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Backstage Эльза в спорт зале / Прыжки на батуте/Макияж 2020 / Morning routines / В купальнике/ Спорт

good morning everyone and welcome to
my day today will show you what I doing during the day my morning
usually starts at 9:30 a.m. and first I’m checking my social networks
I answer your comments next I go to water the flowers to feed
their parrots I also wash my jackpot and I’m going to pack
to shoot a video later about what I eat during the day I will shoot and publish
a little bit later Here I already have a mini garden
windowsill it’s roses it’s grass for parrots it’s still
some flowers and these are my two cache budgies
or Olya periodically I feed them and playing with them – on the
a a
sister moto i’m still time
to stay today we will go with you to sports
Hall I will introduce you to Nastya show what engaged in this
there is very little time left pack up and leave the house now we will
do makeup with you and today I will show you my makeup for
photo shoots and for videos i love bright make
pink shadows pink lips emphasize all this highlighter your nose and buzz
pink shadows from manic panic also I apply thin with thin
important you can use any important to my skin tone lipstick
mascara from and valine the usual highlighter spot i use silver shiny shadows in the end I put pink blush on my cheeks
for that I smile and then all this distributed very nicely and not
I forget to put it all on my nose such a make-up you can him
rate below in the comments from 1 to 10 I will be interested in your opinion and
the final step I have are perfume for a good mood and for
have a nice day i have this dior and lancome different flavors for every day
aromas directly from the manufacturer without overpayments for brand and packaging and
resulting in 5 times cheaper brand perfumes quality certificate
a convenient bottle for all products always with you
high resistance up to 24 hours also at order 2 3 as a gift
new auto parfum bottle unusual crystal shape is made
also from high quality french aroma components as perfumery
famous brands cover made of natural beech that does not distort aroma
so I’ll leave a link below video go to the site order on
March 8th birthday is so cool a gift as well as in parfum de paris there is also
men’s fragrances and women’s and now we are with let’s go change clothes and let’s go
gym Today we came to the gym with Nastya
we do not want everything for you there so let’s go instagram advertisement

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  1. Давно я тебя не видел Милашка)
    Уже успел соскучится)🥰🥰🥰😘

  2. Finally Angel, back on a trampoline, always my favorite videos, because I love to fly on the trampolines

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