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cabi Spring 2019: Kat and Becky Getting Ready

Kat are you ready? Yeah here I come. Hmmm…what do you think? You’re going to wear white jeans? Well, it’s the High Skinny, I think they’re so cute. I know, but I’m thinking about that red wine incident. Oh, you’re right— I am a bit of a klutz. So, maybe need to change these. How about you? I’m loving the high waist Chance on you— it’s so flattering. I know, I love these. Aren’t you hot? You’re all covered up. We’re going to a cocktail party. I know. Okay, all right, well let’s change, then. Yeah, let’s try something else. It’s too bad there’s not a full-length mirror in there. It’s kind of annoying that we have to come in here. I like this. I like the top. I know the top is very cute, but those jeans— you always wear jeans. Yeah, every day. You look kind of casual. And you, you put on the t-shirt, showing a little bit of your arms. I like that but— you look like you’re going to work. I’m going to do jewelry and I’m going to wear some shoes. Not festive enough. Let’s go. You need a bag, too. I’m thinking this little skin would be a little bit extra sass with your outfit. Print mixing. I think there’s room for my phone only. Okay, now I think we just need some accessories, some jewelry. So, I tucked the slip in. Can you tell? Oh my goodness, that looks incredible. I can’t even tell. It shows off your waist. And I know you have a jean on, but I think it looks festive and dressy. Loving this. Oh, your jacket. Just toss it on, in case I get a little chill. Okay, let’s go. Let’s go. Honey, where are you going? Oh, I have no sense of direction.

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