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BFFS Double Blind Date (Ardent, Michael, Ashleen, & Spring) | Truth or Drink | Cut

– On the count of three, name which one of us you’d
more likely sleep with. – [Producer] One, two, three! – Girl, give me some of that! (classical music) – I am Michael. – I am Ardent. – My name is Spring like the season. – And my name’s Ashleen. – [Producer] Are you guys ready
to take the blindfolds off? – Yes!
– Let’s do this! – [All] Hello! – Micheal. – [Spring] Hi Michael! – Hi, nice to meet you. – [Producer] Who’s gonna go first? – [Spring] You can go ahead. (Michael laughing) – What’s the present
state of your pubic hair? How is it styled or is it all bald? (Spring and Ashleen laughing) – We were just talking about it! – I was gonna say, the way
you looked at each other, I was like, they both just
had this conversation. – Because right before we came here we showed each other like, damn bitch. I don’t have any shame, there’s
a little stubble down there, you know what I’m saying. It might be a little more than, you know, apeshit it usually is– – Yeah, but if there’s food on your plate, are you gonna eat it, you know? – [Michael] I’m saying. – What’s your guys’ current
state of pubic hair? – Don’t lie. – It’s like a low fade
to a Caesar right now. – I would say I’m at
a one, hairstyle-wise. – I’m going, yeah, to a one to a 1.5. – Do you line it up yourself? – Yeah.
– Well, yeah. You think I really just come at my barber, like, hey yo, I need a trim. (all laugh) – Oh my god. – Give us a demonstration of
what your orgasm sounds like. – I’ve never had one. (Micheal and Ashleen laugh) I only had one boyfriend. – Oh, shit, he’s gonna see this and be like, oh I never gave her an orgasm! – Damn, so he’s probably thinking he was crushing it.
– That’s clouded. He’s gonna be on YouTube Plus– – He’s like, yeah, she doesn’t know what it’s supposed to be like, I’m about to kill this game, and I’m like, this is it? This is what they talk about? What type of sounds do
you guys make in bed? (Ardent grunts) (Ardent laughs) – I don’t really make any
sounds, if that makes sense– – I feel like it was that
first sound, the “ergh.” (Ardent laughs) – Wouldn’t that scare you, if somebody was just hitting from behind, like “ergh, ergh, ergh.” (Ardent laughs) – You know he got hella bass in his voice, how much do you wanna bet he’s hella high when he’s up there? – Whoopee! (all laugh) – Oh, my god! – It’s going, it’s going, it’s going! Oh no, hee-hee! – That’s actually not good, yes. – What’s the most you can get away with without calling it cheating? – There’s varying degrees, obviously, like kissing and fucking and
anal are two different things– – That’s three! (both laugh) That’s three, what are you talking about? – So if it’s in the ass, it don’t count? (all laugh) – No, that’s not what I meant at all! – Show me on the invisible
doll where the g-spot is. – It’s kinda a hook.
– You gotta do the diamond, can you hold it for me? – You are not gonna finger my hand g-spot! – Who said I was gonna finger it? Why don’t y’all just
do half and half, okay, just please, let’s do teamwork! Is that how vaginas look? – Yeah. (laughs) – This my technique, I call
it the Captain Hook, okay. So you go in, right, and
then you grab the bone, and you subtly pull back. It’s like right there. – What is– – Boom. – If you found out your
friend cheated on me, would you tell me? – No. – Why? – I would talk to him. And explain that I’m
very disappointed in you and all that good jazz, but as far as me breaking
into y’all relationship, and dropping bombs like that, that’s not my business. – Have you cheated before? – No, but I’ve only had
like one girlfriend. – I have. – Do you regret cheating? – I do. – Can I ask why you cheated? If you didn’t like them,
then why didn’t you just leave them instead of– – It wasn’t that I didn’t like them, it was, shit just happens. It’s life, it’s not like I leave my house and wake up expecting,
like, you know what, sunshine, birds chirping,
perfect fuckin’ day to cheat. – [Producer] Okay, next question. Which one of us are you more likely to go on another date with? – I mean, I’ll answer it. Neither of you. (both laugh) – I would go with both of you, ’cause I want some free food. – Nope. (all laugh) – Oh, my god. – [Producer] Thank you guys. – Yay! – Put ’em up, put ’em up,
put ’em up, put ’em up. – Go to
and get that game, because ya need it!

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