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BACK TO SCHOOL Playground Accident!

– Uh oh you guys, I actually
just got a call from the school saying that there was an accident
and I guess Finn got hurt. (pop music) Good morning. – Good morning. – And welcome back to our channel, make sure you guys are subscribed so you can join our family. Today, we are on week two of school and the boys are pretty happy, huh – I got out. – You did get out, cause you’re a big boy. – Yeah, I am five. – Can you get your brother
out too? Get your brother out. We are headed in to school and we are super excited
about school, right boys? – Yeah. – Hoping drop-off goes good. But yeah, we are really excited. Give us the old thumbs
up because you know what school can be fun sometimes you guys, being with your friends, recess – And sometimes school is not fun. – So gives it a thumbs up if you think school is fun or not fun. – Sometimes you’re all alone there. – Aw, cause you don’t
have your mommy and daddy. (laughs) Anyways, let’s go ahead
and head off to school cause we’re actually on time today but I don’t wanna be late, so let’s go. (upbeat music) – This is my parrot. – You made this parrot? And you said squawkie
the parrot? How cute. You guys there was no
tears, I’m so excited. I think the trick is definitely
dropping Ollie off first. Cause Ollie typically does really good and so then Finn can
see that it’s not scary, your big brother can do it, so can you, and then I dropped off Finn,
he was like totally fine. He just went straight
in and started to play. They both, they’re always
a little apprehensive I don’t know if I wanna go,
I don’t wanna leave you, I don’t want you to leave me,
but it worked, yay, alright, I gotta head home and
get some chores done. – Good morning guys,
listening to some Elvis in honor of my new Elvis
picture I put up in my office. I’m really interested to see
so vote in the i-card above: do you know who Elvis is? So you guys can vote in
the i-card poll above or comment down below if
you know who Elvis is. If you guys do not know who Elvis is, he was basically one of
the first big pop stars who changed music, changed
the industry forever, and I think it’s just a really cool picture to have on the wall
because he looks so cool, he’s just like the original bad boy. Ollie came into my office this morning and he saw the picture and
he was like who’s that, and I was like, that is
one of the first guys who was singing and dancing on stage. I just think it’s really cool
to have artists like that up in the house to intrigue the kids, because I see Ollie singing
and dancing all the time and I want him to know that
if he wants to sing and dance he can do that and he can pursue that. Just like I’m pursuing my music. So yeah, really loving the new
Elvis print up in my office. But I hope you guys are
having an amazing day. And actually this just intrigued me, because I was talking you know about dreams and aspirations and stuff. But I would love to know your
guys’ dreams and aspirations in the comments down
below you can let us know what you want to be when you grow up, what you want to learn when you grow up, what you’re looking forward
to, anything like that. I think it’s always
important to have like a goal or a dream, something
you can work towards, something that kind of
makes life fresh and new and really really fun and exciting. I am one of those people
who gets bored so easily. It drives me crazy, I’m an artist, so like I just want everything to be new and different and change all the time, so that’s why I’m always
changing my environment when I’m stuck in one
place for a long time. I’ve been stuck kind of in this office for the last couple of
years cause we’ve been working really hard on youtube. But I’m hoping that you
know once the studio’s up, I can really start to focus a lot of my time and energy on there because my dream and my passion is music and songwriting and it’s just what I would love to pursue, it’s what I feel like I need to pursue, so I’m really looking forward to that. But yeah, dreams and aspirations
are important, so let us know down below in the comments
what are some of yours? – Oh hey there Karma Chameleon. How are you? And Luna,
how are you? How are you? There is someone in our house right now and Karma is not happy about it, huh, normally Karma is a pretty happy dog, he’s cool with everyone, he definitely has to get a vibe to see if
he likes them or not. But this person that’s
in the house right now, he cannot stand and I don’t know why. Go, in the side yard,
you’re gonna scare them. Luna come, come here
girl, come on, side yard, go go go, alright, you guys
chill in here for a little bit. Since you don’t like the person that’s in the house right now. I honestly don’t know what it is, Karma just decides who he likes, who he doesn’t like,
and for the most part, he’s always very friendly,
and I don’t think he would do anything
too bad to this person, but they’re in the house,
and he’s looking at them, and he just kinda looks
like he wants to eat them. It’s kinda scary, anyways,
I’m just getting some yard work done, cleaning
up outside while the kids are at school, actually I’m
gonna go check on my chickies, just my two little baby
chickies out there. And I’m hoping soon we’re
actually gonna get more, I kinda wanna get some hens,
the weather’s been cooling down and I think it would be
really nice to get some big chickens that lay nice-sized eggs, because right now, all I’m getting are these little baby eggs. How’re you guys doing?
How’re you ladies doing? Are you happy chickens?
I mean I got you an air conditioner, so, you better be happy. No eggs though, alright, that’s cool, it’s cool, see you guys later. – What’s going on down here babe? Hanging out in (inaudible) hallway? (laughs) – I am actually trying to organize just like all of our closets and stuff and then I realized, I
can’t get in this room. – Oh that’s weird, that’s the old nursery. – Yeah, yeah, this is Finn’s old room and I haven’t been able to
get into it for a while and– – Normally there’s like
those little key thingies that you can push in there, I don’t know, do you guys know how to open these doors? – I know, I don’t think we have anything like that in the house. – I don’t think we have any of those keys. – I’ve looked everywhere and so I’m like– – Oh no – How do we get into this room? – That’s crazy – I know, I really wanna get in here – Yeah, it’s kinda been
a spring cleaning mode here at the Daily Bumps house, we’ve been organizing– – Fall cleaning mode. – Fall cleaning. – It’s almost fall. – O-M-Genie, are you so excited for fall? – I’m so excited, I’m excited
to change up the decor, and make it look all fall and stuff and cozy, oh, it’s my favorite. – And that means Halloween and
then that means Thanksgiving and Disneyland and Christmas
and all that fun stuff. Yeah, we’re already
dreaming of fall you guys. Summer’s not even over.
Look at these bright, sunny, blue skies you guys, we still got lots of summer left out of this season. – Uh oh you guys, I actually
just got a call from the school saying that there was an accident. I guess Finn got hurt, so
I’m actually gonna head down there right now to go pick him up. They said he was crying
and something happened in the playground area,
I’m not really sure, I feel so bad for him cause I let him stay a little bit longer today so that he could get to play with his brother and all that and it ended up ending
in him getting hurt, and so I hope it’s not too bad, I’m sure it’s not a super big deal, but I feel really bad,
cause you know normally when kids get hurt, they want their mom, and they want that comfort
and I’m just like okay, I gotta hurry and get down there, so I’m gonna go get down
there and make sure he’s okay and then bring him home,
oh, I hope he’s okay, I hope that it wasn’t too big of a deal. – So, Missy just texted
and said she is on her way back from the school because
I guess there was an accident. – Hello – Oh hey– – I’m home from school. – How was school, buddy? – I (inaudible) owie. – What happened? – He got an owie from the
playground, he was playing with me – Oh no, what happened Finn? – He fell on his head
and then the wood chips kinda like foop there – Wow, that was quite the detailed story I remember when I was a young man, if I was telling a detailed
story, that usually meant there was another story involved were you getting in fights
on the playground, Finn? – Mhm (laughs) – Yeah? – The owie was, he wasn’t, he
fell and then the wood chips (inaudible) – Oh yeah? – So you got excited cause you got to see Ollie at school, right? – Yeah – And you guys were
playing on the playground? – Oh that’s awesome, that’s right, the boys had a special
day at school today, they got to stay a little bit longer and we got a lot of work done, and then they actually got to play and spend time together
in a classroom and stuff. Alright Finn, show me, show me, Oh wow, dude, that’s quite the shiner, – Yeah, it’s like popped out. – Yeah, just a little bit huh. – Papa says his name is scar now. – Scar? Aw, look at that. – We even got a little ouch report, it says that, like Ollie
said, he was outside playing and fell on the playground
and hit right under his eye. – Aw – And they gave him ice and lots of TLC. Did they give you lots of cuddles? – Yeah – Hugs and cuddles? – They were nice? – Mhm – Did they do anything
else that was nice for you? – At least I didn’t eat my
peanut butter and jelly. – Yeah? (laughs) – Did they give you any hugs and kisses? – They did? Yeah, they said
he was actually really good. He barely really cried, and then he just picked himself up and
started playing again. I was like, okay. – Sounds like our kid. – That sounds like our kid,
but it’s just so funny, because Finn has had the worst luck so far with school, it seems like,
first they kicked him out then he gets in fights on the playground. – Yup – Finn what else do you have, what’d they send home from school? – They also have a little
potty report and he– – Oh cool, so every day they
tell you like what he does? – Yeah, so he went pee-pee on the potty at 9:00 a.m., 11:30, and also at 12:30. – Wow – You’re doing so good, huh (inaudible) – Yeah, the diaper just pulls down, right? Because he’s wearing pull-ups
now, that’s exciting. – So proud of them. – Getting to be a big
boy, now he’s kind of like reserved but a little proud
of himself, it’s so cute. – You’re learning to go
pee-pee on the potty. – Mhm. – That’s so awesome. Okay, you put that in your backpack too. – Alright, zip it up. – You’re so proud of yourself, Finn. – You know what we have at school? – What do you have at school, buddy? – We have smelling
crayons, you can smell them and one smells like orange,
and one smells like cherry, and there’s blueberry, bubble-gum– – What? That’s crazy, and they’re crayons? Back in our day, it was markers. Did you have smelling crayons? – No – No, no at school. – I know, but when we were in
school, we didn’t have those, those are new, that’s kinda cool. – So did you smell all
the cool smells at school? – Mhm – Which one’s you’re favorite smell? – Um, the orange. – The orange one? – Have you guys ever
heard of smelly crayons? And if so, have you smelled them? What’s your favorite
smell? I wanna smell them. I bet cherry smells really good, cherry was always my favorite marker. (laughs) – He just told me his favorite smell. – What’s your favorite smell, Finn? You wanna tell them like a secret? (laughs) – What’s what I thought it was. Okay, tell them a secret, and tell them what your favorite smell is. – No. – Oh, he’s shy. – Here, I’ll do mine, I’ll do mine ready? And then you do yours. My favorite smell is strawberry. (laughs) Okay your turn, go. – (inaudible) poopy diaper (laugher) – Poopy diaper, Finn,
that’s not a smelly crayon. – That’s what I knew he was gonna say. – Yeah, I know. – That’s his only joke, huh. – You boys are so cute, welcome home, you had a good day at school? – Yeah. – We missed you boys. (piano music) ♪ Falling in love ♪ ♪ With you ♪ (piano music) (pop music)

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