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Blake’s Mini Kicker Street Sends | Gap Jumps And Street Trials Session

– Welcome back, you beautiful people, and welcome to a very, very cold day where I’ve got my jump bike, I have a mini kicker on my back, and I’m going to set
myself some challenges in this area right here because it’s not muddy,
and over there, it’s muddy. Let’s kick it off. (upbeat rock music) Aw. (shouts) (grunts) Oh. (whimsical orchestral music) It’s done. Right, I’m here, this
is an urban situation we’ve got going on right here. This is some super ghetto stuff that skaters have built out of concrete and some wooden structures. They’ve got holes in. So I’m going to come, and
I’m going to play around in here for a bit, and I got this to play with, and I’m going to use this to
jump onto some certain obstacles and set some challenges. Let’s kick it off. (soft electronic music) Let’s move all this junk. Glass? Look at that. Someone’s been having a party. I’m going to use that
quarter pipe over there as a berm, roll, and I’m going
to get some air off of this. ‘Cause the wind’s coming from there, I’m going to jump into the wind, because everything I’m doing sideways to the wind, it’s just, it’s terrible. It’s just, it doesn’t work. Let’s put that as a down ramp. Someone’s lovely carpentry
work has made this for me. (ramp clicks) (laughs) Let’s make a small gap. Look how narrow that landing is. If I land onto it sideways,
it’s going to do that. That’s not good. Let’s start bike’s length away. That’s tiny, but you got to start small. Bike length, the gap
of absolute skinniness. Whoa, that was so loud. That was too small. Let’s make it bigger. Did I break it? No, it just makes hellish noise. Oh my. ‘Kay, I’ve worked out that doing that as a berm is the scariest thing ever. I’m going to jump sideways to
the wind because I’m gnarly, just ’cause I can only get the speed. (laughs) Easy. I overjumped it. I’m going to make it bigger. Let’s bring it to there. That is, one, two, three,
four meters in Blake strides. (laughs) That was scary. I’m landing on the smallest
thing known to humankind. Come look at right, right? It doesn’t even line up with the thing. Look at that. That is wobblier than my nan’s
legs going down a steep hill. This is a size seven shoe. I got small feet, yes indeed. Size seven, and that’s
not even a foot, right? That’s a size eight, probably, or a nine. You’re a size nine, Josh,
put your foot there. Size nine foot, it’s not even 12 inches. I reckon, should we make this
a little bit bigger, Josh? That’s five meters, Josh, and look, where you’re stood is a curb, and I have to go quite fast into this, like, I skid, and like (imitates
scratching) into the curb. Three, two, one, go for it. Aw, aw, I still felt
like I made it, really. I landed there? Does that mean I can go bigger. (laughs) Six meters in sideways wind. Let’s try again. I feel like Evel Knievel. Three, two, one. Oh. That’s the limit. The sound that that little ramp made, not this little one, the one I
actually have to get air off, made a ka-clack-clack-clacking. I’m not comfortable with that noise. (ramp clicks) You probably are wondering,
can I hear that sound again? Ka-clack-clack-clack. I’m not doing that again. And that’s the smallest landing ever in the whole entire world
right here, right now. And Josh, can you help me
move that manual pad to here? Is that all right? Because it’s heavy. (intense electronic music) We have ourselves another
gap challenge, Josh. (ramp clicks) (laughs) Right, enough messing about. The challenge is to jump over
the chasm of glass there. Let’s try stunt to that, and then off. Might have to get the coat off and do, oh, the tuck no-hander. Okay, that’s like ninja
skills, if I actually did that. If you were seeing what
I was implying on doing, it’s like tuck no-hander onto there, and then bar spin off. How street can Blake get? Aw. (shouts) Ooh. Aw. It’s like my brain can’t work that quick. Josh said, if I get it this run, he’s going to buy me lunch. Deal, watch this. Aw, my damn foot fell off. Aw, you f– Pff. (grunts) This is it, victory. That was as far away as victory as ever. Aw, you f– Yes! (laughs) I literally swung them for dear life. Woo! Yeah. ♪ What is it good for ♪ ♪ Absolutely ♪ (sings) I’m going to call defeat-ish on that. I landed it, but it wasn’t that sexy, so I’m going to go have some lunch, get rid of some of this
nasty anger of mine, and come back, and do
some more stunting, yes. (intense electronic music) (laughs) I got to ride and jump onto the skinny, and ride along it. Oh my flapping. Pff. We’ve jumped onto it, Let’s start making an obstacle course, ’cause this bit here
now has turned to lava, and I need to get to
over there on that curb with obstacles that I
am going to put in place to try and get me over there safely. All right. Like, if my front wheel goes in there, I’m going over the bars. (grunts) Lava, dead. Blake’s dead. (laughs) Wow, that gap’s humongous. Right, let’s put another obstacle. More tetanus. (laughs) To bridge the gap, do you reckon I could ride across that? If you put a bridge like that, we can make this a little
bit closer to that. That’s disgusting. Yes, Blake. There’s only one way to find out, eh? Is do. Oh, wow. Oh, this is trials-y. (laughs) Yeah! I like so trials right now. But the thing is, I’ve
got to do that again ’cause I’ve got to put another obstacle. We’ve got this. We’ve got this. Let’s have an off camber section. This is challenging. I’ve put two obstacles now
after those to get there, and let’s hope I do that first time again, because it moves. (laughs) This bit’s really hard. Aw. All right. Aw. (laughs) Aw. Come on. Aw, aw. (grunts) Yeah! Woo! We saved the little monkeys that come across the river of doom, and we’re on the other side, but it’s not the end quite yet because we need to go back. (laughs) So let’s go back ’cause it’s fun, I think. All right. Oh my gosh. How did I, how did, oh, no. Oh no. What have I done that for? Oh no. How am I going to get across there? Move that across a bit. Oh. It doesn’t look like anything, but it feels like the scariest thing ever. Aw. That’s it. Oh my gosh. Aw. I haven’t got the right gear. Damn it. Aw, the wind took me there. Oh my goodness me, yeah! How much fun is that? Like, all of that, it’s
been nearly a full day of just messing around in this area, and I’ve learned stuff. Like, you can just go, and find somewhere where it’s a bit ghetto, and some wood, and just make yourself a
little obstacle course. You learn your balancing skills. Aw, you learn how to track
stand a lot, flipping heck. Jumping, everything. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it because, hey, it’s cold
and miserable out there in the woodlands, I don’t
want to be out there. Look, I haven’t got a bit of mud on me, but I am freezing, but
I’ve had so much fun. Thanks for watching. Let us know if you want to
see more obstacle courses. Maybe I’ll go an join Sam Pilgrim. Let us know, comments down below.

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