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Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only A Syringer?

There are a lot of different weapons in Fallout
4, the majority of which are designed to do immediate damage. But there’s one weapon that requires some
patience and planning to be able to use effectively. Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only A Syringer? Seeing as the Syringer is a weapon based on
syringes, I decided to be an old man and name myself Arthur Bernard Chesterfeld because
Arthur Bernard Chesterfield wouldn’t fit and to prove that I know my ABCs. Regarding SPECIAL, I put 9 points into Intelligence
to level up faster and to get access to the Gun Nut perk as soon as possible, Perception
and Luck are worthless, and Charisma at 5 to have lower prices when buying presents
for my grandson. I noticed before leaving that there isn’t
an animation of Nora picking up Shaun, she goes from standing in front of the crib to
holding him, but you can’t finagle the camera enough to see her pick him up. Odd. I tried to bring the tricycle I stole to the
vault with me but it disappears into the shadow realm just passed the bridge, so I settled
on a cone, went down into the vault, and the cone was gone. The usual vault stuff happened, frozen, murder,
theft of an inanimate object, and waking up inside the freezer, just a wholesome good
time all around. Escaping the vault is as easy as putting the
rake in the lake, just slam the doors closed behind you so the Radroaches can’t bite
off your kneecaps, snag the Pip-Boy, and you’re out of the vault. As always, my first stop was Sanctuary to
check on Codsworth to up my Endurance because why not, and begin destroying what remained
of an already destroyed neighborhood. I wasn’t gonna go crazy with the wood this
time, I didn’t even have the Idiot Savant perk, I only cut down a couple dozen trees
and put down like 650 fence posts. It leveled me up a few times, I picked the
few perks I could that would benefit me early on, mostly regarding the amount of damage
I can take, and left to head towards Diamond City. I went ahead and let Preston clear out the
area in front of the Museum of Freedom, let Trudy kill the raiders giving her trouble,
and pressed onward. Like most gimmick weapons that are a nightmare
to use, the Syringer is only available in a few locations. There are actually about a dozen different
places where you can find a Syringer, but I’ll have to go to Diamond City anyway,
so why not just get my weapon from there. Paladin Danse bravely fought off a small army’s
worth of Ghouls while I stood on top of a sign and laughed at how savagely they beat
him. I looted all the corpses he’d made, left,
and eventually arrived at Diamond City where I spoke to Doctor Sun and finally bought my
Syringer. Now, here’s the thing about the Syringer,
it is awful for a few reasons. The first is that unlike, say, the Commie
Whacker or the Fat Man, there are no damage-boosting perks that apply to it. Rifleman boosts the damage of non-automatic
rifles by 10%, but not the Syringer. Bloody Mess provides a flat 5% boost to all
damage, except for the Syringer. None of the weapon modifications effect damage
either, because why would they. And to make matters worse, you can’t find
ammo for the Syringer, you can’t buy ammo for the Syringer, you can only craft it. The most useful syringe is the Bleed Out Syringer
that does 30 damage over 10 seconds. It requires 1 fiberglass, 1 oil, and 1 steel
to craft. I’d scrapped everything I had, bought some
junk from Trashcan Carla, and only had enough junk to craft 8 Bleed Out Syringes. I bought a few more things from some of the
Vendors in Diamond City and was able to craft 5 more syringes. But just think about it for a second. 13 syringes that do 30 damage each is 390
damage. A 10mm Pistol does 18 damage per shot. To do the same damage with a 10mm Pistol as
you would with 13 Bleed Out Syringes, you’d need 22 shots. That’s… it’s terrible. That’s enough complaining, for now anyway. My goal was to get this over with as quickly
as possible, so I spoke to Ellie to get the location of Nick Valentine, did the interview
with Piper for some easy experience, stole some of her sister’s stuff, played in the
bus, and left to make my way to Park Street Station. I stopped by an encampment of Raiders to test
out the Syringer. It took 3 syringes to kill a simple Raider
Scum. The first one I missed, the 2nd drained most
of his health, and the 3rd finished him off. I reloaded a save because I wasn’t wasting
almost a quarter of my ammo to kill one Raider, and entered Park Street Station. I started to use the syringes themselves on
the Triggermen but it because obvious that it would be ridiculously impractical jokers
to use only the Syringes. I’d have to spend hours and hours farming
materials just to have enough syringes to clear out Part Street Station. I did try to find some glitches that would
let me duplicate syringes, but nothing I found seemed like it would work. Admittedly I only spent like 10 minutes looking,
but it doesn’t matter. This is a Syringer only playthrough, which
means beating people to death with the Syringer is allowed. Kinda misleading, but allowed nonetheless. The problem now is that I did not plan for
gun bashing, meaning that I can’t get any of the useful perks to make it better. Realistically, it wouldn’t have been that
difficult to grind for xp at a settlement by making shelves or something, I’d need
around 5 levels to be able to put enough points into Strength to be able to get the basher
perk. I’ll spoil the surprise and tell you that
I never did that. I did, however, keep pushing my way through
the Triggermen until I got to Dino. I gave him an injection of probably irradiated
nonsense, rescued the bobblehead, and began making my escape with Nick. The remaining Triggermen weren’t too bad. Some die in one whack, some take several,
but gun bashing doesn’t drain that many action points, by the time you’ve done one
and can do another, most of your points have regenerated so you can pretty much bash as
quickly as the game will let you. I convinced Darla to leave Skinny Malone,
allowing Nick and I to escape the vault and agree to meet back up at Diamond City. I went ahead and scrapped a bunch more stuff
at Sanctuary to hopefully make more syringes. I’ve been told that this isn’t necessary
but I’ve always done it this way and I’m sure my dad and his dad before him would’ve
done it this way too if they knew how to play Fallout 4. My adventures in composting were less impressive
than I’d hoped, I was back up to 11 syringes. You already know why that sucks. I raided Arturo’s house and stole most of
Diamond City’s crops before meeting up with Nick to discuss the very slight inconvenience
of my missing son, smooth-talked the mayor into giving me a key, took almost everything
from Kellogg’s house, and ignored Dogmeat after leaving Diamond City because I’ve
got things to do. To be specific, some bird at Bunker Hill has
all the fiberglass in the world and has been hoarding it for herself. It falls on me to right that wrong. Fiberglass is not cheap by any stretch of
the imagination, 1600 caps for 25 pieces, making the ammo for the Syringer some of the
most expensive to make in the game based on nothing but I’m saying it anyway. I sorta blacked out at Sanctuary when I was
scrapping stuff. The shipment was gone but I only had 7 Fiberglass. Not entirely sure what happened. Reloading a save and not scrapping the shipment
seemed to solve the problem, and amazingly it was Oil that was limiting my ability to
create weaponized syringes. The silver lining is that I was able to tag
both the Fiberglass and Oil for searches, so finding both components will be slightly
easier going forward. With enough Syringes to kill a baby elephant
and both of its parents, I hit the road in search of Fort Hagen. I beat two guys to death because their argument
about sandwiches bothered me and nothing else entertaining happened on the way to Fort Hagen. After sitting in place for 12 hours to wait
for Dogmeat to mosey his way up to the base, I told him to take a hike, and entered Fort
Hagen. Guess what, the Syringer doesn’t work on
Synths, so there’s that, which is just awesome. The Synths, or enough of them at least, are
rather tough. Instead of wasting all my Stimpaks, I went
back to the Museum of Freedom to help out the single remaining Minute Man. Thankfully, the Raiders inside are a low level
and not a threat by any stretch of the imagination. This was less about helping Preston and more
about getting my body inside a set of Power Armor. And if you’re wondering how many Syringes
it takes to kill a Deathclaw, about 8. I know because I wasn’t about to spend 20
minutes waiting for Preston to do the work for me, and beating the Deathclaw to death
was never an option. I’m not Frank Horrigan. Despite only having about 40% left in my only
Fusion Core, I took my glorified blow-gun and barely power armor back to Fort Hagen
to take on Kellogg. I mostly ignored the Synths and went through
the base about as quickly as I could without sprinting. They did occasionally block hallways or doorways
which was annoying, and they followed me into the safe room, but other than that they weren’t
too bad. Then there’s Kellogg. In an amazing turn of events, the Syringer
didn’t work on him. Everything has to be a pain in the ass. I also forgot to get any Psycho and my Power
Armor died about halfway through the fight because I forgot that gun bashing drains the
fusion core. It took a bit of effort and more Stimpaks
than I would have liked, but Kellogg joined my dog in hell, I took his brain, watched
the Prydwen arrive, and interrupted Nick and Piper’s private time in Nick’s office. Somewhere along the way I’d forgotten to
put my clothes on, but I thought my bare chest worked well with my impossibly white mustache
and glasses. The next task was simple: Doctor Amari in
Goodneighbor. I hate going to Goodneighbor. It’s a pain in the ass to find and the game
slugs whenever I get near that part of town. Then again that might be more of an iMac issue
than a Bethesda issue. I spotted Deacon in Goodneighbor and tried
to kill him. Didn’t work very well. KLEO mounted me and got blood all over the
place. I spoke to Amari, did stuff in Kellogg’s
Frosted Memories, and left Goodneighbor to head to the Glowing Sea. After about 8 minutes of walking, I managed
to lure a Radscorpion to the Crater of Atom to kill the zealots worshipping radiation. They wiped the floor with that scorpion. It’s brothers were nearby and overheard
the commotion, causing them to come over and wipe out an entire chapter of the Children
of Atom. Virgil was as uninteresting as he always is,
rambling on about coursers and plans and serums and general sadness. Tradition dictates that I ignore the quest
objective and head straight to Greentech to track down the Courser. This entire thing is like Fort Hagen on steroids. The Gunners take a solid 5 bashes each to
take down, there are a lot of them to deal with, and then there’s the of courser. I decided to just ignore them as best I could. My best wasn’t very good when I got lost
on the upper level with a missile launcher douchebag willing to end his life if it meant
I’d go down with him. I eventually got to the elevator, took a ride,
and confronted the courser. The courser, being a courser, is immune to
the Syringer, so once again my only option was to bash it to death. The gun bash, with my frail body and lack
of any strength perks, is quite ineffective. Add in the multiple stealth boys and several
stimpaks the courser uses, and you’ve got a recipe for mayonnaise and jello tacos, or
something else that’s equally has horrible. This felt like it took forever, but it really
only took about 2 minutes. Still, 2 minutes of constant attacks is nothing
to sniff a stick at. With the chip in hand, I returned to Virgil
early to see if you could skip visiting Amari the 2nd time. You can’t, and she was as worthless as ever,
forcing me to find the Railroad. There was a Legendary Ghoul in the church,
I only killed it because I had a glimmer of hope that it would drop a Legendary Syringer,
I got almost the exact opposite, found the Railroad, got the chip decoded, watched a
brief video showing how to repair blinds because my window fell and fucked up mine, returned
to Virgil for the last time, and began siding with the Brotherhood. Logic would dictate that I side with the Institute,
any other faction will have me fighting Synths who are immune to the syringes, but I sided
with them last time and didn’t feel like doing it again, the Minutemen are monotonous,
and the Railroad has you working undercover for the Institute or the Minutemen, so the
Brotherhood are the most interesting choice. Before I could get the interceptor built,
I had to go with Danse to Arcjet Systems, which was interesting for the sole reason
that I could actually attack while I was in there. Danse did most of the work, but I was able
to take credit despite doing next to nothing, which is something I’m great at. Once that was done, I rode up to the Prydwen,
met captain boring, the Elder, and everyone else onboard the blimp, and realized what
a colossal mistake I’d made by siding with the Brotherhood. I have to clear out Fort Strong. Strong is a Super Mutant companion in Fallout
4. The math tells us that the enemies at Fort
Strong will be Super Mutants and a Super Mutant Behemoth. I knew I’d need more syringes, so I absorbed
a bunch of punishment, discovered Fort Strong so I could fast-travel there later, and returned
to Bunker Hill to buy some supplies. With everything I’d hoarded, I managed to
make 31 syringes, for a total of 36, the most I’ve ever had at a single time. I then went back to Fort Strong. There were a couple problems. I was lower on Stimpaks than I should have
been, there were a bunch of Mutties which meant I was taking a ton of damage at all
times, weapon bashing is terrible, and the 30 damage from syringes ain’t shit. It eventually occurred to me that I could
take the Lead Belly and Aquaboy perks to make the water my friend. Bash Mutants until my health is nearly depleted,
then retreat and drink water to get my health back without getting a ton of radiation damage. For the Behemoth, my only option was the syringes. Luckily, he will only go so far, meaning I
can attack him from a far. Like when I was in high school. Nobody wanted anything to do with me but they
could still do emotional damage from afar. It took 16 syringes to take the big boy down. Inside was worse. There was no water to drink and the Mutants
were just as tough as those outside. At one point, I did the unthinkable and put
a skill point into Strength to do more damage. I also started using the Bleed Out syringes
to do damage while I beat the mutants to death. The basement was unpleasant as there was a
former guy with a missile launcher. Danse arrived just in time to tell me what
a good job I did. Maxson told me to report to Ingram to begin
construction of the teleporter. I had a slight issue getting enough generators
and I got the cords all tangled up, but aside from that and Ingram being a stupid idiot
by being in the way, I got it contracted easily enough and went inside the Institute. The robo-boy had white hair just like Father
and actual Father. I convinced him that I was on his side, then
double-crossed everyone by assassinating Doctor Madison Li. What really happened was she got caught up
in the crossfire when I accidentally beat her to death. At least that’s what Maxson thinks. Ingram explained to me that Liberty Prime
is their secret weapon and sent me to find a Doctor Scara. She was supposed to be in Diamond City, now
she resides in a bowling ally ran by robots with ironic names. I tried to kill her too, just to see what
would happen, but you can’t. The player can truly do whatever they want
except for, like, a lot of things because that many branches in a quest line is impossible. From there, I had to find a hi-powered magnet. This. Was. Very. Suck. It was sorta my fault, mostly not my fault. I decided, after what I went through at Fort
Strong, that I wasn’t going to fight my way through all the Super Mutants. That in and of itself isn’t the worst thing
to deal with, just run passed them all until you get what you need. Problem is, the door I needed to get through
was locked and I didn’t know where the key was. Oh, and a Super Mutant Suicider followed me
inside and if I stopped moving it would catch up to me and detonate, causing death, among
other things. It took about 10 minutes and several reloaded
saves to figure out where the key was, then I had to actually get the souvenir magnet,
which wasn’t actually that bad. I went back to the airport, built the magnets,
and was sent back into hell to find a bunch of nukes. They really want me to face my fears. The situation inside the Sentinel Site was
similar to what happened a few sentences ago. A lot of baddies that I chose to ignore instead
of fight my way through. The bigger hinderance here was the Ghouls
blocking my path. Thankfully, none of them were Glowing Ones
or Legendaries, so I could find the nukes, plant the signal, and get out of there without
thinking about breaking out the shot glasses for my drain-o. Liberty Prime was finally back online, but
all is not well. Friends become foes in this episode of Dragon
Ball Z. Paladin Danse has gone rogue and it’s up
to me, the person who knows him better than anyone else, the person who just met him a
couple paragraphs ago, to track him down. And of course by “track him down” what
I mean is mindlessly follow the waypoint. For a change of pace, I didn’t kill Danse
and convinced Maxson to spare his life. Buzz Lightyear can now be my companion at
any time, and all that stands between me and the end of this retched existence is obliterating
the Railroad. I took Danse’s Power Armor that was still
onboard the Prydwen and went to the Old North Church to make God cry. The Railroad agents, for the most part, were
complete pussies. Most took 3 hits to defeat. The idiots with names inside Railroad HQ were
tougher, Glory especially, but they weren’t too bad. I’d have syringed some of them but I was
down to 2, and I didn’t want to waste them. I did waste one on Glory just to see if it
worked, it didn’t. After they were finally gone for good, I quite
literally spent 2 and a half minutes staring at a goddamn loading screen. You know that thing that happens when you
don’t move for a while, where the camera starts panning around your character? That’s what I saw after the loading screen. That’s how long it was. All that’s left is the Beryllium Agitator. Getting inside the building didn’t make
me want to blow my brains out too many times, the elevator was broken, I fixed it by flipping
a switch, grabbed the Agitator, and fate through a curveball. The Sentry Bot you have to defeat, one of
the toughest robots in the entire game, was a Legendary Sentry Bot. Cool. Awesome. Swell. Neat. Why? What’s that saying? Whatever can happen will happen? This is proof of that. My initial plan was to use a stealth boy to
hide and wait while Ingram did all the work for me. She didn’t stand a chance. Neither did I, to me honest. I got lucky and found a tactic that worked. The Sentry Bot couldn’t, or wouldn’t for
religious reasons, fit through this doorway, meaning I could pop out, hit it with my gun,
and retreat. It worked for a while, then I got greedy. All told, it took more time to kill this Sentry
Bot than the Courser and Kellogg combined. And what did it drop? A Rolling Pin of course. Why would it be anything useful. Then came the Assaultrons. Significantly more annoying to be honest. Not because there was two of them, but because
they do this thing where they put up their forearm as it spins, which blocks any melee
attack you do. It felt like I could only do damage every
5 or 6 hits, the rest of the time they’d block it. So fucking frustrating. But once they, and the cousin of Deputy Weld
were dealt with, it was finally time to take the fight to the Institute. There was not a snowballs chance in hell that
I was following Liberty Prime for 17 miles. Instead, I fast-traveled to somewhere near
CIT Ruins and waddled my way to the ruins where Liberty Prime and everyone else were
fending off hoards of Synths. Father did the announcement that you do when
you side with the Institute, something I never noticed before which is actually a neat little
detail, and I entered the Institute for the 2nd and last time to end it all. As you probably saw coming, I was not going
to fight the Synths inside. I was too tired, lazy, and pissed off to do
anything remotely badass. I did convince Father to give me the code
to shut down some of the synths and then glitch the game. I also used a console command to slow down
the game for a moment because I had to know if the Syringer actually fires a syringe,
it does by the way, and then shot Father right between the eyes. I knew this bitch was a synth. Since the syringes don’t work on robots,
I bashed his head off, pushed through to the reactor room, planted the charge, got teleported
to the safe room, for the first time ever told the kid that he could come with us and
got teleported to the safety of a roof where, as the Institute was engulfed in flames, I
bashed Elder Maxson in the face and beat Fallout 4 with only a syringer. And that’s gonna do it for this video about
whether or not you can beat Fallout 4 with only a syringer. If you enjoyed the video or learned anything,
leave a Like. Leave a Dislike if you didn’t enjoy the
video or didn’t learn anything. Thanks to the Champion tier supporters, as
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Reader Comments

  1. Can you beat Fallout 4 as the Flash (console command to set players fast running speed and can only used fists or unarmed type weapons)

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    The video starts at explanation of the bug

  3. 5:45 I always do that scrapping method too just so I have a better overview of my Junk components. It is stupid though because some crafting actually requires fully intact junk not broken down into its components.

  4. berserk syringes: literally makes enemy fight each other, so its a walk in the park to do the game with them
    paul: "The bleed out syringes are the best ammo"
    berserk syringes: "I´m a joke to you?"

  5. Oh man it really annoys me that you don't just dump everything into the workshop and create stuff from there.

    REEEEEE. But good job lol.

  6. … You literally only have to put junk items into the workshop inventory…
    It scraps automatically when you build stuff…

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  8. Is it possible to beat the game with a Syringer?
    Well, as it turns out, it's possible to beat your enemies with anything if you bludgeon them hard enough with it.

  9. @mittensquad there is a dup glitch if you have the resources for an item that is either above or below and do not have resources for the item you want you can click on the said item the scroll down or up to it it will craft the item you want also side note if you have some of the requirements you will use them in the process

  10. I really think all these "can you beat with "game Y" using only "weapon X" where you just resort to bashing constantly and not actually using the gun are totally pointless and repetitive. You've already shown you can beat it by bashing, numerous times. You're just making the same video over and over.

  11. When I saw one of the fat women NPC’s at the beginning the through crossed my mind… has anybody ever played as a fat woman?

    The answer is no incase you were wondering, nobody has done that.

  12. Why would you waste you time on Bleedout, when you could use the frenzy causing syringes, and simply turn the enemy into your weapon?

    By maximizing its range you’ll be able to hit targets without aggroing the surrounding targets.

    You’ll continue to monitor the engagement from the distance, targeting the strongest of the bunch.

    This is a “Syringer only run”.
    The gun shoots syringes, which means the all effects from Syringes, are valid.

    There are plenty of times where you can simply watch NPCs kill each other without you as a cause.

    Just because a syringe would cause a raider to blame his friend, does mean YOU killed the enemy with something other than the syringe.

    Play smarter; not harder.

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