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Casio Japan upcoming 2020 Spring-Summer G-Shock watches | Blacked Out, Psychedelic, etc

okay let’s have a look at what Casio
G-Shock Japan has to offer for us during spring and summer season. So this is an
article written by MyNavi which I’ll link to down in description box as well
if you want to check it out on your own. Basically they already announced all the
upcoming G Shock watches and they look really good so I have to share it with
all of you guys ahead of time. So starting off, with the first on the list
called the black and yellow, 5 brothers but notice that this black and
yellow will feature a fluorescent yellow alongside digital camo print on the face
and that is really really cool I’m pretty sure this is the first time ever
that did this on a g-shock. First model AWG-M100SDC, Casio just print on
digital camo print on top of the already existing hexagon design / hexagon pattern on it and that is really cool. Next you also have a square GW-B5600,
the Bluetooth solar powered models the camo printer will be printed alongside the
solar panel now. Next a GA-140-1AJF the retro boombox version, mostly fluorescent yellow as far as the watch face but Casio still add some black digital camo print up on top, looks really nice up close. Next is a GA-700DC-1AJF in all black; mostly black with digital camo print on the face and I’m
really impressed that they managed to still.. print on the uneven surface of it.
that is really cool. Last but not least is the GA-800 series. Well, fluorescent
yellow for the ‘G Shock’, buttons, and the hands looks really clean in this one and
of course digital camo prints on the watch face which makes it look like a
matrix.. kind of thing. Really really nice So all of this model will be coming out
on May. Moving on, Cool-Pop colors skeleton series a reminiscence of the vintage of
the nineties models, they already done similar things before but now they re-do it again to refresh things up and they managed to upgrade a few things. So let’s have a look. First and foremost a DW-6900LS-1JF a semi-transparent matte
black band and bezel on orange face. Not just a regular orange, it is now
translucent faceplate and that is the first time ever they done it only G
Shock officially of course. Next you have a blue version now, blue semi translucent and lime green faceplate really really beautiful; really fits for summer
season, I guess. Next is a square DW-5600LS-2JF, so it didn’t have any
translucent face plate but now it has this metallic digital display and that is
really cool, if you look at it, that is not a default display, it is white-ish,
the band & bezel came in blue and the body in lime green. This one is the
DW-5600LS-7JF in semi transparent white body, orange and
black accents and just metallic display I guess. Next is a GA-110 basically
the big case version, orange and black with fluorescent orange for the hands
and on this ring around the sub dial. Another one with green fluorescence with
semi-transparent white band & bezel and lime green body, and I’m pretty sure this
is new thing and that they never done this before. Okay, all of this model also will be coming out on May. Moving on this is one of my
favorite out of the bunch, this psychedelic multicolored series who this
is this is really good based on the DW 1500 this is new color
variants to models DW 5900 DN – 1 which is black with negative blue face look
like a ghost sometime next is a durable 1500 d n – 3
jf with the turquoise green or reddish watch band is really really cool it
looks like a g-shot that was undergo to a negative filters and this is how it
they will end up looking and I have to say it looks very very nice I’m
impressed that they managed to even pin the exact color scheme of the filter I
just impress next it’s gonna be crazy sort of bunched look at that dw56 10 DN
model 14300 japanese and only this is the crazy sort of bunched virtually this
thing gonna be really popular once it was released next
is a durable 5600 en – 1gf well a total opposite of the crazy one
just plain matte white we’ve psychedelic pattern on the watch face and all of
this will be coming on June next piece spring feminine colors
smooth soft well basically just another detail 5600 on new Ben embezzle so we
have soft blue gray light gray Aries and soft red basically just looked at me
like a salmon Calloway look like flower as well so depending on who your can
taste this is it usually they apply this color on a baby G but now they do it on
a g-shock just in case you’re interested to get a G shark instead so go on right
ahead all of this model will be coming out on
April next is a master of deranged man the Sendai City Fire biryeo
collaboration they are known this while back the watch
will be coming out on June at a retail price of less you know I forgot about
fifty five thousand Japanese yen it will feature a special team case black range
man with red accents around it which looks in unique on its own way but sure
one if you’re interested on arrangement perhaps get one of this it’s surely
gonna be limited and released only in Japan okay now this is one of the most
limited models out of the bunch energy the Bruce Lee collab no one see this
coming at NCATS coming at all but as a regular user who aren’t can afford 20
same RG model mean they are so expensive and just gonna look at it as another mr
GG mm in black and yellow that’s that’s pretty much it
they have some engraving on the watch bezel there’s a message if I’m not
mistaken in there but regardless the whole thing will cost you four grand
yeah no wonder people gone crazy with this model this just so expensive but
hey it is a legend over here yeah this to brand really fits to one another so
why not you know moving on to something that most of us could afford but the mod
master GG – b100 Burton collab and the British Army collab they announced this
before the Burton moon will become on March the British Army model will be
coming out on April that looks cool it looks really cool with blackface and new
basically print on the watch band and bezel to match with the uniform if I’m
not mistaken perhaps some you guys could fix me on that but sure if you’re
interested more not going round here it looks really unique really special last
but not least is the formless Taichi I would ignore this formless Taichi team
name and such I’m just gonna focus on just the colorway okay look at that
MTG that should be 1000 TJ – 1 AJ are basically a cosmic space black out G
Shock watch MTG be 1000 will retails at 1 to 1000 Japanese yen and the GST beat
200 both of which are my favourite G Shock watch and they’re gonna be a bit
expensive sure but oh boy I really love this empty
G you know what out of all of this model will be coming out next few months this
MTG b1000 is really good it looks simple that it’s just black but it looks really
really good ok I said with summarise of the models that will be coming out on
spring and summer season I’m sure there will be other models that didn’t
announce your day usually does that so I’ll cover them all out monthly but
right now this is all the things that expecting to be released soon if you’re
interested perhaps save up hold up and just wait for these things release but
it’s entirely up to you

Reader Comments

  1. Cool video. I wish gshock would do a little better on some of there collaborations some are just Ridiculous.

  2. Thanks as always for the timely videos of the new releases. I'm going to save money this summer, it looks like. Thankfully none of those models jumps out at me, though I will say the skeletons are cool (especially the white face ones)..

  3. Yay. Iโ€™m saving money. This set of watches is hideous! Appreciate the video ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  4. Most watch I like
    The bruce Lee mrg
    But watch I might by onses release the
    crazy colors dw-5600

  5. The engraving on the Bruce Lee MR-G is the slogan for Jeet Kune Do, the martial art created by Bruce Lee. It reads "Using no way as way" and "Having no limitation as limitation".

  6. Hope g shock come out with anadigi with dw5600 function + solar with the size like ga 2100..great video anyway

  7. I wish Casio would make more styles of the actually useful version GW-6900 instead of the crappy DW version

  8. Casio, how about u release the new version of gg b 100 with relatively similar price range (half/ below gwg 1000) but with tough solar?

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