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BEST Styling Tips EVERY Girl Should Know! 12 Spring Outfit Ideas

so I’ll be working from home for the
next month, and I thought why don’t take this opportunity gather my favorite
spring capsule collection outfits I plan on wearing over and over again and share
with you different tips on how to look stylish for the spring season! so I hope
you guys enjoy today’s video and let’s get started for this very first look I’m
wearing this puffy sleeve Cinderella top I really love the little
floral embroidered detail on here it’s so pretty these really funky
high-waisted jeans I love that each side is a different color to my top this year
I thought be fun to play up on the Sheerness of it and I went with these
clear like Cinderella mules Tiger brings me back to my childhood
especially during summer and going camping I remember a favorite activity
of mine was tie-dyeing t-shirts we would create all these funky psychedelic
colors and guess what it’s coming back and it’s coming back strong
so you’ll see tie-dye in hoodies sweat pants Lounge sets but I wanted to
elevate the look I decided to find a tie-dye slip dress so this piece is
extremely versatile I decided to just pair it with the sweater wrapped around
my neck just because it makes the look more chic and then I wore these purl
headbands and my absolute favorite blue sandals so you can also wear the sweater
over the slip dress so it looks more like a slip skirt or you can just wear
it as is looks really sexy oh and the oh I love me a great white yoga set these
pants are so comfy I love them they’re from fabletics and you guys know I
exclusively wear fabletics because there’s the best I wanted to show you
some examples of athleisure really comfortable outfits that you could
probably wear just lounging around at home on top I’m wearing this loose
cropped hoodie love this baby blue color I think it’s very spring have on my
favorite every lane sneakers an easy way to take your yoga pants from
daytime to nighttime or maybe to even brunch is by throwing on a blazer so I
love this one it’s my mom’s it’s a vintage blazer I
love this minty green color I can’t believe I’m saying that because I
usually avoid green at all costs but this is such a nice shade of green I
swapped out my sneakers for these white strappy sandals and that pretty much
completes the look so I wanted to pop in this outfit for
all you ladies who are living in a cooler climate where it might still be
really chilly outside with snow so I’m wearing this puffy jacket from fabletics
and I have a thermal turtleneck on from Uniqlo obsessed with it keeps me so warm
even though it’s such a thin layer for jeans I’m wearing these high-waisted
jeans with this seam down the middle and then for shoes since it’s pretty
slippery outside I wanted to wear a pair of love boots
so these luck boots have a nice sole to them and I like the lace of detail on
the front we all need an Easter color coat in our lives especially during the
spring season I love this pastel pink color it’s so fuzzy with the texture so
underneath I decide to go with an all-white base because the coat is
pretty oversized I’ve worn these really fun acrylic earrings thinking me over
something I didn’t see what the co-fund
in the front doesn’t look as great because it’s so oversized and big on me
so I’d rather have it opened up I definitely feel like a fancy mom picking
up her kid even though I’m nowhere near having children I love a great
opportunity to dress up and I’ll be attending a few weddings this summer so
I ended up going to Rent the Runway and I found this gorgeous purple embroidered
dress love the little daisies on here so I ended up wearing these purple tassel
earrings I found in Japan loves them so much they’re so cute
I’m gold dainty jewelry from Coriana and this bracelet right here I definitely
feel like a princess right now if you’re not into renting then this is a great
alternative from Amazon it’s this tiered dress that I showed you guys on
Instagram and in my previous video and you guys seem to really love it it’s
kind of a similar color palette still has the same drama to it in a silk
wedding appropriate I wanted to show you a way a way to layer your turtlenecks
with a long dress like this so we could silk stay warm
we’re thermal tights underneath of this dress just for an extra layer form so
here’s another way to wear the dress for more of a vacation look you can
obviously swap out the heels for a pair of sandals and a straw hat Wow I love cup form-fitting this dresses
plus the puffy shoulders are pretty flattering in my opinion I left a little
like mesh detail along the dress because you don’t really see any like lumps or
bumps so I love how versatile this dress is you can wear it so many different
ways so here I’ve transformed my dress into a
top and I decide to tuck it into a pair of high-waisted straight-leg white jeans I’m obsessed with these jeans I got them
at a Gap Outlet and it were such a great deal I just want to like scream it for a
rooftop how amazing they are because they sent me so well it’s been such a
challenge to find great jeans and honestly if you can find a great pair
pick them up but startled tip is to wear a contrasting color so I love pairing
yellows with purples next up let’s talk about going back to
school or working at an office at a blast AC inside this is just a nice
comfy layer that can wear over top of tank tops and jeans
the sexual that I love is a cardigan and this one is color blocked which is so
fun I know it comes in a bunch of different colorways and it’s super
affordable so I’ll have it link for you guys down below it’s from Amazon
neutrals moths it’s really soft comfy it doesn’t have any buttons so it’s good
for like spring summer when the weather is getting warmer I’ve been in gravitating towards more
high shine materials especially in tank tops and skirts add a refreshing pop of green into your
wardrobe by wearing this little dress I love this one from hutch a vintage
silhouette with the ruching around the least and the smock neckline so you can
also pull off the shoulder if you want to go for that look the brand is new to
me I’ve only owned one dress from them for a ModCloth a while ago I’ll link it
here I wore it to Park winters for a Valentine’s Day shoot I’m not
disappointed if it’s me really well I’m wearing a size extra small and we love
the abstract faces on here hi it’s the Easter Bunny here in all seriousness I
picked up this swimsuit with going to Hawaii and mine but I don’t know if I’ll
be going there anytime soon but hopefully once things settle down and
it’s safe again I’ll probably take this wetsuit outside maybe I’ll just like
sunbathe in the backyard so I know there’s been a lot of anxiety and worry
about a certain virus but I just wanted to remind you guys to be your best
selves stay informed do your research before jumping to any conclusions and
with that being said comment down below and let me know where are you from I
know I have a very international audience I know some people have been
laid off of work and I know a lot of small businesses are suffering so try
your best to port small businesses the best way that you can order Asian food
because I know those are the ones that are specifically really struggling a lot
of places are closing down events to follow me at fashion by alley or you can
join me on tic toc which I just started last month and it’s been so much fun and
I love you guys and I’ll see you in my next I like video bye

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  1. I'm from LA. Love your channel so much Ally!. Your such a huge fashion inspo to me. I love your outfit ideas and stying tips so much! BTW my favorite color is purple. I love fabletics so much as well.

  2. You look good in everything but my favourites were vintage denim along with puffer jacket and the mint dress (●´з`)♡
    Especially the Polaroid camera is too cute ^ω^

  3. Hii , im from Lebanon and we are suffering from the virus here too hopefully we get rid of it soon 🙏🏽 would like to thank you for all your helpful advice

  4. Please make video series for all over styling of girl wearing glasses.. like for office, casual, disco, party looks

  5. Hi from Ibiza, Spain 😄
    I love your tips and recommendations, and thanks for the video in this times, Spain is in quarantine too.
    Stay save~ 💙

  6. Greetings from Greece! We are inside in quarantine but we hope for the best! Sending my best wishes to everyone!!!

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