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Barbie – No More Homework! | Ep.157

Barbie – No More Homework! So five times two is just another way of saying five plus five Come on bell! What’s the rush Chelsea? I want school to finish so I can go home and jump in the pool Pool! Can I go in your pool too? Sure! (Bell rings) Yes! Hold on girls… Before you go, remember to collect your homework sheet from me Homework…? Yes I want you to practice what we’ve been doing in class today Oh… Well it looks like I won’t be going in your pool Chelsea And I’ll be checking everyone’s homework first thing in the morning Oh… Chelsea! How was school? It was… (Splash!) What? They’re in the pool already? Before you go… Huh? Chelsea… Chelsea! I’ll be in the pool Woah, woah, woah! Not so fast there Do you have any homework? Ummm… I’ll do it later… Later…? You girls were supposed to wait until I got home before you went in the pool Sorry… We think you might have homework and we not want to wait that long Well, just between you and me, I do have homework but there’s no way I’m missing out on going in the pool! (Splash!) Let’s play a game Yes! Marco Polo But when you do your homework Auntie Chelsea? I’ll do it later Come on, let’s play! …but Snow White and the Prince lived happily ever after The end I like that book Which dwarf you think I like Mummy? Sleepy, because you look very tired No, she definitely Grumpy Well you Dopey! Girls… Mummy, I thirsty One cup of water coming up… Hey Auntie Chelsea, you do your homework? My homework! Mummy not going to be happy with her There you go! Where’s Chelsea? Ummm… She might be… doing her homework What? What are you doing? My homework I forgot about it Oh Chelsea Maybe you shouldn’t have gone in the pool It won’t take long Two times three is… Hmmm! Did you finish your homework? Yes, but I was up late trying to finish it Morning girls Everyone do their homework last night? Yes Miss Myers Good! Now today we’re going to be looking at history What? She’s not going to check our homework? Doesn’t look like it Oh boy… What a waste of time! So tonight for homework… Homework…? Yes, homework I want you to name as many past Presidents that you can find (Bell rings) And I will be checking to see who has found the most Did you eat all of your lunch? Yes It was yummy! You want to play with the dolls Auntie Chelsea? Sure! Wait! What about homework? That’s all under control You sure because I don’t want you up late again tonight? I’m sure You really not got homework Auntie Chelsea? I do, but Miss Myers doesn’t even check if we’ve done it Alright, let’s see if everyone’s done their homework What?! Oh no! You didn’t do it Chelsea? No I didn’t think she’d check it! Why don’t we start with… Not me! Not me! Ummm… Miss, I need to go to the bathroom Ok, hurry Chelsea Yes! Madison, why don’t you start (15 minutes later) Did you get lost Chelsea? No Miss Hurry back to you seat We’ve moved on to geography now Yes, it worked! Your home work last night was to find out what the main language is in each of these countries Let’s see… China Who can tell me what the main language is in China Ummm… Miss Myers, I need to go to the bathroom Quick this time Chelsea Ok… Tamika, why don’t you tell us? Alright girls, last night’s homework was nice and easy All you had to do was learn how to count to ten in Italian Let’s go through it… One is? Tamika? Uno Good! Two? Kira? Due? Great! Three? Ummm… Let me guess Chelsea, you need to go to the bathroom Yes Miss Maybe you should go before class starts Hurry up Yes! (Bell rings) Well we didn’t have time to do this in class, so I want you to complete this at home Homework again? This won’t take long Just tell me what best describes you Well I won’t be doing that… What are you girls doing? We playing And what about doing your homework Chelsea? What homework? This homework! Oh, ummm… Now please! Fine! Annabelle, do my homework No way! I playing If you don’t, I’ll tell your Dad that you ate his Ben 10 Easter Egg You wouldn’t! Oh Ken… Stop! Ok, ok! I do it! Just write a few good things about me I’m nice to others I share things Things like that Oh I got plenty to write! Good I’m going to play soccer Put it in my schoolbag when you’ve finished I will… …and I’m also a healthy person because I don’t eat too much junk food Very good Tamika! Now the class knows a little bit more about you Alright, and lastly we have Chelsea Miss, I really… …need to go to the bathroom. I know Chelsea You can go… Thank you …after you read out your homework What? But… Hurry up Oh great… My name is Chelsea Roberts and the best way to describe me is that… I not nice What? Keep reading… But I can’t even read this writing It is your writing isn’t it? Ummm… yes I mean to Annabelle and Isabelle I very smelly and I make my beautiful niece do my homework for me because I too lazy I can explain this Miss… Keep going… I never, ever do my homework because I too silly to do it… Chelsea! Good day at school? I’ve had better… Yes I heard You spoke to Miss Myers? Yes, she rang me Oh no… She’ll be telling me what homework you have every day Oh great! Annabelle, can I speak to you for a moment? No, I busy Busy with what? Busy running away from you Come here! Arrrhhh!

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