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BTS 봄날 Spring Day MV analysis – How spring day fits in the story

Hey guys. I just saw the spring day video and I was just so blown away that I needed to do an analysis on it, right away. So I will analyze the video and look on: how
it is related to the former videos? What do I base my analysis on? I am a psychologist
and had psychoanalysis as my major. And Psychoanalysis is all about analyzing symbols. So I will
analyze the video from a psychoanalytical perspective. Plus Hermann Hesses Demian is
one of my favourite books and I just have read Those who walk away from Omelas.
So this is reliable material to analyze the video. Ok lets start: Alll the videos together are representing
inner development. This sounds kind of boring but its not at
all, because we are not talking about development in terms of gaining years
or simply growing up. But we are talking about a much deeper process, that is almost spiritual.
Exactly this is also the central topic in Demian. So Each video is symbolizing a particular
step of that development. I need you is the beginning of the journey.
All the suffer in the video stands for them ralizing that things need to change. The suicides
are metaphors for killing old parts of themselves. The Prologue is showing the resistence against
the new times that are coming. Before becoming a butterfly the caterpillar is building a
cocoon. The Prologue represents this cocoon. They are dwelling in their comfort zone before
the new stage begins. Run is portraying that they are starting to
take action. They are going through the darkness and are giving themselfes to sin. They are
getting to know their own dark sides. this is a necessary step in human development. Blood sweat and tears represenst them walking
on the edge. The Ikarus pictures in the video, implicate
that they got burned from the sinner life, and are now ready to move on to the next stage. (If you want a more detailled analysis of
the whole stroy check my video that I will upload the next days.) Spring day symolizes the light after the darkness.
It portrays a new beginning. The title is symbolic in itself. Spring comes
after winter. Winter stands for death, and leaving the old
behind. The video begins with death. V knees down
to commit suicide on a railway in winter. This symolyzses the dead of the old stage.
This is a statement for making room for the new. The atmosphere of the video is completely
different to the former ones. It is pleasant and easing. They all are on a a train. Trains stand for
transformation as well. It is again a symbol for going on a journey. The journey is symbollic
for life itself. So it means they are surrenduring to life. Jin finally gave up his camera, that was a
symbol for not participating in the events. He is forming a cammera with his hands, which
stands for old habbits. Even if they are on the way to a new stage, changes come slow,
and the old, is still present. The wahing machines stand for taking care
of oneself. Its a metaphor for cleansing after all the dirt that they have been trough. Jungkook stands infront of an old amusement
park. This is a symbol for that the old pleasures wore themself of. The life full of dull amusement
lies in the past. In I need U, the Prologue and Run, they were
all suffering when being on their own, and being happy when they were together.
For their personal development they needed to face their demons in solitude. The scene when Jungkook is walkig on his own,
but than all the others join in, represents that the demons are already faced, and it
is now time to enjoy and be together. The train passing with Jungkook inside, and
him seeing himself from the outside is a metaphor for reflection. He knows that he is on a path
of development. In all the videos before, there was a lot
of fire. The fire was symbolizing the burning down of the old.
In spring day the only fire is the match Jungkook holds in his hand. He blows it off and it
goes back on. This says that even if they went trough a lot, inner development is never
complete and you always have to be in search of coming closer to your own essence. They are sitting on a mountain of clothes.
Clothes stand for presenting oneself. They symbolize costuming and showing up. It seems
like they are sitting on their past masks. The mountain looks like it is garbage so it
could mean that they are leaving the superficcial and shallow world behind. And most important is the Omelas sign on the
motelroof. Those who walk away from Omelas is a short
story about an utopical city, that is only able to retain the ultimate happines because
there is one trapped and suffering, child caged beneath the city. Everyone knows about
this deal, but nobody does something against it or questions it. Only some are leaving this city, beacuse they
cant live with the fact that their happines is build on someone elses suffering. They are leaving into the unknown. The meaning of this is that everyone who is
questioning existing norms and decides to leave the beaten path, has to create his own
reality according to ones inner calling. The story of Omelas is very up to date. Take
europe for example. All the wealth and good live is build on the robbery that happend
during the colonial era. We are keeping this high standarts by exploiting
other countries economically till to day. I dont even want to start talking about the
U.S.. But the point is clear OMELAS is real. Living in Omelas stands for a life in ignorance. The people who are leaving Omelas are self-aware,
human beings with high moral standarts. Our guys are leaving Omelas. This represents
the development they have made throughout the story. They took the step into the darknes, through
which they got closer to themselves and got wiser. Only through that they are able to
leave Omelas. Ok so that was it. if you are interested in more analysises for
example of the wings videos, or a explanation how the story is related to Demian, or a video
on the meaning of their relationships just let me know in the comments.

Reader Comments

  1. such a great psychological viewpoint on the spring day. I can totally relate to bts and the five songs. this analysis made me kinda happy idk.

  2. This is awesome! Thank you!
    There is also reference to the movie Snowpiercer which they directly mentioned in their lyrics as well. Snowpiercer is about a world after an ice age and the only survivors are passengers on a self sustaining train that circles the world. In the movie, the lower class rise up and rebel and make it to the top but eventually find out the train self sustains because it runs on the labor of children hidden in the engines of the train. Similarly to the Ones who walk away from Omelas, there are those to choose to brave the ice age outside of the train and leave the train completely because they believe there is hope of life even in the harshest winter.

  3. I'm in school for cinema, and we learn a lot about psychoanalysis and viewing films / tv/ etc. So this was very interesting to watch! I would love to see an analysis similar to this for Blood, Sweat and Tears. Monster by EXO would be interesting to watch as well. I would love to hear your opinion on what Jin's role in all of this is, as well. The general idea that I keep seeing is that he is the only who is actually dead (thus why he shows up barefoot??) but I'm not satisfied with that answer. Would their so called transformation – as you describe in this video – then be moving on from the death of a friend? Would love to hear what you think! Thanks for all the awesome work you do 🙂

  4. Again and again, another awesome vídeo I like so much this way that you are taking, keep making videos of things that you want to. I love psychology but I can't study it, can you suggest any book that I can read and learn more ?

  5. wow, this is so well explain and it's very connected with the other BTS mv. I really can see/relate the mv story with the real life of BTS member have and will go through throughout their career. thank you for the awesome explanation and theories.

  6. Finally the analysis that make sense and not speak about real suicide and ghosts.
    Completely convincing. Thank you and wait for more.

  7. This was really interesting! Thank you for taking the time to do this and I personally would love more videos on the Wings videos 😀

  8. interesting analysis. thanks for sharing with us. that's the beauty of music n storytelling mv is abt. each n everyone got their very own interpretation of meaning for music n mv. theories is relatable to own life experience, expectation, understanding level. just like every short story brings different feeling, emotion n opinion out of it. no definite explanation for how it present ☺

  9. 😭😭😭 i made my next analysis on Jin's role in the whole story but my MacBook broke because of my after effects obsession yesterday. I think that means a little analysis break 😭

  10. hello! i love your chanel and enjoy all your videos so i just came here to suggest some characters that i think that would be interesting to analyze ^^

    osamu dazai, nakajima atsushi and ryunosuke akutagawa from bungou stray dogs

    lawliet and light yagami from death note

    kaneki ken from tokyo ghoul

    kakeru naruse from orange

    any character from terror in resonance

    asada shino from sword art online (ggo)

  11. I loved this ! Thank you !
    I would love to read your view on BTOB's "L.U.V" and "I'll be your man" if you have time one day 🙂

  12. the part were jm hung the shoes on the tree symbolizes a person dying. But whos shoes was it? I think it may have bin jins since he didnt have shoes in wings the blood sweat and tears picture

  13. Happened to be here because I am also searching deeper meaning to BTS MV… and creating my own theory I have read Omelas and starting to read Demian. As a graduate of Psychology too I love psychoanalysis. Thank you very much brushing up with my notes. These kids have such great minds creating a storyline that made me workup😊

  14. this video is so underrated!! i was so confused about this video. i watched other videos and it just made me more confused. thanks for clearing everything up :)!! subscribed

  15. The first time I seen spring day When v was on the train tracks I literally started balling I love this video the video makes a lot more sense to me now

  16. You explain the song so well and I can totally relate. But, I'm still curious about one thing. In the video, Jimin found a pair of shoes drifting ashore and at the end of the video. He decided to tie in up on the lone tree. Is there a meaning behind that too?

  17. This was a really interesting and convincing analysis! I really enjoyed the video! I'd love to see an analysis on the other hyyh era stories (such as I need you or the prologue) and a more detailed analysis on how demian relates to the music videos!

  18. I subscribed for the Devilman's video BUT I STAYED BECAUSE OF BANGTAN. Thank you for this!! It's so interesting💖

  19. i kinda wonder how yololololo and mic drop fit into their development… the analysis makes it sound like theyre high morally human beings, but if i recall the text of future songs i only shake my head cuz the lyrics are so awful, egoistic and songs are often based on the desires to dominate females like primitive animals or tell them to party all night without even thinking about the consquences… (which also includes sex often times) thats not really a good message to leave behind if you have several millione followers (but.. well it sells good, they get the money and no matter what theyre singing about, theyre will be loved anyways, cuz its a boygroup band with cute childish and good looking asian guys who can sing and dance. well and also most of humanity is acting in that way… instinctive behavior without self-reflective thinking)
    i know negative text but it bugs me cuz in 100 times i see this result up to 95 times

  20. You should look into the Ferry accident that happened in Korea a couple years ago. I believe there’s a connection with that accident in this MV and BTS played a tribute to the dead with this song. That’s just another theory I read that was also very convincing I just thought you might enjoy as well. 🙂

  21. It shows that the team behind the MV is very clever! I mean they came up with all of this and it actually makes sense! Thanks for this very good analysis!

  22. Girl your Chanel is simply amazing! Every video surprises me and makes me reflect on a lot of things. Especially since i want to study psychology myself. Keep going Girl!

  23. Hi! I have just found this video! After my exams I'm happily going to make the Spanish subtitles! I will make you know!

    I would love to see more analysis of BTS! like you said, Demian would be great! And the LYS series. As everything came to an end.

    Then there ir Smeraldo books and the web toon "save me" that you should chek out.

    I really appreciate your job, because between you and these kind of videos ARMY can get better BTS messages.
    There are very young ARMYs that is difficult to them to understand all this complexity and with save me, some times they get sad because they don't understand what is happening to they very love character. 😔 so with this videos they can change the glasses into a more optimistic an constructive way of interpreting the story.

    I love to talk to younger armys and cheer them up. Is like a huge family helping each other. So please. Do more videos 🙏💜😊🌷💜 i always going to be happy to tantraslate your BTS videos into Spanish. Looking forward to them!

  24. Congratulations for all the research!
    you do great job! thank you for doing all of this, is very interesting and useful!

    Also congratulations for the other BTS video too!
    There i send you the following comment but I think it may has got lost, there're a lot of comments, so I stick it here (hopping you can read me 🙂😅)

    As I loved the video, I wrote the subtitles in Spanish. Please check them out, it would be so good to have this kind of video in other languages. I from Argentina and not everybody understand English very well. Anyway, I share this video a lot! In fact it is in my playlist which I share when I'm asked about BTS. It helps me when i want to explain about them.
    So please consider to activate Spanish subtitles. 💜🙏

    Apart from that, I would love you to check out the relationship between the books that big hit sells in their shop online (like, the art of loving – Erich Fromm; Jung and the map of the soul; Hermann Hesse Demian) and their final conceptual BTS product. It seems like a philosophy of the company, which I like a lot. For the first time someone make massive the messages of Jung. And I think that is very healing.
    I really believe this team (BTS and Big Hit) are healing next generation society.
    (In fact Suga expressed it was that the reason of the creation of BTS, in Grammy Museum's interview ; link: ) ♡

    Between us, i'm looking forward what big hit is going to do with TXT, their new boy group. I'm curious if this is going to be involved in some way to this apparently company's mission.

    Anyway sorry for the long message,😅 it would be very interesting to chat with you! ♡
    If you want to check out the list where I add your video:

    Thank you if you reed me and I'm looking forward to the Spanish subtitles. 💜 purple you 😉

  25. Hey people, if you liked my video check my newest one about BTS

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