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Beyhadh 2 – Ep 3 – Full Episode – 4th December, 2019

Mom! It’s his birthday today. I wanted to talk just once. I even baked his favourite cake. Just once.. I think
he will talk to me today. Don’t be scared. He is your son. Of course, you will miss him. It’s okay. He is not answering my calls. Some relationships.. Some relationships
don’t last, Mom. But we cannot forget the ones
whom we once shared a bond with. If possible, learn to move on. You will be able
to forget the people as well. Maya, some relationships
cannot be abandoned. It’s been so many years but still
on your brother’s birthday I baked his favourite cake.
– The cake got destroyed. Just like our bond
with dad and Manas. You very well know that if you touch the things
that are already burnt you will only make
your hands dirty. ‘Hello, Manas here.’ ‘Leave a message,
if you’re in the mood’ ‘because it’s your life
and you’ve a choice’ ‘but I promise, I’ll get back
to you, if you leave a message.’ Happy birthday, Manas. I’ll talk to Rudra. He will not go anywhere.
He promised me. Why doesn’t he understand
that he needs my help? His company is going bankrupt. How can I stand by and watch
him go down? MJ, please, he will be fine. Please don’t be tense.
He’s still young. Anthra, he’s not that young.
He’s 30 years old. People should become mature
at that age. Look, Rudra made a mistake. Who talks to a father that way? Why are you losing your cool? I wonder whose father
he insulted, his or yours? It’s such a perfect set up. Sad father, troubled mother and this cursed family. A curse to this house. Mother! I mean, she is.. Well, you know who you are. Enough, Mom. Enough. Good night, dear.
Good night. So sorry. I’m so sorry. You know how she is.. You’re family.
You know that, right? I have no idea what to do. Compromise with brother, Dad. You know what, Dad when we are together
no one can defeat us. And you always say one should
do whatever it takes to win. You have started to sound wise. I’ll tell you what, Dad if your dreams are big
then you’re bound to get wise. Am I right? Dad, please talk to brother sort out all differences
between you two. Just end it. You know, even governments
change in five years but you guys are still unable
to resolve your problems. Where’s Rudra? ‘I’ll invest in the company
owned by you and Rudra.’ ‘Find an investor.’ ‘And you know we haven’t
signed an author’ ‘in the last three months.’ ‘If we refuse your dad’s help
then we are finished.’ ‘Well, if you want to sign me’ ‘then you have to start
dreaming big.’ I hate her. I love her. I always wanted to be
a chemist as a kid. ‘A pill for pain’ How can you be
so amazing, Rishi? ‘How did he fall in the water?’ Coincidence. Only fools believe that
coincidence occurs in life. And I am anything but a fool. Rishi drowning in that way the mark on his leg the wound on Rudra’s shoulder.. All of this can’t
be a coincidence. I guess there are
people after my sons. Whoever is targeting the kids won’t be able to do
the same for long. ‘Coincidence second name
is luck’ ‘and none can fight against it.’ ‘From life to death,
it’s luck which supports.’ ‘But from luck,
no one has ever been saved.’ ‘Not even luck itself.’ Good morning, ma’am.
– Good morning. Good morning, ma’am.
– Good morning. Sunrise can still be delayed
but you can never be late. This is the best time
to work in office. Absolute peace.
– Yeah. Did you forget
the way to the bar or you want to turn
this into a bar? You won’t get the money by looking at the
credit card statement. Yeah, but at least,
I will get to know where the money is being spent. I can tell you the same without
looking at the statement. I don’t know what is the problem
between you and your dad but you need to solve this. If you can’t solve it,
then I will. But all of this,
this is just not cool. You know what is not cool?
– What? You know me
since so many years. The person whom I hate
even calling his name and calling him my dad
is not cool. Going behind my back
and dealing with him is not cool! Wait a minute. Firstly,
I didn’t sign anything with him. So stop saying
that again and again. And secondly, I don’t know what happened
between you and your dad. So at least, tell me about it. What happened to your hand? I placed my hand on fire,
so it had to burn a bit. What? Our company is signing Maya. Yeah, right. No one has Maya’s phone number. In every way going towards her,
there’s a huge no entry but our company signed her. In order to enter in no entry one should apply their brain. She made drink
yesterday night’s drink but I will offer her
today morning’s coffee. ‘The number you
have dialed is..’ Looks like she isn’t in
the mood to drink coffee. You were with her
yesterday night and I can’t believe,
you couldn’t convince her. Now what will you do by looking
at the credit card details? You have missed
the golden opportunity. You drank so much
yesterday night that you misplaced
Maya with someone else. Let’s meet. Let’s meet! Let’s meet.. Let’s meet.. When? Where? There’s a blue tick. That means,
she read the message. What? Are you sure this
is Maya’s number? She’s isn’t the one
who would keep Lord Krishna’s photo
as her display picture. Oh my God! You have gone insane
since yesterday night. I have gone insane?
– Yes. I have gone insane? Wait. Wait. Have a look. Have a look at Maya’s
credit card statement. Yesterday night,
she paid my bill. I got her credit card
number from there and then traced her number. You have lost it. Not yet. But if I’m not able to sign Maya then I will lose it That too to Mrityunjay Roy. And I won’t let that happen as much as you would wish it. That is unfair.
– Yeah. Where are you going? To win. Strange. She told to meet and now
isn’t telling where to meet. What do you want, Maya? Hello, ma’am. What would you like to have? I will have a.. Black coffee with no sugar
and a slice of lemon cake. By the way,
I couldn’t understand when coffee is sugar free then what’s with the cake? You have searched
a lot about me. You only tell me. An attempt to counter your
life’s bitterness with sweets. Cake is sugar-free. And you are wasting my time. I’m not wasting your time. I’m making your time. You have a single chance
to become a big writer. And you have a last chance
to save your company. You are the not the only one
who knows how to search. No one knows you. Who’s Maya? Where is she from?
Where is she? No one knows anything. Till how long will
you continue this? Till the time,
this world doesn’t get lost. And no one has been able to
understand, what is Maya. That is why,
I’m asking for a chance. In order to understand you. In order to show the world,
who is Maya. Where did she come from,
what’s her reality. In order to get her truth
in front of everyone. If you believe it
then it’s the truth but you’re an expert
if you understand it. What’s your price? Everyone has a price. What is your price? What is your price? Three days? Why? In order to see that
the chance you want if you are worthy of it. Will you be able
to pay this price? ‘I will invest in your
and Rudra’s company.’ ‘Today,
if I don’t ask help from dad’ ‘then we are finished.’ ‘But if I’m not able to sign
Maya then I will lose it.’ ‘That too to Mrityunjay Roy.’ ‘and I won’t ever
let that happen.’ If you would have asked
for my life at this point that would have
also been a bargain. Deal. First, let the relations grow then we can shake hands. This time,
you will lend your hand. And this is my promise.

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