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Baldi’s Basics In Education And Learning IN REAL LIFE 2/ That YouTub3 Family

– Wow, this is really easy. This isn’t hard. I’m out of stamina. Ah, I can’t see. – Hi guys, welcome back to – [Family] That Youtube Family! – Today, we’re playing Baldi! So, we’ve got some new
characters this time. I am the jump rope girl. – I’m that pusher robot. – I am a player looking for the notebooks. – And I’m gonna be the bully. – And I am Baldi. – Okay, so that leaves me with
sock puppet person who’s shy. This is not just an ordinary sock, this is a sock Jake has worn all day. So, feel bad for me now.
– That’s disgusting. – Also, it’s sweaty. (crying) – So the sock puppet person actually, since it’s really shy, it’ll
squirt ink at the player whenever you find select with the person, or the pusher or sweat. The pusher will push the player over, kind of towards Baldi a little bit. The jump rope school girl will have ’em play jump rope five times until they, before they can move on. And the bully will ask for a coin otherwise they won’t let you pass. If you’ve never played
Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning, here’s how you play. So basically, we have
Baldi, the teacher, here and he has really good
hearing and he can hear all around the school. He has set up seven
notebooks around the school for Ty-Ty our player to find. And, once you find a notebook, you have to answer three math questions. If you get all of them right,
awesome, you get to move on. If you get one of them wrong, then Baldi will come looking for you. ‘Cuz he gets mad when you
get a math problem wrong. So, basically it’s kind of
a chase to see if Ty can get the notebooks before
Baldi comes and gets him. – Good luck, you’ll need it. – All right, let’s play. – Okay, I’m going to
find the first notebook. Okay, Baldi’s right there. Any notebooks? No notebooks. A notebook. K, can’t believe that fit in there. K, zero plus zero, equals zero. One plus two equals three, Five minus three equals two. – Wow, you really exist. Here’s a shiny token. – Thanks. Now time to find the next one. Wow, this is really easy, this isn’t hard. Baldi is really fast. K, four minus one equals three. Seven plus seven equals fourteen. And then, wait, what is this? 5043, triangle? Um, I’m just gonna put ten. (buzzer sounds) Oh no! – I hear every door you open. (very slow clapping)
– Hey, I better go fast. (very slow clapping) He’s coming after me. (very slow clapping) – Let’s play! Ready? One, two, three, four, five. Aw, you messed up. One. Two, three, four, five. Thanks for playing. – Whoa, he’s right behind me. – Gotta go (mumbles) (more clapping) I’m going to check in here. K, there’s a notebook. Two minus three equals negative one. Five plus five equals ten, and then, ah. It looks like this is a five
at the start, so five maybe? (buzzer) Baldi’s coming. Ah! (upbeat music) I’m out of stamina. – Gimme your lunch money. – Here, here’s your … – Now we’re talkin’. (very slow clapping) – Baldi’s right behind me. There’s a notebook. K, right now I’ve got three notebooks. I found another notebook. Let’s see, k, ten plus ten. That is easy, it’s twenty, and one minus one is zero, and then, not this question again. Um, zero. (buzzer) Oh no, I got it wrong. Baldi’s right there. – Time to play. Ready? One, two, three, four, five. Thanks for playing. K, here’s another one. Two plus three, that’s easy. It’s five. Four minus one, that is three. Ah, not this one again! Um, 20? (Buzzer) – Oh no, Baldi’s coming. Baldi’s coming. No, he’s going to push … No! Escape! I got away from the pusher. K, I need to find another notebook. I missed this one. Okay, so ten minus five is five. Three plus five is eight. And then, this one again! Um, six? (buzzer) – Give me your lunch money! – I don’t have any! – Gotta go somewhere else. (cries) – Aw, I can’t see! Okay, let’s go! I just need … (faster clapping) I think I lost him. Okay, I did not lose him. Found one. Okay, I found another one. Two plus two is four. Twelve minus two, ten. And then, zero? (buzzer) – Let’s play! Let’s play!
– Give me your lunch money! – Let’s play!
– I won! I won Baldi! – [Girls] Good job, Ty! We’re twins! – All right, guys, so
that’s it for today’s video. We hope you enjoyed it, but before you go, you know what time it is? – [Family] Mail Time! – This first package is
from Rachel, in Kansas, and Rachel sent us some really cool stuff. So, some slime for Audrey and Jordan. – Aw, thank you! – A robot toy for Jake and Ty. – Ooh, that’s cool. – And some letters, Logan …
– Whoa, Logan! – Logan’s all excited.
– Calm down. – Some stickers for the
whole family and then some pictures for all of us. So, Jake and Ty, oh there’s a picture of Logan for Jordan. – Logan, look at that, that’s you. – And then Audrey, obviously,
the pig and the queen. Thank you so much! – Thank you! This next package is
from Madison in Kansas and they sent an amazing package! This is like, we are so
spoiled you guys, look at this. There are so many different things. So, we have a Sand Art
kit, a toy for Logan. – [Mom] Logan! – [Dad] He came right away. – Okay, get off the
tag and he can have it. That is so awesome. Some slime for Audrey and I. We also have some lip gloss
for Audrey, some brain teasers. I think that one was for the boys, if I remember from the letter. Some Legos for both the boys. Lots of goodies, art supplies for me, which is perfect. We also have some more art supplies for me and some notebooks. And, ninjas for the boys,
and makeup for Audr’. That is so awesome, thank you so much, Madison for this amazing package. – Thank you, Madison. – [Mom] That’s crazy, thank you! – This is from Kiera, in New York. And she sent us some slime. – There’s two different
types of slimes in here. – This little ball toy. A pencil, a heart, with
another heart, with a hearts. – [Dad] Three hearts. A necklace, – Gotta put my bling on. – Some little lizards.
– [Jordan] Aww, that’s cute. A dinosaur. – Growing dinosaur, so
you put this in water and it will grow. Six times bigger. Wow, that’s awesome! What’s next? – A Pokemon card. – The boys like Pokemon cards. – And some pictures. – [Family] Thank you, Kiera. – This last package comes from
Abby and Jacob in Maryland and they sent us some
letters for each of us. So we have Audrey, there’s
I believe, Jake and Ty, there’s Jordan and then
there’s the family channel. In the letters, I took a sneak peek, they have some great suggestions
for us on video ideas. So we’ll have to look at those. Then they sent us some cute
pictures of themselves. I’m not going to show
you but they are so cute! And then, Jordan, whoa! – Whoa! – You got a squishy that wears a costume. – Okay, this is cool. So, it has a squishy
here. You can put it in, like, a hard shell costume. – [Dad] They wear clothes now? – That is so cool. I’ve never seen anything like that. Thank you! – Logan was trying to get in the package, because, I don’t know how he knows, he must be able to read. But there’s a bone for Logan. – [Jordan] He literally, he
goes through the packages and digs and finds his toy. – He already got a toy today. – [Dad] And then he takes it and leaves. – Seriously, like he knows,
I don’t know he knows. Okay, and then there is this really cool car for Ty. There is another cool car for Jake. Oh my goodness. Wonder who that’s for? – [Jordan] Audrey! How cute! I love it! Okay, David, you get a matching car. Super cool, you can race with the boys. – [Dad] Very cool, thank you. – You got … – Yeah, score, chocolate. Who doesn’t need chocolate? I need chocolate. That’s awesome. Thank you so much, Abby and Jacob. – [Jordan] Thank you! – All right, so that’s
it for today’s video. We hope you guys enjoyed
it and if you did, give it a big thumbs up. Also comment down below. Do you want to see more Baldi videos? And remember to subscribe, turn it from red to gray, and … – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure. We’ll see you all next time. – [Family] Bye! – Goodbye (happy guitars)

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