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BALL and POOL CHALLENGE | Summer Masti Parents vs Kids Game | Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi Friends Today we are going to do Summer fun Challenge You like our videos. You know which challenge are we doing today? I know Ball and Pool Challenge You can also play this game with your Friends Brothers and Sisters and your mother and father also Because this is Summer fun Challenge It can’t be complete, without water We will play a water game Where will we play this game? In this pool I will team up with Aayu Boys team No No – Parents against Kids Parents against Kids ? Means we are going to win No we will win We have already played many summer games But our feet are very very huge i have this big feet Father can pick 3-3 at a time Yes – Then pick up You want to loose, then loose Winner will rest in the pool Take bath in the pool Ok – Let us start Who will play first? Kids 1 kid and then 1 parent Balls are placed here If balls will move to that corner, then what will you do? Then I will do it. She is in his team, She will help. Shall we start Aayu? In 1 minute, you have to pick only 2 balls. Not 2 More than 2 As much as you can… OK, 1 2 3 What are you doing? Ok, I am helping 1 2 3 Start 2 at once great Aayu 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Stop He filled the tub Yeah, I have collected many balls Yeah Yeah Ok, we count it They are more than 2 Only 2 are there See, so many balls. 35 – 36 Aayu collected 36 balls 1 ball every 2 seconds 1 have collected 4 at once also Mom, play well. Don’t loose I don’t know Play well Start Don’t loose Move fast Mom will loose Mom will loose Pick 10 balls together Stop great Look I have collected so many balls More than Aayu Very good It works 1 2 3 40 40 42 50 – and mom has completed half century Many more are there 58 – Yeah – Very good See You will collect 100 Yes Pass this mobile Are you ready? Shall we start? Start Aayu? 1 2 3 Start Aayu, pass the balls here Pihu I will try mom She got 4 at once great 10 seconds Stop Stop great Laughing Now look at the balls I have collected Look, sister has collected more balls than mom Ok start counting 1 2 3 Whoooo Hooo 36 + 52 36 + 62 You are short by 2 balls Otherwise, you would have scored a century Now it is fathers turn I will do 200 oho We don’t have that many balls Can I pick from hand No You can pick from your nose With nose Laughing Shall we start And 1 1 – Wait Start 3 2 1 – START You are taking out only water He will loose He will surely loose Very Good STOP Your father also collected many balls My feet are aching This was looking easy But not that easy Feet started aching Aayu is eager to count the balls We won Yes I collected the most balls No Me You collected only 58 Yes only 58 How many I got 66 46 no 66 62 36 58 66 Let us jump Who loose? One who lost will jump Laughing and playing in pool Hi Friends We are enjoying You can also play these funny games with your family Dad, if any friend does not have this bath tub then? He can play in this smaller tub Add water and enjoy OK bye love you all BYE BYE

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