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Brewstew – The Real Pooter?

Alright, now some of you may know
that I have a cat named Tiffany. But a lot of you don’t know
that we have another cat as well. And the story of how we got
this cat begins two years ago, when my wife and I were having
a bonfire in our backyard. We had a few friends over that night. We were drinking a couple of beers,
having a good time. Or maybe it was several beers and
we were having a great time, who’s to say? But all of a sudden this little kitten
comes scampering out of nowhere. And his ass is adorable as hell. He’s all black with a little
white patch of fur on his chest. Makes it look like he’s wearing
a tiny little tuxedo and shit. “Oh hell, is that
that kitty cat from Hocus Pocus?” “Look at how cute he is with his
little Thackery-Binx-looking ass!” Now this kitten is cool as hell, he’s just hanging out
with us all night long! “Whose ass do I got to lick
to get another Budweiser over here?” And when it was time
to go inside the house, this little kitten didn’t want to leave. He’s just looking at me, like, “Hey are you gonna leave me out here?” “If you do,
I’m sure I’ll be dead by the morning.” “Oh well, I’m drunk enough
to adopt a cat right now.” “So come on in with your
little Hocus Pocus ass.” So the next day rolls around and here we are with this kitten
that doesn’t even have a name yet. And we can’t give it a name yet, because we don’t know how to tell
if the cat’s a boy or a girl. “Uhm, I don’t really know
what I’m looking for here.” “Am I looking for a dick? Do cats have dicks?
I don’t know if cats have dicks or not.” We’re googling diagrams
on our phone and shit, trying to learn the basic anatomy
of a goddamn cat. But after 20 minutes of staring
at this cat’s ass, we’re just like, – Uhm, what do you think, a boy?
– Yeah fuck it, let’s just say he’s a boy. So now that that’s established,
we decide to name the cat Pooter. And if you don’t like that name,
well, you can kiss my ass, because Pooter is a great name. And Pooter himself was a great cat! He’d hang out with us
all the time in the living room. He’d just hang out on the couch,
sitting all unnatural, like a fucking stepdad watching NASCAR. Everybody loved Pooter the cat. Everybody except for Tiffany that is. Tiffany couldn’t stand his ass. But that was just because
any time you would open the front door, his ass would try to run outside,
like the house was on fire. And you’d have to go track his
ass down and bring him back inside. Now, one particular time he got outside
and he was gone for, like, three days. Before I found his ass in the backyard. “God damn it Pooter,
get your ass in here!” “We house you, we feed you,
I scoop your shit up with a tiny shovel!” “What more do you want from me?!” Now, I don’t know
what happened to Pooter during those couple of days
out in the wilderness, but whatever happened,
traumatized the shit out of him. He didn’t seem like the same cat anymore. Instead of hanging out with us,
like he used to, he just sits in the corner of the room,
paranoid as hell, and stares at us, like a goddamn pervert. And his ass would be
staring at us all the time. No matter what we did,
where we were in the house, hell, he could be taking a shit
and he’d still be staring at us. Now fast forward a couple days later,
I’m outside sitting on our front porch. And all of a sudden I see Pooter’s ass
strutting down the sidewalk, looking like goddamn
Laverne & Shirley and shit! “Oh God damn it, Pooter!
Get your wayward ass back in the house!” So once again I bring him back
into a warm, safe house, where you’d think
a cat would like to leave. “Well, looks like Pooter
got out of the house again.” – Uhm, that’s not Pooter.
– What do you mean that’s not Pooter? “Pooter’s right there on the floor.” “Well, then who the fuck is this cat?!” This cat that I had
looked just like Pooter. The same Tuxedo bullshit
on his chest and everything. “What the hell is going on?!
Is hit a goddamn glitch in the Matrix?” So I take the impostor cat back outside. Because my ass wasn’t
drunk enough to adopt a third cat. “Get out of here, fake Pooter!
You’re not the real Pooter, beat it!” So I come back inside and
sit on the couch and that’s that. That is, until I have a thought
that pops in my head, “Oh my God, what if
that was the real Pooter?” “What if the fake Pooter was
the one I picked up from the backyard a couple days ago?” “Maybe that’s why
he’s been acting so weird lately!” You know, staring at us
like a coke addict and shit. “Ohhh, I think I just fucked up!” “Uhm, I don’t think
we got the real Pooter.” “What? What do you mean?
Like, he’s not a real cat?” “No, God damn it, I know he’s a real cat!” “What if I found
the wrong cat in the backyard, and I just booted
the real Pooter outside just now?” “Oh, don’t be ridiculous!
Look at him, he’s the real Pooter!” (*Thunderclap!*) “Then why the fuck does he keep staring
at us, like he’s on methamphetamine?!” “Are you the real Pooter? Huh?
Blink twice if you’re the real Pooter!” “Oh yeah, 911?
Can you have somebody come out?” “My husband keeps interrogating our cat,
because he doesn’t think he’s real.” So now we’re in a very
interesting predicament. Is this the real Pooter
that’s on the floor? Or did I boot the real Pooter
out the door never to be seen again? And the answer to that question is,
“I don’t really fucking know.” It’s been two years since then
and neither of us can say for sure. I mean, my wife thinks
that there’s a 95% chance that we do indeed have the real Pooter. But I’m not buying it. So now every time that he stares at me, I stare right back at his ass. Because I know that he knows that I know that he’s not
the real goddamn Pooter! Special Thanks To Brian McKay Special Thanks To These and many more other

Reader Comments

  1. How come you didn’t take two pictures of Pooter and compare the to see which one is the real Pooter 🤔🤔🤔

  2. That looks like the cat that showed up at our door. And was hell as tamed. So i might have yur pooter

  3. Wow! The exact same thing happened to me with a striped kitten I had. After I unknowingly brought the imposter inside, we left to go out and eat. When we returned, he had torn the shit out of the entire apartment, because apparently he was feral. I didn't know this, so I was obviously quite confused.
    The next morning, my real cat came back home and got in a fight with the imposter cat. Got to hand it to the little scrapper, he kicked that impostor right out of the house.
    "This is my fuck'n house, my fuck'n food bowl, my fuck'n bed, my fuck'n litter box and my fuck'n humans, now get the fuck out!"
    A little add on, an old lady down the road had adopted the feral cat and somehow managed to tame it enough, to be kept as a pet. So everything worked out I guess.

  4. the same happend gone for a while cat did not have a neckthingy looks like the same cat maybe its his brother savage nah his not attacking us

  5. Story ideas: senior prank? Most trouble you’ve been in with your parents? Hospital trip? Bad drug deal? Embarrassing moments? Fights?

  6. Whatever happened to Zeke? I know he has Pooter, Tiffany and Otis, I'm just wondering if he still has him, he is a good boy!

  7. I love your videos your probably the only YouTuber I know from my state keep it up hope you make it one day

  8. I have an idea why dont you take the cat you think is pooter and the other cat and see what the real pooter would do

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