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Bal Krishna Story – Maiya Yashoda’s LOVE TESTED ❗ Damodar Lila | Janmashtami Special 2018 | Part 9

Krishna is now little more than 2yrs old. Yashoda was churning the yogurt and she was
thinking of Krishna,’My laala, I will feed him the butter, he will enjoy so much!’ Krishna he toddled came to where Yashoda was
in the kitchen and he climbed onto her lap. Now with all her maternal affection, Yashoda
started feeding her milk to her laala and the milk is flowing because of Yahsoda’s
love and she is also churning the yogurt. But God tests the devotion, He doesn’t even
leave the highest devotees. He tested the Gopis! A test got created. In the next room, Yahsoda had put milk to
boil and that started boiling over. So Yahsoda thought, My My the milk is getting
wasted, I need to save the milk! She left her laala down and ran to save the
milk. She made a mistake! Milk is spilling let is spill, what is more
important than Him! He is ‘Prana-priyatam’, ‘Prana-dhan’,
‘Prana-vallabh’. So Krishna got annoyed, ”Yea! So milk is more important than Me?” He said, ”I will teach my mother a lesson.” He threw a tantrum. He took the churning rod and started hitting
all the pots. A mini battle-field got created there. And then Krishna took the butter, He started
eating and He went out. And there He started feeding out to the monkeys. So the monkeys are coming for the butter. Here Yashoda having saved the milk, returned
and she was shocked! Was there a tornado that hit out here?! She put 2 and 2 together, my laala has created
havoc! Now Yashoda got annoyed. She lifted the stick and ran after Krishna. Krishna saw Yashoda and started trembling. Kunti was there at that time, mother of Pandavas. She said,”Hey Bhagawan, I could not believe
what I saw. He who is Kaal-aatma, from whom everything
is fearful in the universe, ‘quoting scriptures’ is fearful of the mother’s stick! So Yashoda is coming with the stick, Krishna
saw it, in a split second he dropped the pot and ran. Now Yashoda is determined to yack here child. She believes that spare the rod and spoil
the child. So she is running after Krishna. Krishna is so tiny, Yashoda is so big. Krishna takes 4 steps and Yashoda takes 1. But He is tiny so He is taking quickly and
she is trying to catch up and when Krishna sees that Yashoda is catching up he swirls
to the left and to the right, being tiny He can swirl more easily. You know the big truck cannot turn so easily. So Yashoda is unable to catchup with Him and
it’s going on and on in the garden, until Krishna looked back and saw that Yashoda is
panting. He thought I have not come here to give trouble
to my mother. I have come here to give her bliss, He deliberately
slowed down and she caught Him. Now Yashoda was in such a bad mood, she said,”
You and your mischief, I will straighten you once and for ever”. So she got the mortar wheel and said Laala
stand against it. Laala stood. She asked the sakhis, get a rope. They got the rope. Now she put the rope around and found the
rope is short by 2 fingers. She took it off. “Increase the rope”. The sakhis added another one. She tried, again it was short by 2 fingers. So she said, “Increase it further”. Now they are keeping on adding ropes and no
matter what they do it is always short by 2 fingers. At this stage Shukadev-ji tells Parikshit,”
How can Yashoda tie her laala? The whole universe resides inside Him! ‘quoting
Bhagvatam’ This laala of Her’s has got no inside and no outside. He is everywhere, He has got no beginning
and no end, He is eternal. And yet, He existed before the universe and
He will exist after the universe. He is inside the universe, the whole universe
is inside Him. This news reached Radha! That Nand-laal, what kind of a boy is He doesn’t
get tied. Radha-ji took one silken lace and gave to
the sakhis, give it to maiya, He will get tied. Now with the help of that finally Krishna
got tied. That is how He got the name ‘Damodar’. ‘Dam’ means rope, ‘Udar’ means stomach. He who was tied with the rope around His stomach.

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