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Ball Pit Water Park Party! 2018

Hey Kids Club! I just got home from school and I found this huge box in my room. If you wanna find out what’s inside, keep watching. Alright kids, I just got home from school, and I found this huge box in my room. Haven’t opened it yet, so let’s open it! If you guys want me to open this box, smash that like button! Alright kids! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Oh my gosh kids! You’ll never believe what’s in here. It;s a huge box full of outside water toys. We go a boogie board We got a water balloon launcher. We got Bubbles! I love bubbles. You can catch them in your hand. We got a basket Full of something, some stuff. We got Some ball pit balls. Slip n Slide. A little mini pool. More bubbles. A little frog. Cute. This shark. To eat a fish we go 1, 2, 3, 4. So I am going to try to find more. And a blow up Nemo. And a water shooter. It doesn’t have any water in it. And two more bubbles that you put on your hand. They are elephants. Do you kids want to see? Two sides! I am going to put them both on my hands and go …. (giggling) What do we got? Bunch o balloons! And anything else? Oh, I can hop in here kids. Kids put the roof on me! Bye bye. Kalisee where did you go? Kalisee, don’t you want to go outside and play with all your water toys? There you are! You are silly! Alright are you ready to go outside and play? yeah!! Alright, let’s do it. Are you ready for the most awesome outdoor water park ever?! Ahhhh, hey! Balls! Red ball. Green ball. Blue ball. Yellow ball. And orange ball. Yay! I like that. I call Nemo. What if I fell off Nemo and went under water. That would be so hilarious. Wait I want to try to ride Nemo on the waterslide. Nemo! Nemo! Hair got wet kids. I am going to run down the slip n slide. Maliah, are you having fun? Balls! You got balls? Wow. I didn’t land on Nemo. Hey kids, if you want to see more videos like this one SUBSCRIBE to my channel! I will wait, go ahead. Did you SUBSCRIBE yet? Ok, great! Let’s have some more fun! Whoa! Whoa! I found a yellow fish and a star fish. Whoa! Momma. Momma. Ahh. Give me that! There you got it. You gonna try them with your sling shot? Oh, yes! Okay. That was pretty good. Failed. I just failed. See how far you can pull it back. Oh. good job. I am going to throw it on daddy. He got it. We got to do more bunch o balloons. Hey! Hey! I’m playing with the balloon. You’re playing with the balloons! Good job! Let me see it. No! Daddy! I got you. you are silly. Are you? You’re funny. Really? Yay Maliah found another one. What? (laughing) 3, 2, 1, GO! Oh, I call Nemo! It is going to swim on the ball pit balls. Wee! Whoa! Cheese. Get you bubble glove. Careful so you don’t slip. Maliah what do you got? I got shark. You got a shark? Watch sissy. Maliah, I got to put out a fire! Watch out! I got a fire to do. Keep jumping. Whoa, that one went flying. Did you see that? No. She jumped on it and it went flying. Wit let me jump on them. Maliah! re you riding Nemo? I fell. You fell? Uh oh. Nemo! Aww. That is so sweet! Nemo is in the water. Are you eating Nemo? Don’t eat Nemo! Is that sushii? Yummy sushi? Yuck! Bleh. Bubbles! Bubble, bubbles. Aww. Thanks for watchinng my video!!

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