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Blade and Sorcery VR | Update 5: Dismemberment, Rope Sliding, and More

You know, If I’m ever accused of a violent crime, this
video will be used to help incriminate me. *phew* Blade & Sorcery got a major patch, titled
Update 5, a few days ago. There’s a lot of fixes, enhancements, and
new features, which you can read in full over on Steam, but the biggest additions include
dismemberment Whoa! a new map called Canyon physics-based climbing the ability to grapple NPC’s arms
and legs Use that as a weapon… It’ll come up with a little highlight like this and rope sliding. Yeah, I’m doing it! Yeaaaaaaaaah! *thunk* I just bought Blade & Sorcery, so I can’t
compare it to previous versions of the game, but I did record a bunch of gameplay and wanted
to show some of it off. I want to quickly mention something for those
that have watched any of my previous videos:The last time I uploaded a VR video was over a
year ago. Since then, I upgraded my HTC Vive with the
Gear VR lens modification, switched to the Deluxe Audio Strap, and as of a few days ago,
have gone wireless with the official adapter. Everything is clearer, more comfortable, and
not dragging a giant cord behind me lets me focus on the game instead of worrying about
getting tangled up in cables. So now that you know what I’m playing with,
let’s look at the dismemberment. It’s pretty difficult. I’ve gotten lucky a couple of times, managing
to lop off an arm and a head during combat, and successfully decapitated a corpse in one
swing Perfect! but most of the time, feeling like a psychopath, I have to hack away at a body
for quite some time before the dismembering will trigger. I’ve read that for decapitations, ensuring
the tip of the blade is closest to the head can help, and for amputations, axes can make
things easier. The body parts retain physics, and sometimes
things will get weird. Eeeewh Grappling points on the arms and legs of NPCs
have been added, making it easier to control their movements, or to throw them into other
enemies and off ledges. Points are highlighted on their bodies when
you move your hand close to them, making it easy to know when you’re grabbing them. I definitely want to experiment more with
this feature and see what I can do. There’s also physics-based climbing, which
is off by default and has to be enabled in the Experimental section of the menu. In the trailer, there’s a good scene where
the player uses an axe to lift themselves up to grab a person and throw them off the
bridge. I tried using just my hands to see what I
could do. It didn’t go well. Oh, shit! The new map, Canyon, is a multi-level environment
that features a couple of rope lines, allowing you to easily test out the new rope sliding
feature. The axe seems like the easiest way, though
I do want to try using a two-handed weapon and see if I can grab the other side in time
without falling. Noooooooo, shit! That did not work out. The map provides a lot of opportunities to
throw people off of ledges, which I enjoyed doing a lot when I went fists-only for a wave. Get out of here! You can use your telekinesis on various objects
to get creative, and control a hanging box that will start swinging, adding a hazardous
element to the environment. I’ve only played the Market, but I look forward
to checking out the other maps and seeing how the Canyon compares overall. Whoa! The game is $20 in early access right now,
and there are some issues with bugs, as one would expect. One issue in particular that frustrates me
is my weapon frequently flying out of my hand. It’s something I’ve seen others complain about,
and the developer has made updates to try and make it less frequently, but it happens
to me so often that sometimes it almost makes me just want to stop playing. I’ll try the developer’s suggestion and adjust
my avatar’s arm length to see if that helps. The other bugs I’ve run into are more entertaining
than anything. My hands! My hands are stuck! They’re stuck in the wall! I was trying to stop the recording and I guess I went outside the playspace. Alright. OK…? All I did was hit stop! It looks like they’re breakdancing. Can I hurt him? The game is frequently updated however, so
hopefully things will continue to improve as time goes on. I’ll be playing more Blade & Sorcery this
week to see what else it has to currently offer. More videos soon. Hoo! Nraaaaah! *sighs* Oh, shit! No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no! No, no, no!

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  1. New Blade & Sorcery video! Showcasing more of Update 5, I go to the Market and complete waves one through three on Very Easy mode, using various weapons, including two-handed ones. I also take a break to play Head-and-Bucket, which is like Cup-and-Ball, but grosser! I'm getting better at dismemberment. The audio should be better in this one! Here is the link –

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