really defeats the point.

    Handhelds= deep immersive console quality experiences that have the ABILITY to go anywhere

    Mobile= something cool to play when you are out and about and feel bored.

  3. If this were $10 on the eShop, it would be worth the added value of playing with the stylus. But for $30? No fucking way. 

  4. I considered getting the 3DS version too, but Cut the Rope is originally an app game right, and app games tend to get updated. Cut the Rope on the iPhone still gets updated to this day, so unless the 3DS version does too, I don't see a reason to get it – apart from the Price being thrice that of the iPhone versions.

  5. It's probably not worththe price but if I wanted these games I'd rather pay 3 times more if it meant keeping my money out of Apple's pockets.

  6. Awsome game with challenging puzzles and cute mascot, if well is available for mobile devices, this was a great addition to the 3DS library since you buy the full non ads versions of the game with all the features that made them awsome

  7. Why was this made?. Its about 99p on the Aoo store and the basic version is free on Android. Even buying the full versions on Android would be cheaper…

  8. I watch a lot of reviews on youtube.  Derek, you're honestly the best.  You combine postmodern nihilism with a good sense of humor and, occasionally, genuine anger (as opposed to the somewhat forced outbursts by a certain hateful pioneer of online reviews.)  Lately, you're even better than Mark. 
    BTW, I know you have a metal voice.  You listen to too much thrash to not have one.  I challenge you to do a full review using that voice. DO IT.

  9. Thanks for the review!  I noticed it is selling for $9.99 at Best Buy this week so I was curious if it was worth the money.  Though if I held onto my $10 gift card a week longer, I reckon it would definitely be worth the money.

  10. Angry birds console versions in a nutshell

  11. i have played and completed all three for free on my android phone a few years back. i'd never buy this personally, especially since you can still get them for free i think

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