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(babbling) – Are you telling her to sit? (laughs) (laughing) You think she’ll listen to you, big boy? (cheerful music) (babbling) Well good morning guys, I have my cleaning buddy here with me, and I’m going to be
moppin’ my floors today. I’m just getting the house
cleaned up, ready to go, because we’re gonna be
going to Playlist Live soon. Our video just went live from yesterday, and it talked about a lot of my feelings of how I feel because
I’m in my two week wait, and here in a few days
we’re gonna be taking a pregnancy test. And I was really nervous
to share that video, and we’ve been doing
YouTube for four years, we’ve shared two pregnancies, we’ve shared some ups and downs, we’ve kept a lot to ourselves, but we’ve also shared a lot. I definitely want to
document a lot this time, because I feel like I
didn’t do that as much with the last two pregnancies as much as I even want
to like looking back, and one of my hesitations
posting this was, because we do Post online, is
maybe how people will take it, and I’m grateful for
everybody that’s being so happy and positive towards us. Whether I’m pregnant or
not, this is how I feel, my boobs are full, my
tummy has been crampy, and I have, you know, deep acne, and just that’s how I feel, so I’m glad that I ended up sharing it, for myself, for my future,
for others that they’re going on the same journey,
because I love going to YouTube and searching “10 days
post ovulation symptoms,” and I love seeing what other
people are going through. So thank you guys so much
for being a part of this. We gotta get our cleaning on. I have been cleaning
the floors a lot lately. I just use like the Bona cleaner, because that’s what our
hardwood floor guy suggested. Both a lot of the dirt
that Penny has brought in with her paws, the other day
I just like, mopped it all… Calvin. Your vroom? You can get it. Oh, it’s stuck. It’s stuck, there you go. She brings in dirt with her paws, so instead of just like, mopping it, I just hand mopped it
all with like vinegar, and I haven’t cleaned it in
like four days, three days now, and they still look great. So I’m really happy with that. (babbling) You want more water? Well mister. You just want so much. (laughs) I’ll get you water, go get your sippy cup. Go get it. – Some days take longer than others, but Calvin is finally asleep. (laughs) Today was a long effort
to get him to sleep, but I still stand by it,
Calvin is our best sleeper. Which is crazy because
he was not even close in the slightest to be our good sleeper the first what, 14, 16 months of his life. But now he’s awesome, even though it takes a
little bit sometimes. Hey. You guys have a little quiet time? – Yeah. – [Jared] Yeah? – You sleep with me. (chuckles) – [Jared] You want me to sleep with you? – Yeah. – [Jared] You’re kinda silly. How was preschool today? – Good. – [Jared] Good, did you do
anything fun at preschool? – Yeah. – [Jared] What’d you do? – I brought a monster truck. – [Jared] For show and tell? – Yeah. – [Jared] Whoa, that’s so cool. What did your friends say about it? – My friends say yes. – [Jared] Yes. (chuckles) That’s fun, that’s cool. – Should we get the gate up? – I was just thinking that. I just got Calvin down for a nap, and I think it’s the perfect time. – All right, I’ll close
my eyes for a minute– To get the gate up. Okay, close your eyes,
but only for a minute. I’m starting the clock,
60 seconds starting now. – I don’t want to close my eyes. – [Jared] Okay, you don’t
have to, Mom close your eyes. 60 seconds, go. Close your eyes, close
your eyes, close your eyes. Sleep. One two three sleep. – So Jackson came up to me today, I was getting ready, kinda getting ready, in the bathroom he goes
“Mom, we have grass!” He was eating breakfast, and he probably was looking
out there and thought, whoa! We have grass now! No, that’s just like, it is grass, but it’s not our grass. We’re gonna do sod. Isn’t that funny? I was just like aww, you’re cute. One day. – He knows that we’re waiting for it. Like he knows just as much as we are. – We’re eating a little snack. I’m eating what the kids
didn’t finish for lunch. Jared’s eating a little snack. – These are, you guys know, Ritz crackers and salsa is like… – [Ellie] Try it. – The go to snack. – [Ellie] And then we are
gonna get that gate up. – The nerves are flowing,
the nerves are real. It’s gonna turn out okay. I know it’s gonna turn
out okay eventually, maybe a week from now,
but it’ll turn out okay. So I’m hanging up the gate and Ellie and I have known
this for a little while, probably since we’ve put up
the first gate initially, but if you look right here, you can see there’s that much spacing at the top of the wall,
and as you go down, that spacing gets bigger. It’s hard to tell on the camera, but it’s about a half an inch difference. If I make the gate level, you
are going to see that spacing in the wall. But if I make the gate match, then my gate is not gonna be straight. No matter how I put this in, something is going to look offset. So I want you guys to know from right now, it’s not my fault that this is offset. So it’s not me that is making
this look unlevel, okay? The house is unlevel on these parts, okay? (Ellie laughs) Just so you know. – Got it. – [Jared] It’s public
information right now. And you can even tell right here. Do you see how that is
angled in right there? Kinda makes a tiny little
triangle right there? So, okay, I’m gonna hang
this, it’s gonna look great. It looks good right now
as it is, don’t you think? – All right guys, three days
later, our project is done. Jared, you did a swell job. – Should we open it? – [Ellie] It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. – Ready for the grand opening? – [Ellie] Yes. (laughs) – Because we’re opening the door? – [Ellie] Totes. It looks so much nicer, it’s heavy duty. It looks so good. – [Jared] That look pretty good? – [Ellie] Yeah, Penny, ready to come out? – [Jared] Wanna walk through it, Penny? – [Ellie] You like it! Yes you do, I’m so glad. I love it, Jared, it’s beautiful. – I hope it stays, I hope it’s good. – [Ellie] It’s good, we
just have to watch the kids and make sure they don’t climb on it. They were good not to
climb on the other one, but this, the other one
went to the floor, so. Good job! – [Jared] Thanks. – [Ellie] I love it! It looks so good! – Thank you. – [Ellie] Yay! – I can’t believe I built this. – [Ellie] It looks great. – Thanks, high five. Today is National Superhero Day, which is a very exciting
day when you’re a kid, right Jackson? Today we celebrate all the superheroes, and what superhero did you choose today? – I choose firefighter. – [Jared] Yeah, firefighters are heroes. – [Ellie] They’re superheroes too. – [Jared] They are heroes. And Calvin, who are you? – I’m the Bat Dadda. – “I’m Batman!” is what that
loosely is translated as. You’ve got your Batman costume on. He wouldn’t put his hat
or his hood, his cape on. – No. Just a normal day. – Yeah, normal day, except
for one, two, three, boop. And Captain America has arrived! We are going to have some fun. It’s been raining. (yelling) Captain America’s here! (laughs) Show off your muscles. You have such strong muscles, don’t ya? – Now let’s see your muscles. – You want to see mine? Sorry. Can’t flex any harder, I’d rip my costume. It’s been raining and
snowing all day today, so we thought it’d be fun to get the kids, we have this fun little play set and we’re gonna build that right now. – Daddy, what is this called? – [Jared] That’s my belt. – Your belt. – [Jared] The belt of truth
and justice and happiness. – Are you guys ready? We are getting ready. It is cold and snowy and rainy outside, so we’re gonna have a little
water park fun inside. So what we have been
working on today is a place, is that what we are calling it? That way when we’re sitting down, and we’re like doing
something as a family, this’ll teach her to stay in one place as we are doing something as a family, but she can still be by us, just not jumping up and
eating all the stuff. Good girl, come here. But Jared and I were at
the store the other day and I had never heard of this
brand before, Playmobile, and we thought it looked
so fun for the kids, so they are all building it,
and we’re gonna play with it. – We’re trying to build it, anyway. (laughing) Penny got the guy! Penny got the guy! – [Ellie] Place. Can you sit. Penny, sit. Down. Down. Good girl. You know you’re so cute, Penny. (babbling) Are you telling her to sit? (laughs) You found the blue piece? – This is what I’m looking
for, all of these guys. – [Ellie] Yeah, I started
building it, and I did it wrong. (laughing) – No! There! (Ellie laughs) – [Ellie] You think she’ll
listen to you, big boy? – Superheroes are trying to build this. Can we have some peace and quiet please? Can you ask her for some peace and quiet? – You be quiet. – [Ellie] Oh, no. Both of you better try that again. – Say, “can we please have
some peace and quiet?” – Can we have some peace and quiet? – [Ellie] Yeah. – Okay boys, it is all built. Now there’s one more
thing that we have to do. Jackson, what do you think that is? We have to play with it. And before that, we’re gonna
put some water in here, ready? – Yes. – Let’s pour some water in. (cheerful music) Okay, now watch. Okay, Jackson, why don’t
you push this yellow button and see what happens? (gasps) – What does it do? – [Jared] Watch. Is that cool? – What’s it do now? – Now you just play with it. (cheerful music) Well boys, this has been
a pretty amazing day. We dressed up like superheroes, we played with a water
park inside our own house, like we have a water
park and it’s indoors. Is that pretty cool, Jackson? – Yeah. – [Jared] It’s pretty fun, huh? Do you like this? – Yeah. – [Jared] What’s your
favorite part about it? Is it the water or the slide? – The slide and guys. – [Jared] The slide and the guys? That’s pretty cool, huh? – Where’s the little guy? – [Jared] I don’t know, maybe
he fell down on the floor when he went on the slide. – [Jackson] What’s up, guys? – [Ellie] What’s up? – We’re eating dinner, what’s up with you? – [Jackson] Family. – [Jared] What’s this tree called? – It’s calLed a pam tree from Hawaii. – [Jared] It’s a pam tree from Hawaii. You hear that, Ellie? – [Ellie] Yeah. – [Jared] A pam tree from Hawaii. – We have had so many of
you guys tweeting us today and last night about nominating– – The Streamies. – Yep, nominating us
for the Streamy award. – Which is so crazy, because like, we’ve had a few people do it before, but like the past few
days has been like, whoa, like this is crazy. – So many. – Thank you guys. – Yeah, absolutely, thank you. We’ll have a link in the description if any of you want to vote again. – Keep nominating us, I don’t know. We’ve never been up for a
Streamies or other thing, so this is cool. We did get the fertility one
though, that was awesome. – Yes, that was really cool. – Like Ellie said, we’ll
have a link to it down below if you guys want to submit
some fan nominations for us. – Thank you guys so much for
watching our video today. We had a babysitter today, and it ended up not working out, and then we went, okay,
we’ll put the kids to bed and we’ll like, play a game, and now we put the kids
to bed and we’re like… Wanna watch a show again? (laughing) So that’s what we’re gonna do. – Something like that, yeah. So yeah, that’s where we’re
gonna start our weekend. (laughs) Is right here, so thank you
guys so much for watching. Oh, tomorrow is my mom’s birthday, so leave some happy birthday
comments for my mom. – Oh yeah, so we’re gonna go to lunch. – Yep. Okay, we’ll see you guys next time. Thanks for watching, bye!

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