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Bicep/Tricep Workouts Without Weights At Home or Office.

Hi I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist, together We are the most famous physical therapists on the internet in our opinion of course Bob Today Brad, we’re gonna talk about the seven best bicep tricep workout you can do at home or office Without weights now we’re not saying without equipment We’re saying without weights and absolutely bare minimum equipment, but some of it is very little So what’s say you Bob shall we get to work? Let’s first do the laundry here if you are new to our channel Please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on to stay healthy fit pain-free And we upload everyday Also go over to Facebook and like us cuz Brad and I like to be liked, ok where we at? Ok Bob the first simple one and this is very basic technique. It’s very efficient you get both the bicep and the tricep It’s not gonna build great big muscles, but it’s gonna work the muscles and you simply go like this Oh, isometrics, and you push up with one hand push down with the other and the resistance matches So there’s no movement, and you push, and you’re actually getting a little chest too Oh, yeah, 6 to 8 seconds, and you’ll be amazed that you’re gonna get fatigue and your heart rate comes up a little bit I’m winning I’m losing at the same time, you can play little games like that. That’s a great one to do Like if you’re at the office and you want to work, you go this one make sure you switch hands because that Changes which muscles get used, the brachial radialis versus the bicep. So there’s your starter move, okay? the next now the bicep is a Little bit harder to come up with ideas on how to exercise it without any increment at all versus a tricep, For my findings anyway, but this is a nice one I like this one because not only does it work your bicep But it’s a nice stretch on the hip if you can do the figure-four like this This is what we call the figure-four Take your hand like this and go underneath right here and we’re just simply going to and I’m going to start here because I like to do my biceps with as Much range of motion as possible Bob’s already going now if you got a really flexible hip I’m only going about 50% range of motion But it’s working, there we go, this actually does work. Yeah 10 to 15 repetitions, getting the stretch and strengthening, I actually am fatiguing already Of course you think I just make these up Well Bob I’ve been accused of that once before Or ten times Okay, the next one. This is your specialty Bob. This is a really good idea. I don’t even know that Anybody else has discovered or came out with, that’s right I invented it Yeah So basically I Take a roll towel or sheet and you’re gonna Go ahead like this, get your hands into place, and now you’re gonna pull up like this and of course you give as much resistance or little resistance as you want, And typically someone’s leg is stronger than their biceps. Oh, yeah, it’s not even close, right if I go like this Well, I could stop it I can definitely stop it. You know what’s nice about this Brad is you could do eccentric strengthening here, too So I’m strengthening while I’m straightening See Bob’s at work He’s got his tie on you want to do some bicep Strengthening you get your towel out lay down on the floor and go at it. I bet you can do it this way, too Yeah, you could I think Bob, right in the chair so Yeah, that works too if you don’t have the hip flexibility to go the other way or if you have a hip replacement It’s so you’re gonna get a little hip extension and a hip strengthening. I’m all pumped up now I know it’s amazing. This is what you can do without going out and buying $5,000 worth of steel, and whatnot, which is nothing wrong with that, right now I’m gonna suggest For me I really like to spend five or ten dollars on a band here Why don’t you work that one, you can get a band set fairly inexpensive And you can just buy singular ones too usually you don’t order them online, But you can go to the store, and I like the loop ones But you don’t have to do it as a loop and a standing bicep curl, or seated Or seated if you’re in the office And you just want to you know get your biceps out your exercises out when you’re on break 10-minute break or maybe you could type with one hand and do the curls with the other and then switch like that huh we’re talking Efficiency Bob, by the way for those of you who are critical of bands by the way I’ve just been reading the book by Tom Brady Football player, won five Super Bowls And he’s still playing at age 40, 90% of his workouts are with bands. There you go That says a little bit, it says a lot bit actually So yeah, you can do these in the seated position and this is Probably the best way to do it as far as ease of doing it now You can one thing you may want to do when you’re doing your bicep curls. I know Bob you emphasize this a lot is not just to go palm up, right but you can do thumb up and that works a Different muscle, you can also start palm down and then go palm up because that’s what the bicep does, so you rotate yeah You’re emphasizing Getting more bang for your buck. See you know right now too I’ve been doing curls with a bar Brad and when I do a curl I have a straight bar and my hand gets Supinated And it’s actually hard on my elbow, so these I actually just talked to Alex about this that I was gonna switch to these now And I’m gonna use these because I can go more like this across It’s not as hard on my elbow. It’s a P&F pattern. Yeah in the therapy world that’s important I’m going up to the opposite shoulder. I’m still getting a good bicep workout, but I’m not as much stressed on the elbow Sure, I just came up with an idea This could just be kind of fun. Could you go across like that, double yeah pmf pattern here you go look at that the Brad Heineck method Alright, let’s go to triceps. I’m having too much fun. All right Triceps a lot of ways to do this without Equipment isn’t there I like this particular technique if you start out like this and you go palms here Okay, now this is infinitely variable you can make it easier or harder, so I’m doing this Okay, so you start with the forearms flat on the floor and not so much out here But underneath it works better. Okay, if you get closer this way it gets quick a bit harder. I just move about two inches okay, and then if that gets too easy We’re gonna shoot for 10 to 15 reps between sets you can go up to this pyramid or the teepee Okay, and you can try it down here as well Strong like bull Bob, I must say we’re getting strong like Bull, That’s a nice one. Yeah, all right Triangle push-up. This was one of my favorites. I’m gonna get ready for the next one Brad. Okay. Yeah, you go get ready Make sure you come back, so this is my triangle right there Okay, now put that down here getting that push up you can start on the knees if you haven’t done these and you will definitely feel more triceps working than anything Plus you’re getting other stuff, too. It’s it’s not just a tricep, but just an emphasis and the full push-up And I always like to get my sternum to touch my fingers on that, it works Okay, Bob. Let’s carry on, so you want to do some in the chair right, sure Well one if you have a chair with good solid arms you could do it this way, right I mean you could put your legs out like this, this is kind of a beginner isn’t it, But you talked about going off the edge of the chair right, sure But in that case then want to make sure you have a solid chair. Yeah, so you stay safe, then you’re down like this Can you keep your knee straight? This is a pretty hefty workout I’m not thrilled about it Brad because I am kind of a little bit at end range, as far as extension Yeah extension, I’d rather be more in the middle range here Where you’re kind of under control, ideally some parallel bars would be good But it’s hard to find those in an office or a dip bar Yeah if it’s higher though like this Bob I think it might be a little easier so the height of it may make a difference Well, let me see, go ahead Yeah, I’m not as extended as far either, so if you did it up with a cupboard it would even be a little easier. Yeah What so you have a band over a door? Right Well if you’ve got a door and you’ve got a band because you got your band for biceps And you have a door which oftentimes in a house or an office There is a door sure and we don’t have it in this room Bob, so that’s a problem, but use your imagination I’m gonna use this but this will go over the door and The door would be this way and one hand would be on one side of the door the other hand would be on the other side of the door. Bob you’re pretty tall can you, we’re just gonna use this clip up here to You notice people always say I’m pretty tall, but do you notice they never say I’m pretty good-looking? Well no someone said well they didn’t really say you’re good-looking, of course they didn’t, they said something, So now if this is over the door and the door would be right here So my nose would be right on the end of the door so one eye looked on one side of the door and one eye That’ll play games with your mind I think, but anyways watch this, you’re just gonna now watch my elbows I’m not going to be doing this or this. It’s elbows are straight or Stationary, this part is stationary the upper arm and you’re just moving the lower arm Don’t try and close the door when you do this because that’ll be a problem You know someone’s trying to get through sure I got you Yeah, I thought that was kind of funny before I said it, maybe you should try some of those things before you say them out loud Brad You know some alternatives to do at home when you’re Trying to or in the office we’re trying to beef up a little bit So I mean we’re not talking about people who are getting Massive we want people to stay in shape, stay toned, get rid of the chicken wing And still work forty hours a week and raise their family, so all right take care You

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