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Candlestick (2015) – US Theatrical Trailer #1 [HD]

How about a game? The ‘perfect murder.’ I’m having a little get together at my
place this evening. Just a few… interesting minds. I was wondering if you’d like to come. I think you’ve got competition tonight. Is everything okay between you and Vera? – What’s wrong with you?
– I could ask you the same thing! Feisty one! – Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?
– That your wife is having an affair? Yes. – I’m not doing this any more!
– We are NOT finished! Do you want to know the truth? He was strange in there, Jack. I’ve never
seen him behave like that before. – WHO IS HE?!
– You might actually get away with it! – What am I going to do?
– One blow to the head… – …and it is done.
– I’ve had enough! Jesus, what happened…? How about a game…? It’s a sort of murder mystery-type thing. I thought it would be right up your street!

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