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Bullied at the Playground!

(mumbling) (mom laughing) – [Mom] This is my pile
of laundry, whatcha doing? – I want to get covered. – [Mom] You’re going to
cover yourself in it? – Yeah.
– All right. It is clean laundry, by the way. It’s stuff that needs to be folded. Hey, cub, how ’bout you fold it for me? – No, I’m trying to get covered in it. (hand clapping music) (pop music) (laughing with mom) – [Mom] What are you doing in there? – I just wanted to be a monster-laundry. – [Mom] You just want
to be a monster-laundry? – And I wanted to be hiding. You can’t see my feet
because they’re inside. (meowing noises) – [Mom] Hey, Isaac, what’s tomorrow? – My birthday, and I turn seven. – [Mom] No way! – Where I gave me my (mumbles) today. – We decided to hit the park this morning, and the kids immediately
ran for the swings. And Isaac just told me
that he has an idea. He wants to swing really
high and jump off, and then he wants his dad to put it in slow motion in the video, so, that’s what we’re gonna do next. (pop music) – [Mom] Hey! Peek-a-boo! All right, so we had a good time at the playground this morning, but there was an incident
of bullying, actually. Which, this is my first time experiencing bullying at the playground. It was really upsetting. – Who got bullied?
– Who got bullied? – Caleb. – Someone bullied you, bud? – They kicked at him, punched at him, and then they also said mean words. And I was trying to distract them, and make them like, be
playing games with Caleb, instead of hurting him. – [Mom] We love you, buddy! – They didn’t even love me. – We love you, buddy. Can I have a kiss? – Anyway, I was helping Laura on a different part of the playground, and so I didn’t see it right away, and Isaac stepped in. I was so proud of him. And he apparently tried
to distract them first. He was like, hey, play
with me, play tag with me. And he told me later, he was like, Mom, I knew I was bigger than them, and if I could get them to chase after me, I could get away from them. Anyway, when that didn’t work, he and Caleb both came over and got me and told me about it. Anyway, I understand
that kids will be kids, and these are obviously
really little kids, and Caleb has hit a kid
at the playground before, so, by no means are my
own children angels, but it was really sad, because, as we were
coming home, Caleb said, I don’t know why they didn’t like me, and it just kind of broke my heart. And it just made me think
about how those little moments, like really have an impact on others. Even when they’re small, little moments, at a park, with strangers. Anyway, it was a good
reminder for me to be kind to all those I meet, and to try to prepare
my kids to know how to better deal with those situations, ’cause these are not the
only times in their life when they’re going to get confronted, physically or emotionally or verbally with different things, and helping them know how to
deal with those confrontations. But I was really proud of Caleb, that he did not fight back. And I was really proud of Isaac, that he stepped in when he
saw his brother in trouble. And I was proud of both of them, that the minute they saw
that they couldn’t handle it, they came to get me. So, I was proud of my boys today. And it kinda hurt my mommy heart, too. (guitar strumming) ♫ I adore ya, Miss a-Laura,
you’re so beautiful, whoo! ♫ Miss Laura, you are so stinking cute! ♫ I adore ya, Miss a-Laura,
you’re so beautiful! – All right, so we’re doing
some final preparations for Isaac’s birthday, but Michelle came over to help us. Michelle baked a cake. – Isaac chose a pistachio cake, so that’s the kind that we’re makin’. And Brent created a scavenger hunt. So, Kendra’s making the, what do you call this
thing, like a party favor? – Yeah, party favors, that’s right. They’re really simple. Isaac chose what he wanted
to be in there, though. – So, what happened? Like, when did birthday
parties become where everybody gets something when they leave? Like, Brent and I were
just talking about this, like I never went to
a party as a kid where I got a bag of goodness
when I left, so it just– – I think I did. I think I went to parties
that had party favors. All right, so I think
we’ve got most everything ready for tomorrow at this point. We just wanted to show you
one of Isaac’s presents before we wrap it up for him. This is going to be Isaac’s love journal. Jeremy and I have been
doing a love journal for a while together, and we decided we wanted
to start one with Isaac. – So of all the gifts
that we’re getting him, I’m most excited about this one. I think it’s gonna have
the longest lasting impact, and I’m glad to have another opportunity to let him know we love
him, in another way. – On a regular basis,
and in a way that is, like recordable, like he can
go back to it and read it. Anyway, we’ve heard of other
families that are doing this. Jeremy’s brother Brent
does it with his kids. So, we’re excited to start it up. We’ll let you know how it goes. – We’ll see you later, you’ll get to see Isaac’s
birthday, J-house out. – ‘Bye. – Hi, I’m Na-vert from
Now-dees Pony Tur-ner. J-house out, muah! – Hey, I’m Georgina from England, and I just really love you guys. I’ve been watching your vlogs
since the very beginning when you started vlogging, J-house out! – We are Bear-Bear and Grizzly from West Wi-no-six
Pennsylvania, J-house out! (marching music)

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