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[Upbeat Music] Hey Guys, Welcome to
the Nikki J Fitness channel Today we are focusing on a at home booty workout I, myself have really been
focusing this year on building my booty as you can see
in the pictures And, I’ve had a decent transformation
and these are a lot of the exercises that I’ve done at home.
It’s fifteen minutes You can find that in your day.
Make time It’s really important.
You can do this at your house You can do it at the airport… which is kinda weird,
I’ve totally done that before though where I’m doing lunges.
I probably looked like a psychopath, but hey Sometimes if you are at the airport all day
you just need to get moving, so… Airport, Friend’s house, garage, grocery store…
That’s weird, too. But hey, it all works So, if you are short on time
and you don’t have a gym to access you can do these workouts anywhere.
All you need is a booty band you can even do it without the booty band
It just is a little bit better and has more resistance but other than that,
we are just using a mat, my backyard And, my legs, so…
Let’s get started [Techno Music] wow guys, well I don’t know if
you are sweating but I sure am So, hope you enjoyed that workout and, many more to come Please don’t forget to like this video
if you feel so inclined Comment below on any additional videos
that you want me to make and then subscribe to my channel that would be amazing.
Love you guys and I will see you next time. Ok, maybe I’ll do a different ending is it recording? Hope that you enjoyed that workout
I dunno why I just clapped my hands, but

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