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Backyard Playground Ideas

There are lots of different backyard playground
ideas that will suit your space as well as your children. As your child gets older their interests usually
change, it’s therefore a good idea to consider how permanent you want your backyard playground
ideas to be. If your child is around the age of 2 or 3,
a sandbox would be a great place for them to play. They are safe and allow your child’s
imagination to develop. A sandbox is not very difficult to install, in fact you can buy
mobile plastic ones. You could also turn a raised flowerbed into
a sand pit, provided there is no risk of your child falling. Always keep sandboxes covered
when not in use to prevent pets getting in, and check regularly for pieces of glass, sharp
twigs, etc. A playhouse could also be great for younger
kids. If you have green fingers, how about a small maze? A swing or a jungle gym is great for kids
of age 7 and up. You could buy a portable set that you keep stored away in winter and
bring out when the weather picks up, or build a permanent one from wood. If adding these kinds of toys, it is a good
idea to think carefully about the ground covering you want to use. Rubber tiles, gravel and
wood bark are all possibilities to keep the area safe. Some backyard playground ideas for older children
could be more adventurous. If you have a very big yard, you can think about adding a zip
wire or a climbing wall. Again, take care with what covering you choose to reduce the
risk of injury. Regardless of what backyard playground ideas
you might have, remember that safety is paramount. Always check any play equipment for wear and
tear such as damaged pieces of equipment, loose bolts or flaking metal paint. Always keep you protective surface in good
condition; check rubber tiles for holes or other damage and remember that some loose
surfaces will need to be checked for debris, and may need to be replaced after a couple
of years.

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