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Best Slime Trampoline In Minecraft PE | Amaze Your Friends

hey guys pixeldroid modding here and mules
in a trampoline thats so awesome now lets go into isnt that awesome so cool there doing
it alternately 2 mules so weird this is the repeaters 3 double ticks and 1 4 ticks repeater
just to extend the redstone down there now lets go down oh hello mr skeleton ahh bye!
your not allowed here you know its connected to the piston over there lets go back up you
can do this anywhere everywhere in your world and its so easy you can hid it in the ground
the redstones not not like what i did its not hidden underground you be the judge is
this cool? you be the judge is this cool? okay now mules jumping remember you shouldnt put a
block near the slime block or it will the machine will stop i mean you should remove
the block okay okay! now lets go back up ok mules its the cat that keep the creepers away
i have a problem with creepers exploding my build he looks like stampy you know lets go
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