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BFB 15: The Four is Lava

You know, Flower, there isn’t enough room up here… Hmmmm. You’re right! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I just don’t get it! It’s like she SUDDENLY knows what she did wrong! What am I supposed to think about that? What would I even SAY to her? Uh I think you should be her friend. I, for one, appreciate the power of friendship and— Mind your own business! Woah! Leafy! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA *snatch!* *gasp* Can’t ignore me now, can you, Firey? ♪ intro ♪ What do you have to say for yourself, huh? …I have no idea what you’re talking about. I KNOW you still know me, dum-dum! Otherwise, why would you have recovered me, all that time ago— Uuuuuum, here, stranger, why don’t I carry you to safety? Will you hush up about me still knowing you? Why? Why’re you lying? Why don’t you n- want people to know that? It HAS to be a secret! Don’t you know? Nobody likes you anymore. So if people know I’m your friend, they’ll hate me too! So, does that mean we aren’t friends anymore? Of COURSE we’re still friends. I… just thought this would make sense to you. wwwwWhy you gotta be acting so clueless?! What?! The Firey I knew wasn’t like this. The Firey I knew was a lot more considerate. And I’d really appreciate it if you stopped acting this way! Guh! yyyYou expect so much from people! uu- This is why no one likes you! Huh!! Well if that’s how you wanna be, go ahead! Let’s never talk again! Fine! Firey: Hmph!
Leafy: Hmph! ♪ dadadadadada cake cake cake cake cake cake… ♪
*becomes muffled* *sound of can running out* *all scream* Seriously? Are you ALL going to scream like that EVERY time I start a new can? uUh, this is really bad! How are we gonna get out of this hole so we can do Cake at Stake? Well if we never come out, none of us will be eliminated, right? *nervous giggle* That would be pretty cool, right? Well, isn’t that kinda unfair to the other teams? FOUR’S GONNA ELIMINATE I DON’T WANNA BE ELIMINATED!!! *crying whining* *splash* There, there… Excuse me, but Dora is lavaproof, is she not? We could send her out there to speak with Four, and have them get us out of this predicament. Well, Dora’s not the best at COMMUNIC8ING though… I don’t think Four would understand her. Actually— Well, Saw, you’re made of metal. Go swim up there yourself. B but but my new handle! I just got this pretty thing! I don’t wanna lose it… DaaaaaaaOM! Oh, th-thanks! Four! Uh, my my my team, they they’re stuck under uh a hole and there’s… in a hole… under the lava… and you gotta save them!!! Dadadadadada! Okie dokie! Oh hey it’s Taco! Gaty: Oh my plank Taco you’re back?
Lollipop: Nice fish. Taco, we missed you so much! Ow.
*sizzling* Gaty: O-okay no but really, we’re really sorry for hoew we treated you back there, with the- with the jawbreaker thing… Waiwawawawait. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven… *groan* We’re missing Book. Ugh. Hey Four, can you bring back Book? Gulp! Sure thing! *inhale* Four: Places, everyone!
Taco: mmm! Four: It’s Cake at Stake time!
Taco: mmMMM!! Four: Well well well, look who actually lost. Four: If you’re safe, you get a happy thought! Four: If you got the most votes, GOOD LUCK EVER THINKING HAPPILY AGAIN. Four: Ice Cube is the first one happy! AAAAAAAA! Revenge!!! Hawwh!!! She’s so happy! Four: Teardrop is the next one safe! Enjoy! Hey! You can’t do that! AAAAA! Four: Saw! You got yourself a happy thought as well! *pleasant meadow noises* *inhale* *relaxed exhale* This… …is great. Four: Taco’s safe too! You’ll like this one! Haaaaaah! Wait, that’s not really HAPPY, Four! I don’t even know HOW to feel about that yet! Well maybe you should get over it! 🙂 *angry, surprised scoff* Four: Gaty is safe as well! Four: Gaty is safe as well!
Four: Gaty is safe as well! Four: Gaty is safe as well!
Four: Gaty is safe as well!
Four: Gaty is safe as well! Four: Gaty is safe as well!
Four: Gaty is safe as well!
Four: Gaty is safe as well!
Four: Gaty is safe as well! Four: Book also gets to think positive today! Book: But if you look Dictionary up in me, Book: it says ‘the one who will win Dream Island.’! Oh. Really? I guess that settles it then. *happy, free music* I LIKE this show! Lollipop. Dora. One of you will be going away feeling empty inside. Oh, I sure hope YOU’RE safe, Lollipop! Mm-hmm. Four: And the last one safe is… Four: Lollipop! Four: Here’s something to think about! I, bagel brain- bagel brain- bagel brain- Hahaheeheehee, haha, hehehehe, Hahaha, Stop being so dramatic! Dadadadadadadadadadddadadddadaaddadaaaaaaaa- *Pen, Bottle, and Remote laughing* Four: Gwermp! Pen, Bottle, Remote: AAAAA! Pen, Bottle, Remote: Again! Again again again! Again again! Okay. Pen: Hup!
Bottle: Hup!
Remote: Hup! *more giggling* NrrrrlrlrnrnaaAAAan! RRRRR! Don’t you think this is a waste of time? We found a way to Four’s mouth. We could be leaving already! I mean, we already found Pillow. I’d say we can just take our time. When’s the last time you saw Remote this happy, anyway? This is good for her. Tree: Well, excuse me for wanting to be outside in the sun, instead of this disgusting field of Four-shaped growths. Gaty, isn’t it a shame we can’t study Dora anymore? Wooow! I really don’t feel like talking to you right now! Today’s contest is to— *gulp* Today’s contest is to— Four, everyone left alive is uhv… like really far away and… all over the place. They won’t be able to hear you, with your indoor voice. NNNN! Today’s contest is to MAKE YOUR WAY TO ME! *echoes* Oh, yeah!!! All of your alive teammembers must make it here. Dying is not allowed. The last team to get up here will be up for elimination! Go. Wow!! [8 names said at once] is safe! Great job! Leafy! Please, get down! We gotta do the contest! Nope! If we lose, you’re probably gonna get eliminated for being so cruel to me. Why even try to win? Come ON! Stop being so difficult! No thank you! Firey: If you would just please just listen to me and get down here, that would be so much easier for everyone. Please. Just do it. If you just—
Leafy: Why’re you trying to get me down here anyway? Yeah, don’t even try doing that, Firey. You know that you’re better than this. You know you don’t have— SHUT UP!!! I’ve been able to hear you this WHOLE TIME and it’s INFURIATING! Just do the challenge, Leafy! *snatch!* Aaa! Get your hands offa me! Go! Go! Phew! Stop shooting at me! No way! These cannonballs were on sale and I’m getting my money’s worth! Woah wuh! Wooaaaooaooh. Waaaaooaaaaooaaaoouoaouoh! *panting* Hey! There’s the rest of my team! Mmmmmmm… nice day we’re having? AAAA!
AAH! Foldy! Move! Hey!!! aaaAAaAAAaAaAAaaaaAAaAAAAAAAaaAAA *slow motion aaaa* Uh oh! Okay. Let’s go! Yeah. mmmmBook can I talk to y— Four: GRR! NNN! That’s it! Hrnmg! Woooooaaaaaaaaooo! Door?! Dooooooooooo AAAAAAAA! oor. Wuh! Yay! Death P.A.C.T. is safe! Why do I have to go to Four? How’m I ever gonna manage? Have you always been this pathetic, Flower? Blocky! Be more sensitive! Guys, how do we do this? Hmmh. Toh! Watch this! THIS is your idea? Now we’re just stuck in a DIFFERENT spot. AAAaaaaaAAAAAAaaaa! AAAAaaAaAAAAaaAAaAaAAAaaaA! Let go! Let go! Blocky: Woah! Wooaoh! Woooaoaaoaooaaoaoah! Got ‘im! AAAAAAA Woah! HuuaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa…. AAAAAAA. I’ll catch you, Blocky! uhg un ghyrg horgly worg— Robot Flower!!! Get back on the tree quick!!! Uh oh… I do too have friends! Name one. Well, there’s… Name ONE you’ve never gotten incredibly angry at. Th, that’s not fair, then there isn’t even any of them! Firey: Yeah? Well that’s what is important, I mean, you gotta get along with the p— no! No no you can’t— you can’t say that—
Leafy: If you can’t have fair rules, you’re kind of a liar! Kind of a liar, you know that, Firey? YOU’RE A LIAR! Free Food is safe! Can you recover my team now? Yeah! Flower: Well, if I’m gonna sit here for the rest of my days, I may as well get comfy! Hey, do you know if there’s a TV that goes with this? Flower! Hit that button; it controls something that can help us! *toilet noises* Wait, we’re not dead? *barfs* It must not have been hot enough to kill metal people like us! Well… it killed the everything else! Ngaaah! Awaaa aooaao Yeah!!! Beep. Is. Safe. AAAAAAA! *upsetting glitch sounds* Hey! What’re you doing?!! Just hold still! I’m, I’m just figuring out how you work! B-b-BASKETBALL! AAAAAAAAAA A Better Name Than That is safe! Recover Basketball! …And the rest of our team please! FIIIIIIX MEEEEEE Oh dear, what’ve you been like fried or something? I’ll see what I can do. Needle, Spongy: Aren’t we safe? NO Needle, Spongy: But why? Four: You’re both missing someone! Coiny: I see X over there in the sky! Coiny: There’s gotta be other people over there! Wwwwuh! I can’t let them beat me! Beat you?! Flower, this isn’t a race! Of course it’s a race! That’s the whole point of the challenge! Wait, this is a challenge? That changes everything! AAAA! *running* Come on, Naily! You can make it! The Losers are safe! Four: Only two teams left! Ung! Nooooo! Four: iance is safe! Four: So Team Ice Cube is up for elimination! I screwed up! And I’m not even a screw! Hey, Four? Could you recover my friend Eggy? Eggy!! It’s so great to see you! Nice to see you too, Leafy. Are we friends? Uhh, y-yeah, I guess? Kind of a weird thing to ask someone, though… See? Wait, wghuh?! People can just… BE FRIENDS with Leafy? Even though she STOLE DREAM ISLAND? She WHAT?!?! Guys! Your job now is to choose who needs to be eliminated and post a comment with the letter and the square brackets. And if you want to SEE who ends up getting the most votes, then make sure to press the subscribe button to subscribe to our channel. Then you’ll be the first to hear when the next episode comes out. Guys. We have a plush toy. I’m excited. The Firey Plush is back for sale. So check out the Firey Plush. Link is in the description. Anyways, my name’s Michael. I hope you guys liked the episode. Ten years, man. BFDI has been around for ten years now. Seriously, thank you guys so much for watching our show. There’s some bad news though: you might’ve heard of C.O.P.P.A. Right now we depend on ad revenue to keep our operation alive. And with the changes YouTube said they’re gonna be making in 2020, that might mean the end of that. I’m dedicated to do what we can so we can keep being able to make BFDI. Merch is part of that. No one knows what YouTube’s really gonna do, so if you want to stay updated with the future of BFDI, make sure to follow us on twitter, @jacknjellify. Same name as this channel. Let’s hope it goes well! See ya soon. *Firey, Needle, and Eggy complaining about Leafy* Hey, Leafy— Okay! I’m done sulking for now! Wait, what? You can just decide that? It’s become so routine lately that it’s starting to bore me! Yeesh. Anyway, me and the rest of the living Losers were gonna ask Four to bring back our dead teammates. Wanna come? Y-you’d really let me do that? Four, could you bring our dead teammates back? Get ready for a surprise!!! All but Leafy: Ohhhh! Clock! W-what? Oh. We… kinda forgot— …forGOT what it was like to be WITHOUT you! And really missed you! Well, what episode is it then, huh? Fifteen! Yeah, I can tell you REALLY missed me. Uh huh, yeah. This is just— this is just great. I feel so valued, and and I really feel missed, well, they can’t hear me anymore, ’cause I’ve been walking for a while, so I GUESS I’M JUST TALKING TO MYSELF. Doh!

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