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BMX, MTB, and Trampoline Training at Woodward – What’s Up with the Godziek Brothers – Ep 2

We are still at Woodward – training in the gym. We came to jump a little bit, and get crazy on the trampolines. Do something different then a bike. We found a trampoline bike, so we’ll try some tricks. Hi, it’s day two. We are dead tired after yesterday, We have no energy to ride. Do you want me to talk to the camera or what? Hi again, it’s day two. We are very tired after a long day yesterday. I have no energy to ride, I’m very sleepy. But we didn’t come here to sit and waste time, so we’re going to go ride. Why? One more time. The weather is great, with light wind and sunny. It should be good. We made it to the end of the trip. It was definitely an amazing journey. It was great preparation for the season. See you in Poland.

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  1. 'miejscówka' in english literally means 'seat reservation' 😀 but in polish it means something like place to enjoy our things, sports and other stuff, u know.
    and 'kwadrat' literally means 'square' 😉 but means same as 'miejscówka' 😀

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