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Big Catch !

Hauling in the trawl. Soon the trawl and bag will show up on surface Wait for it ! Coming……………UP ! There it is, a big catch of red fish This is about 50 Tons. Gettirng ready to take it in to ship. Coming in, a heavy load 2 gilsons to pull it in. Fish Receiver opening. The boys exited. Soon they beginning emptying bag into receiver. Move the slings for the gilsons. Move slings again for gilsons. That is it, all fish into receiver of ship. Finished exxept for fish on deck. Please subscribe for more videos from amazing Iceland.

Reader Comments

  1. So de imaginar o que a biblia diz .TUDO ISSO TA NAS PALMAS DA MAÕ DE NOSSO SENHOR JESUS CRISTO. é muita gloria….

  2. Waaaah!!!!! Hancur kan kapal yg serrraaaaakah merusak lautan tolong yg berkepentingan di hancuuurkan mereka

  3. im non-veg but IDk why i feel bad when i see such things. IDK what to do. please forgive me for eating animals and fish as a food.

  4. Bắt kiểu này hết cá dưới biển. Hen chi bị thien tai sóng thần bảo lũ phải rồi. Long vương nổi giận là cho dân nước chết hết

  5. Esta pesca es la mas desastroza Mata peces de todo tamaño con esta pesca de arrastre depredan los oceanos

  6. Mass slaughter actually. Cleaning out the oceans of fish. Soon there will be none for future generations. I loved fishing when I was young but now there will soon be no point of taking my son fishing.

  7. Cada cuanto tiempo hacen ese tipo de pesca? Porque con la cantidad que sacaron tienen para rato… supongo.
    Espero que haya un tiempo prudencial para que prolifere un extenso cardumen

  8. Indonesian Navy will bomb your vessel if you catching fish like that in Indonesia, theres is almost 500 ship over 2014 to 2019 has already blow up by Indonesian Navy because illegal fishing and many other problems
    Don't come to catching fish in Indonesia if you wanna safe

  9. A ambição e pescas sem necessidade, por dinheiro enriquecem empresários destróiem o ecosistemas praieros e lagunar e suas furtunas não pagam o que vcs detruidos teu dinheiro se vai como vento, isto faz com que a destruição de tudo de bom e belo que Deus nos deixou acabará em breve, não restará nem as espinhas em suas mesas para te alimenta nem vcs bem seus filhos a todos qe fazem isto. tira o necessário e deixa para futuras gerações.

  10. How long can the ecosystem survive these kinds of assault . When money , greed , and profit becomes the only the concern . Smh

  11. בשם יהוה אלהים תדוגו לו כל דג סנפיר וקשקשת ויראה אלהים את כל אשר עשה והנה טוב מאד

  12. Someone is making too much money 💰 very greedy. No problem fishing but this is totally overboard. I think it’s a Dutch fishing vessel that was fishing in Tasmanian waters and is now banned for fishing there. Maybe they have found other fishing grounds.
    They should make scrap metal out of this thing.

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