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Boss and Kevin Hart go back in time with 1980’s Workout

Amazing episode of
“What the Fit.” Still staying in the mode
of the ’80s. That’s right, the aerobic
lifestyle was serious back then, and we’ve adapted it full-on,
but right now. Time to give you some stuff
that you can use at home, in the bathroom,
in the kitchen, on the airplane,
wherever you want. But it’s not just me.
I’m with my trainer,
Ron “Boss” Everline. – Take it away, Boss.
– So we’re gonna do
some cardiovascular footwork drills.
Hold up. Nope, nope, not that.
Let’s just do some
scissors right here. For 30 seconds.
You can do this
in your living room. You can do this at home.
You can do this everywhere. – I’m gonna pull my pants down.
– You gonna what? I don’t want to give you
too much thigh. Are those women’s shorts? They’re my shorts. Okay, I just asked. – All right, so this one’s up.
– Go. 30 seconds,
30 seconds, 30 seconds. This is what they used
to do back in the day. But keep your chest over,
stay on top of the– touch it, touch it,
touch it and go. Touch it and go.
Touch it and go.
Touch it and go. – Whoa, whoa, whoa.
– Okay. Now we’re gonna do
side hops right here. Tap, tap on the… Whoo, see if you
can look that good. Whoo! Whoo! Ricky Bobby, baby.
“If you not first, you’re last.” That has nothing to do
with what we’re doing
right now. – He was going fast.
– Let’s go, brother.
I ain’t got time to talk. Tap and go.
Double tap.
30 seconds. You can do this
in the living room.
You can do this at home. You can do it everywhere.
Good job, Kevin. Use your hands.
Be like me. – Be like me.
– ( grunting ) Now, I know what
you’re thinking. Where can you get
one of these machines? Well, that’s a good question. You can buy this
from your local thrift shop. – Can you get it
at a thrift shop?
– Sometimes. We should put that
in the gym. – Absolutely not.
– We should have ’80s day – when we work out, from now on.
– I’m never– Where we both
come to the gym
dressed in the ’80s. – I’m not having an ’80s day.
– That would be dope. Just us.
My name is Rick. Your name is Kevin. Not on ’80s day.
My name would be Fitness Rick. I’m here to pump you up, baby.
I’m Fitness Rick. Don’t let Fitness Rick
get on the machine ’cause I’m gonna
show you how it’s done. I’m Fitness Rick. Your name is Kevin. Not on Thursdays. All right, here we go.
Working on speed. Working on speed.
Watch me. See this? I’m a machine!
I’m a machine! Can’t nobody stop me!
Can’t nobody stop me! I’mma keep going.
I’mma keep going. Come on. Come on the other side. You gotta pull your shorts
out your ass. I saw too much. I saw too much back here. I need to get those
15 seconds from my life back. You got a mole
on your ass, don’t you? I saw it.
The shorts went in. They hug so much.
I saw it. Can you do the exercise? When you ask Fitness Rick,
can he do something? Fitness Rick’s answer’s
always the same. “Of course I can.”
Right? I don’t know what
to say about this guy. There you go.
There you go. Do this for 30 seconds
at home. – My mic came out.
– All right, put it back. ( panting )
I’m tired. – You know what
really killed me?
– What? Jazzercise.
That wore me out. – Hey, guys–
– Those ladies got it goin’. I don’t know, Boss.
I may hire them. Because I felt a much
better workout with them. You know what?
If you want to ruin
this relationship, over six years,
’cause you had one
workout with some ladies? No, I’m sorry.
I– Rick. This ain’t Kevin.
This is Rick, man. Show me what
we’re doing next. There they go again.
You gotta change, man. – This is–
– So, we’re gonna do
some sit-ups. You’re gonna take these,
you’re gonna put your feet up. Keep your feet up. That’s a good one, hog. Don’t tell me what’s good.
I told you about that. Yeah. – Yeah!
– All right, you can do it. What just–? You– how come you never– I don’t do
the full workouts ’cause I work out
in the mornings. Why are you so out of breath
when we do these things, man? I been workin’ hard, man. Okay, that’s fine. We going crunches
to the back, flip it. No, but keep your feet up.
That’s not right. – That’s what
I’m trying to tell you.
– Hey, man, what you doing? – Keep it right here.
– What you doing? I’m gonna pull
this damn wig off your head, you keep playin’ with me. It’s not a wig.
It’s my natural growth. Four. And then when you do this,
you can do this at home. You can do this
in the living room. You can do this anywhere. You can do this
in your local gym. You gotta put it back in,
put it up forward. These are hard, Boss. – Good job, Kevin.
I’m excited for you.
– This is definitely hard. Now put it back.
Good job, bro. Whoo! Ah, help me up, champ. – Nope.
– All right. It happens. – Well, people.
– I’mma wrap it up. Wrap it up one time. Go ahead, brother.
Take ’em home. Don’t say nothing
while I’m talking. – Okay. Okay.
– Stand right here. Don’t say nothing
while I’m talking. All right,
give it to ’em. This is another episode
of “What the Fit.” Here with Kevin Hart,
Ron “Boss” Everline. We just gave you things
to do at home. In the living room,
in the bathroom. Make sure you tune in
and stay focused. My boy is really
focused out here. – I like your hair, man.
– I got nothing to say. – You gonna say something?
– Nope, no, I’m not. – Yeah, you are.
– No, I’m not. There’s no way you are
gonna walk off this stage and not say anything. All right, watch this.
Something’s gonna happen.
Something’s gonna happen. I left my thing back here. Yeah, I bet.
I bet you did. I bet you did. It’s another episode
of “What the Fit.” – I told you it was over.
– You’re right. Come on, you’re right. It’s your pal
Kevin Hart here, and I earned my stripes
in Jazzercise. True story. That should make you
want to click on these videos and subscribe
to my YouTube channel, “Laugh Out Loud.”
Jazz hands.

Reader Comments

  1. "You can do this in your living room you can do this at home, you can do this anywhere.." Ohh I missed this 😂

    Glad you both are healthy and back at it again!

  2. My name is Rick.
    Your name is Kevin
    Not on the 80’s day.
    I’m Rick Fitness Rick.
    Can this guy get any more funnier than he is? Geez he’s so funny. I would love to meet Fitness Rick and try the 80’s workout since I am the 1982 baby.

  3. Boss: u know what if u want to ruin our relationship over six years because of one workout with some ladies
    Kev: Rick. This ain't kevin men 😂😂😂

  4. Yes please would love to see more workouts with Fitness Rick and Boss and his ‘thigh shorts’😂😂😂and yes please throw the Rock in there too now and again that will be Hilarious

  5. Hey kevin isn't that the guy you were berating and calling a loser on the jet because he wasn't a man for not having as much money as you?

  6. So i see everyone is feeling the 80s nostalgia we need to go back to that style of music too cuz i thoroughly enjoy the rock from that time even tho im not from that time

  7. All I can do is laugh ! I try to do the at home workouts but then I watch the video to the end and I’m exhausted from laughing ! Needed this today 😂

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