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Beyblade Burst Turbo Battle League! BZK vs Ilinnuc!

hi guys so go back to the blast zone
today me & Iinnuc are gonna be battling in the Beyblade Burst app battling this is
gonna be crazy guys let’s go hey guys right about now we’re about to
battle alright dorita okay alright Phoenix
alright let’s see what it takes obviously I’m gonna take this let’s see
I think I got you I got you on this one about to get this perfect launch on you
there we go alright switch things up to the Swift strike which right Oh
gotcha we need a CD oh there we go I need get the Power Ball what is that it’s a slingshot thing it’s
I press up my power boom right as we did this I don’t realize I lost my attack oh
no guys I think I lost this one dude I lost my tackle right when we did it
worst I know I lost it no guys I lost it I lost my power
oh snap now with Joe come on no you warnings slingshock again dude this is
sick what a cool update god you guys I lost my power with CDC locks my power
loop Olivia round one is mine one zero already its
first one two three battling so alright perfect launch I can use my ability
straight straight away did not get full power there that’s okay that is okay
I press my ability – no no I’m not I’m okay
don’t even worry about it Oh 50% t hat oh we’re good oh how are you getting all yours I’m
kind of works 100% let’s go boom oh this is the first finish a first finish to
take the first battle all my attacks are still so bad
no three battles so I’m gonna go with a different beyblade this time we did all
right guys the first time we actually did this was our first warm-up and I
beat him so I know which way to use all right I’ll make pick meat hook me up
advise me all right I invited you heading into the second battle the
second round let’s see if I can take it somebody take this next one okay this
kind of a rough match up oh yes I got this this would be a pretty
easy battle to determine in real life I’m pretty sure a ball cast would take
it all right win in real life I forget these perfect launches there you go boom oh you’re useless are
they came bad Oh what okay that was rough though look at my HP look
at my HP you didn’t even do any special moves to me oh so I got that first one
but I’m still a little worried okay all right let’s do this
– perfect watch again all right let’s go what are you doing come on oh okay all
right okay I was already about to lose there’s no
need for that oh man don’t burst me no I will
disappoint I need Romans with us all right guys –
one up winning this something that nobody gonna first finish this time I’m
gonna get it first finish it watch out now your shield is just crazy strong
oh I was about to say you already got your special attack yeah why are you
let’s go perfect come on no way am I going to
lose are you kidding there is no way okay did I say I see a destroyed
okay I’ll say I’m gonna destroy their you had no HP left on that last one okay
we need a scoreboard guys alright it’s gonna be three sets each set is three
battles we’re gonna see which one points the most battles all right we you have
won one and I have one one bats I’m ready I’m waiting on you to join by the
way wait by doing I joined there we go over back near okay whoo this is gonna
be an interesting battle all right and you’re the underdog – I think I got come on now get that perfect perfect yes
in this one Oh Stan how’d you get it so orange what is going to happen
look at that that is insane let’s go oh man oh it’s okay don’t worry we’re good we are okay my dad was gonna destroy you have more battles all right it’s time to
do my special move let’s see if it’ll work come on oh okay all right
a battle straight off let’s see okay okay okay I should have done that one
that was the bad one to do still weird the way you already have it again yeah
you’re gonna pay for that I don’t have it Oh No
special move it’s a very good strong just a joke I swear if you get another
bomb off I’m gonna be oh let’s see what what am i what happens oh oh man no I’m gonna burst there’s no way I’m not gonna burst oh it’s all closed oh people
a spell who’s gonna take it it’s heating up it is heating up after that I get so
thirsty after one round I’m gonna take this I take this for the determination no candy she know what is it
there we go Battlestar uh yes I think I’m done oh no stamina left come on let
me help you yeah okay
No finish them off back here why do I always lose that okay I’m dead
I’m margin you one goes out here and there we go a new battles alright two
battles to one too bad liar that your special move is first day it’s two
battles against one so he’s winning last own kid are you gonna be able to keep
empty nothing exactly it’s a throwback a blast from the past
am I gonna be able to beat you oh the old stadium their goalie should never
did this he did no she said Wow that’s what you said last time and I still won you know what you never did not get a
perfect lunch on that one Oh get the orbs kid I can’t even see
anything there aren’t no works for me oh that’s odd what got you by stamina oh
man between user ability like I know you’re
gonna use her your ability like immediately as soon as we start this
first round so this is gonna be kind of rough come on my are you gonna get the
perfect launching I stink I knew it I called it I knew you’re gonna use it
all right let’s see but I can grab some orbs right now
oh man that one hurt is patrolman the best Hasbro game it
might be the best after that that was insane
oh man he’s won three battles guys I’ve only won one so I think what was the
reason I think the reason why I like I was I beat you like kind of easily
enough this this most recent one is because the underdog so if you’re gonna
choose if you’re gonna pick a level one Bay let me know so I can pick a level
one does the beyblade level tell you and I have a level one it’s not really that
fair all right Jake this is where all the cookies all right guys this is the
last battle okay this is actually for everyone oh and we have LuAnn or versus
fast me I know battle Louie versus Frankie’s gonna be insane all right
attack versus oh I’m evil Louie only has a bad guy so I gotta up my trash talk
all right perfect lunch you’re going down you are going down to me that word
oak or not it is not know what are you doing attack them go what is going on
come here yeah no no way are you gonna purse no I don’t think you’re gonna
burst me though no oh yo k that was close oh man alright alright that’s only
the first round okay there’s still way more after my launch was really bad
though but I got my move straight away perfect okay kid no oh shoot
this is this isn’t good this is bad dang it oh boy did I win all of that this is
not good I think you flick them on the head by
quite a bit I had to try harder to pick up the order my trying to pick up the orders yeah
like my beys aren’t doing anything dang and there we go I was sweat LuAnn
beyblade attacks did not do any damage round wrong it glitched yes go lady
you’re so lucky killed by it’s my street totally said draw – that’s totally what
it says go again we have to go again in a second
no man dude that was so how do you boss all right thank you guys to come back to
LA so please subscribe please like thank you so much I this roll this out is
honestly godly and very fun I really think you guys should hook up with your
friends and by the way I’m gonna show you guys my icon so you can friend me
and we could play okay and also thank you so much Jake for letting me win
we’re gonna be by the way again don’t even
we’re gonna keep practicing I’m gonna practice and I will beat you okay I will
come back and beat you just be ready for it
that’ll never happen anyway bye guys have fun

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