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BTS – JUMP (방탄소년단 – JUMP) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng/가사]

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  1. Everyone talking about Taehyung but let’s appreciate all of them lmao. They all had such a rasp in this mv and it brings so much memories

  2. lol, I just thought of this…

    tomorrow me and my sis are going to a trampoline place with stuff and things…
    and she said when we go there and we jump in the ball pit (or sumthing) we have to shout LETS JUMP

    btw since the new comeback ahem is killing us army, who wants to join me to go to the Busan bridge and (u know) LETS JUMP…

  3. اكو عرب 🙂؟؟
    صوت تاتا 😭💗
    تاي ستان مرت من هنا ⁦✌🏻⁩💜🍭

  4. 0:02 replay song
    0:41 Suga's part
    0:59 Tae's part
    1:57 J-Hope's part
    2:14 RM's part
    2:55 Shuga's 2 part

  5. V)nuga nareul magado naui gal gireul gandago insaeng han bangirago Leggo Leggo Legoooo 🤪Bts In Korean😉💜
    ~ jump~😭😭😭😭 I liked the piece🌼✊

  6. me:*jumping on my trampoline*
    my cousin:hey can i get on the trampoline too
    me:sure LETS JUUUUUMP

  7. الغنية إدمان اموع اسيح عليه 😂💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  8. นี้เสียงลูกฉันจริงๆดิ หนูเเทเสียงกร้าวใจมากกกก

  9. Random person: V

    BTS memebers: Nuga nareul magado naui gal gireul gandago insaeng han bangirango leggo (leggo) leggoooo

    Pls lets make it a fanchant like kooks annyeong haseyo joneun bangtan sonyeondan hwagguem Maknae jeon jungkook imnida

  10. I love v's rough voice i miss it its my first time wacthing this its so cool i always rwwind to 0.59.Who agree one thousand likes

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