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Basketball Tips: Team Defense, Offensive Moves, Dunks : How to Run a Basketball Defense: Zone 2-1-2

You know, when you’re playing basketball,
one important part of it is the defense, and you have various kinds. One important one
that may help you out if the teams’ driving to the basket a lot is the two, one, two zone.
Hi, I’m Travis, and I’m going to talk to you about that. Two, one, two zone, that you could
run that could help you, could be the difference in you winning and losing the game. Number
one, two, one two, just as it sounds. You have two at the top, one in the middle, and
two at the back. The two at the top are probably going to be your point guard, and your shooting
guard, and when you’re playing defense, the point guard, whichever side the point guard,
you choose to have the point guard, the point guard is going to take any offensive man in
his zone, that’s who he’s going to play defense against. This is his zone. Same thing on the
other side, that guard has any offensive man within his zone. Once that offensive man drops
below here, then he becomes the responsibility of the last two, the last defense, the second
two, the last two, down here at the bottom. You’ll have a forward right here, and you’ll
have a forward on the other side of the paint. Now, once an offensive man comes down, that’s
his or her responsibility, and they’ll play defense on that person to prevent them from
scoring. Now, the fifth position will be the center, the center is right here in the middle,
and he or she holds down the entire paint in the middle, anything in here is their responsibility.
So, if there’s a shot that goes up, shot that goes up in the paint, that persons responsibility
to get a hand up, and contest. There you have it the two, one, two defense against any offense.
There you go.

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