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  1. I just bought Prada L’Homme and Versace Dylan blue and I can’t stop smiling… this is gonna be my lifestyle from now on. Thank you so much Jeremy… #fragrancearmy

  2. Hi Jeremy, There is copyright violent of your video maybe you should claim the copyright. Well wisher form Bangladesh

  3. Jeremy, I appreciate your views, mentality, knowledge, and all you're doing! I wish I could meet you! Thank you for setting the example for us as high status men!

  4. Hi Jeremy , love and enjoy watching your videos, thank you . Love when you do the flip around , would that be a nod to the great Elvis Presley? He did a similar flip live on stage singing You don't have to say you love me. Just got me curious and wondering. 🕊

  5. Incredible list. The Dior Sauvage EDP has gotten me so many compliments from the ladies, same with Bleu de Chanel EDP. Will be buying Prada L’homme as well. Love that smell. Thanks again for your work!

  6. Also, you read my mind on Versace Eros. I didn't like how it smelled so I didn't go for it. Maybe I should to get the girls?

  7. you finally told india i was eagerly waiting for that ..thanks Jeremy Great FAN. waiting for your Perfumery Magic in fragrance industry

  8. Become a fan of your channel as a perfume collector! Great going Jeremy. Curious, how do you decide which perfume to buy and review?

  9. The guy who get all the girls is just a tool. And the one who want to be that guy is just a fool. – ScareDe2


    Which logically tells us that there are only two type of guys. LOL

  10. I like dunhall racing much more than dylan blue, in fact, don't like dylan blue at all – it's too generic and bitter, creates an image of a douche career man that doesn't care about anything but his job.

  11. Melhor resenhista do mundo, você é o cara !!! Vc é o mestre .. parabéns !! You is the best !! A galera aqui do Brasil ama vc cara !! Sucesso 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  12. You are the best Jeremy. I was a guy who didn't care about fragrance, but you have changed my lifestyle. Wish you a prosperous life.
    Love and peace from Bangladesh…🇧🇩

  13. Jeremy I produce and sell oil based fragrances that has been mixed with high quality. I've been listening to and watching your channel and i've increased my sales tremendously by simply suggesting the correct fragrances for the current season. I will also now start stocking originals and will continue to watch your channel. BIG UP!

  14. I just used my Mont Blanc Legend Spirit sample I got with my Sauvage EDT and holy shit I wish I would've bought a bottle of the Mont Blanc. No disrespect to Dior but Legend Spirit smells amazing.

  15. I m living in Saudi Arabia ,,and here is most expensive This all products,,,how can I buy it as low price original products

  16. A sweet fragrance cannot be a soapy-fresh fragrance. Prada L'homme is a sweet fragrance, it shouldn't tag as soapy.

  17. Thankyou so much for your recommendation, I was a bit confused with men’s fragrances. Now I know which to buy for my teenager son,nephews,my husband,brother in laws,my brother and my dad and they all have different taste. I know my son will like something aqua marine type or something lemony or zesty bergamot.

  18. Ja nr1 smels like the boss and all bicheees said dior savage is beter hahaha your video aswell, stop talking shit , that is all personal preference

  19. This dude has me hooked to fragrances. I used to be a bottle at a time kinda guy. Not anymore. Just bought my 6th, and its just been about a month since i discovered this channel. I need to stop.

  20. I am 36 years old and attended Junior Highschool and Highschool in the 1990's, which I consider the golden era of Cologne as well as basketball sneakers and hip hop music. I hope you do a list of the best colognes from the 1990's. Hearing opinions about Liz Claiborne's Curve and Polo Sport in the round blue bottle would be interesting.

  21. I don’t understand your process of ranking fragrances? For example, here in this video you have John Varvatos at number #10 but in the 2019 summer video you have it at #1? I’m confused

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