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BACKYARD TENT!! First Time Camping with Adley and Baby Niko! Smores routine by the Camp Fire 🔥 🍫

– Welcome to the best day ever. (dramatic music) – [Man] Oh, that was creepy. – We’re at the store. – [Man] Why are you in your pajamas? (laughter) – Cause we’re gonna camp outside (gun fire) – What? That’s right. Today’s gonna be the
best, best day ever, ever. – We don’t have a tent at our house. – We don’t have a tent. – So we’re buying a tent. – Why do we need a tent? – Sleep in our back yard. – We’re going camping in the back yard. This is our very first camp out. – Oh boy. – Huh, Nico, are you ready? – I call them slippers
cause they’re silppery. Whoa! – [Dad] Come on, slipper girl. Is this guy sleeping in the tent tonight? Addley! What? – Look at these. – [Dad] Oh, are those camp out kits? – Let’s bring it. – [Dad] For our camp out? – Yeah. Mom, I got camp out set. – Oh, good idea. – [Dad] So she can brush her teeth and do everything in the tent. – Okay, toss it in. – They even have bubbles. – So, the idea came from this. Addley was watching Barbie,
and Barbie went camping. She’s like, “I want to go camping.” – In her back yard. – In her back yard, that’s right. All right, let’s go
camping in the back yard. Welcome to a best day
ever, camp out style. We’re getting everything
we need for this thing. Soft pillows. Addley, do you need a soft pillow? – [Jenny] Those are actually
really cute on her bed. – [Dad] That’s why I got’em. Cause they’d be cute on her bed. – Let’s get one of these for camping. – [Jenny] Okay. – [Dad] We can do’em for
camping and then for your bed. – There’s one for mommy, one for me, and we gotta get one for dada. (racecar vrooms) (explosion) (laughter) – [Jenny] Okay, wait,
look at this. Get this. – [Dad] Holy cow. We should definitely get this some day, take it to the lake. That would be fun. – Hey, there’s a toilet. – [Dad] That’s not a toilet. That’s for putting snacks. – Look at that flashlight. – [Dad] A baby shark one. Look, a lantern or an owl. What do you like? The shark or the owl? – I maybe like the owl. There’s a baby owl for
Nico and a big owl for me. – [Dad] Okay. – Nico, the baby owl’s for
you, and the big owl’s for me. Okay, buddy? – [Dad] Oh, tents. Which tent do we want? There’s lots of different kinds, look. There’s a blue tent. There’s a red tent. I don’t even think I’m capable
of putting that one together. We need a five easy steps tent. That’s what I think we need. – I was just gonna say,
we need a real easy one. – [Dad] Yeah. – This tent’s so cool. – [Dad] Addley, look at this. – [Hadley] What’s that? – [Dad] It’s a animal tent. – [Jenny] That’s too little. – [Dad] Oh. (explosion) What do we think? – Hey, let’s buy- – [Dad] Did you call me babe? (crickets chirp) – Hey dad- – Sometimes she gets excited,
and goes, “Hey, babe!” – It’s a six-person. It’ll fit our family. One, two, three, four. Olive and Coopa, five, six. (laughter) – Okay, should we do it? Is that the one? Is that the one we want? I’m really worried about
this tent setup, guys. We’re gonna have to
call Scott our metal guy to come build a tent for us. – I want to tell you something. So you and mom can sleep in that one, and me and Nico could
sleep in the green one. I will keep Nico safe so no
mosquitoes bite him or… – [Dad] You’ll keep him safe? – Yeah. – [Dad] Okay, Nico, she’s
gonna keep you safe. I think we should all go in the same tent. Let’s do the black and blue one. – [Mom] Let’s do this one. (grunts) – [Dad] All right, do we got everything? – Hey, can Nico come in here with me? – [Dad] Yeah. – [Jenny] Just in case. – [Dad] All right, you grab
some of those just in case. Jenny doesn’t think
tents come with stakes. Okay, is there anything else we need? Can you think of anything else? – Yeah! – [Dad] What? – We should get smores and hot
dogs and some more chocolate. – [Dad] And chocolate. Are you gonna camp with us? We should really see if everyone can make it the whole night. We’ll do one of those
YouTube we’re last to leave challenges for millions of dollars. – [Jenny] What happened? – Push that way again. Stop, stop, stop. – [Jenny] Oh my gosh. – Mom, remember you have this- – [Jenny] She said this
was the three dollar bin. – [Dad] She takes after you. – Remember we have this movie? – [Jenny] Yes, I got that for you, huh. – Hey, mom got this for me. – [Jenny] Yes I did. – [Dad] She’s so nice. All right, back to our camp out. We gotta hurry. It’s almost dark. It’s like 7:00. I think we’ve got 45 minutes. 40 minutes? We gotta get home, build a tent, cook smores, oh, and we
have to tell scary stories. – Ghost stories? – [Dad] No, we’ll tell happy stories. Nico, you look like a pirate
sailing the seven seas. – I’m a pirate too. – [Dad] You guys are pirates? – Yeah! – [Dad] What kind of pirates are you? – Shopping pirates. – [Dad] You guys are shopping pirates? – We steal all this stuff. Chocolate! – [Dad] Whoa, that’s your
favorite thing in the whole world. – Yum! I got some chocolate. Chocolate pirates. Hey, go back. Go back. We should buy two of these. – [Jenny] No. – [Dad] She’s so convincing though. – Hi. – [Dad] We got marshmallows? – We have crackers. – [Dad] We have a tent. Are we gonna sleep there for reals? – Yep. – [Dad] What happens in the morning? – I’m gonna do this, cock-a-doodle-doo. (laughter) – First thing in the morning, Addley’s gonna turn into a rooster. Oh. (tires screeching) I’m gonna make a specials smores. – [Jenny] What keeps falling out? (chime rings) – [Dad] Oh, I think this
fell out of the cart. – Let’s go look for a
place to put the tent. – We gotta find the perfect spot. On the trampoline? We could bounce on our tent
all night and never sleep. Where do you think, mom? – [Jenny] That sounds crazy. – [Dad] Where are we putting this tent? We could put it over by
the rocks, like right here. – No, it’s too big. – [Dad] Oh, it’s too big right here? Oh, what about over here? Oh, and it’s by the fire
so we can cook smores, and then run in our tent and
then jump on the trampoline and then go in our tent. All right, let’s figure out the plan. What do we need to do? – Play with chalk. (buzzer sounds) – Play with chalk. – Maybe after. – And we should play in the splash pad when it’s night time. – Set up the tent, play in the splash pad
when it’s night time, and cook smores. – Deal. – And our tent is gonna be by the rocks, by the hose, by the vlog. Let’s go. (energetic music) Look, we’re building a tent. (record scratches) Ow. The vlog fell. Are you okay, vloggy? – My eyes! – Hey blog, you’re fixed now. So we’ve got the instructions right here. Babe, did you unfold the tent? – We got poles. – [Jenny] Poles. – The tent is being unfolded. (tent crunches) – [Jenny] You just put
something underneath. – Oh wow. Yo, I think this just unfolds. – [Jenny] And then you’re
gonna lift up an arm joint. (energetic music) – Hey, Nico knocked you guys over. (energetic music) – This is actually the
easiest tent I’ve ever set up. Remember at the store when I was like, I’m really worried about this tent setup? This is the best setup ever. Look at that. Hi. Holy cow, it’s huge. I think that’s for the rain guard. Hey, have we turned off sprinklers? We needing some sprinklers
in the middle of the night? We gotta turn off the sprinklers, Addley. (video game music) Hey, what are you doing? – I want to open the chocolate. (melancholy music) – [Dad] We gotta build the tent, and then we gotta build a fire, and then we gotta eat chocolate. What are you doing, Nico? – I sit. – [Dad] Since when do you
climb on picnic tables and then sit down? You’re so smart. – Just slide it through this part. – [Dad] Oh, is this, okay. Let me show you how to do this, look. Cause you get those and
then you can connect them. Can you connect it? – Yes. – Uh-huh, and then put it in. Boom, good job. We did it. We built a house. (crashing sound effect) (laughter) I think it looks good. – Wanna see our tent tour? Come on. – [Dad] Grab a pillow. Take me on a tent tour. – This is where we
(mumbles) and play games. – [Dad] Okay, we play games in here. – And we put all our stuff and sleep. Let’s throw our pillows in. Let’s get every single pillow in there, except the chocolate. – [Dad] Cause we gotta eat that. Let’s get all our beds set
up and all our blankets and everything, and then
we’ll cook chocolate smores. – Guys, we have a problem. – [Dad] What? – If there’s a slightest bit of wind, our tent will blow over. – [Dad] Really? – We need to nail it down. – [Dad] Or just hope for not getting the slightest bit of wind. – Can you undo this? – [Dad] Nah, let’s just not hope for the slightest bit of wind. – Look, it’s gonna fall apart. – [Dad] Only if there’s
the slightest bit of wind. Wait, hold on. The tent came with stakes? All right, you grab some
of those just in case. That’s so weird. I didn’t think tents came with stakes. I thought we had to buy those separate. – I know. I’m so hungry, too, so it’s perfect. (crickets chirp) (laughter) – [Dad] What do you think? – Good. (laughter) – [Dad] Let’s nail it down. Nico. – [Jenny] Hey, come back with that hammer. – [Dad] Nico. – Can I hammer it? – Yeah, right here. – [Jenny] Don’t hit dad’s fingers. (hammer pounds) – Good job, Addley. You did that all by yourself? Holy cow, look how strong. – Can I do one more and
then it’s Nico’s turn? – Yeah, let’s go do one more. (hammer pounds) (dramatic music) – [Jenny] Whaa? (laughter) (swiping sounds) (ding) – Oh, that’s his stake. Nico, come put your stake in. All right, here’s your stake. Okay, put it right here. Right here. Put this right here. – [Addley] Okay, I did it! – Oh, good job. Okay, now hit it with the hammer. All right, this. Go, oh, oh, oh, ah, ah, ah. (hammer pounds) Good job. Ow! (laughter) Hey! (hammer pounds) Ow! (laughter) Hey! Addley, what do we still need to get? – Sleeping bags. – [Dad] What else? – Chocolate. – [Dad] Hey, I didn’t
even get my pajamas on. I’m not even comfy. – [Jenny] We all need
long pants on, mister. – Yeah, we’re gonna have
mosquitoes out here. Let’s all go get comfy pajamas on, and sleeping bags and everything
we want to put inside. Deal? – [Jenny] Deal. – We’re ready. – [Jenny] Where are the jammies? – I got a little bear, and
he’s ready to go camping. [Jenny] Yeah. – [Dad] We gotta get a fire started, and start eating smores. – Let’s go inside our tent. – [Dad] Come on. Hold on, I’ll get us a light. I’m coming. Hey. Let me in. Hey, what are you doing? Whoa. Everybody in the tent. – You can see the moon. (gasp) – [Dad] Whoa, we can see the stars. – Okay, everyone gets a wrist band. – [Dad] Are those no-bug wrist bands? – These are no-bug wrist bands. For Coopa. – [Dad] No bugs for Coopa. – No bugs for the vlog. And one for Nico. We’ll put it on your foot, bud. – [Dad] Yeah, no mosquitoes. – Sleeping bags and blankets. – [Jenny] Yes. – [Dad] Yeah, let’s go get
sleeping bags and blankets. – Do we have an air mattress? – [Dad] I hope so. – Or are we doing the grass? – [Dad] Is Nico sleeping in here? – Nah. (laughter) – Yeah, I think that, nah,
sounds a little miserable. – I switched jammies. – [Dad] You switched jammies? – Yep. – She wanted jammies that covered her toes so the bugs wouldn’t get her. – [Dad] Oh, that’s a good idea. – Hey, guess what? I opened my new light. – [Dad] Is it pretty cool? – Yep. Do you wanna see how it turns on? – [Dad] Yeah, let’s see this thing. – Eyes. – [Dad] Whoa! – Body, and off. – [Dad] Wow, eyes, body, and off. Man, we are ready to go camping. – [Jenny] And? – [Dad] Mm-hmm. Head lamp, oh, that’s cool. You look like a spy. – [Jenny] It’s like
you’re wearing goggles, but it’s a light on your head instead. – [Dad] Addley, do you play rainbow six? (laughter) Hey, thanks for laughing at my joke. – It was dumb. (laughter) – [Dad] Okay, let’s go. (lamp crashes) Augh! – That’s why she can’t have nice things. – [Jenny] Dog light. – [Dad] Hey Coopa, do
you play rainbox six? (laughter) Let’s go. – [Jenny] Okay, come one, Coopa. – [Dad] Come on. – [Jenny] Let’s go. – [Dad] Let’s go. Come on. – [Jenny] Let’s go in the tent. Come on. – [Dad] He doesn’t dare move. (laughter) He hates it. I gotta take it off. I feel bad. I’m sorry, dude. Go, be free! Yikes, Brandon, I just filmed for like eight minutes straight. Super sorry. But it was fun, so keep it in. Everyone watching, welcome
to our camping vlog. – First time ever using her
mermaid sleeping bag outside. – [Dad] Oh yeah, we only use
this in the toy room normally. – This is Addley’s first
time camping, guys. – I know, I’m so excited. And it’s in the back yard. Does that make us cool
parents or weird parents? – Can I steal this? Thank you. – [Dad] Yeah. – And then, after we put all
our sleeping bags in our tent, let’s cook smores. – [Dad] Oh, I like that idea. Oh, we need this lamp on the vlog so we can see what’s going on. There we go. That is actually the best idea ever. Vlog, can you see’em or not? – Hi. He can. – That’s a vlog light. That is the best thing ever. – [Dad] I know, right? – Bugs are getting. – [Dad] All right, let’s get in. Actually, I love that
there’s a front porch cause bugs aren’t actually getting in. – [Jenny] I think that’s what it’s for. – [Dad] I agree that
that’s what that’s for. – Look how much space we have. Look. I can stand up. – [Dad] Holy cow. – This is the best tent ever. – I wish this was a sponsored video cause I just want to talk
about how cool this tent is, but I don’t even know
what type of tent it is. – If I knew Fort Night
dances, I would do it in here. – [Dad] Brandon, green
screen Jenny to be doing Fort Night dances. (dance music) Brandon, green screen Addley
to be doing Fort Night dances. (dance music) – Honestly, that’s better
than real Fort Night dances. (energetic music) – [Dad] Oh, good reveal. – I don’t need my pillow. – [Dad] Oh yeah, cause
you have a mermaid pillow. You guys have the same hair. Hey, which one’s Addley’s hair? – Hey, we forgot to do smores. (gasps) – [Dad] Let’s go do smores. – Let’s go do smores. – Addley, (scream) welcome to the best day ever. (laughter) (fire ignites) (surprised screams) Good job, guys. Whoa. Hi there, fire. – Addley, I need a graham cracker. Hurry, mine’s gonna fall. – [Addley] Here. – It’s dripping. Oh my gosh. Thank you. – You need some chocolates. – Oh yes, yes. I need chocolate. – Chocolates. Where’s the chocolate? – All the chocolate is
probably melting by the fire. – Oh no. – Okay. – Is it all melted? – [Jenny] They’re really soft. – So mom, here’s your chocolate. – [Jenny] It’s very melted. Okay, will you put it on
my marshmallow, please? – [Addley] I got an idea. – [Jenny] You got an idea? What’s your idea? Thank you. – [Dad] I’m losing a
marshmallow on the ground. Hurry! – [Jenny] Oh, he needs a graham. – [Dad] Addley! – [Jenny] That is actual talent. You cooked one side and not the other. – Yeah, this is Addley’s. (energetic music) Once upon a time, there was a family, and they lived in a back yard. And they didn’t have any food, so whenever they wanted to eat, they had to cook smores. And one night, it was really late, and really dark, they were cooking smores, and guess what happened? – What? – They disappeared. (poof) (poof) (screams) – My clothes are on fire! Blow it out. – Whoa. – Oh my gosh. – Geez. – That was crazy. – Oh, we’re back. – Wow. – That was weird. – That was weird. – All right, what do we do now? – All I needed were my smores. Let’s go to bed. – Let’s go to bed. – Let’s go to bed. – I want to say “Thanks
for watching, bye!” first. – No, I’m gonna say it first. Hey! – Thanks for watching, bye! – Thanks for watching, bye! – [Addley] Let’s go to bed. Once upon a time, there were (mumbles) all the way to town. He found a bird’s nest. He flied all the way to town. His home. So he sat on a bird nest. He was on a little leg. It was human. So they went and hid in a tree house. – And then a little spider
came out onto the nest. (roars) – So the bird flew away, and the spider could never fly away. – Oh, the bird flew away. – But then, little friend birdie, they were walking on the ground. Hi, friend. – Hi, friend. – Hi, do you wanna go play in my nest? – Yeah. – Come on. – Okay, let’s go. – Ow, I hurt my wing. Help me. – Here’s a bandaid. – Thank you. I can fly again. – Me too. – Yay. (laughter) – [Dad] That was a good puppet show, guys. (sneezes) – Ow. – [Dad] Sorry. The vlog hit you when I sneezed.

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