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Behind The Scenes “Innsbruck Is My Playground” – Part 2

nearly nearly At least you got up there No, this one wasn’t clean That was shit, right!? Be careful Fabio Eh This is the one Fabio don’t destroy your bike Fu*k . So close ?? This one would have been awesome Can’t believe it! This one! Yes. Go for it Go for it! awesome! Oaw. Fu*k but that was super close again Ready!? Wow! Fu*k OMG Hey that’s pretty hardcore …getting up here Shit! I have to do it again I have to do it again ? That would ‘ve been so awesome! Stop yelling. This would’ve been totally ok Noo Can’t believe it I was sure that it’s going to work The 180 was to close to the cam, so I kept on trying That was pretty close to the cam right!? You won’t believe it but I’m getting tired by holding the cam No I’m not sure if you can see it in the cam So I thought you can see how I got off the rails You’ve got 3 more tries Noo! Nice Dude! What was that!? It could be possible that you yelled 1 second too early Dude, what was that!? There was just half of your rear tire on the rail I thought, ok he’s down Dude, hardcore Nice Dude. I think I could try this 1 million times and I wouldn’t get it

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