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BACK AT THE WATER PARK! (6.24.15 – Day 1181) |

– Good morning clan, welcome to Wednesday at Wet n’ Wild! Yes, yes, yes, we’ve already made our
way out of the house, we’ve got a full car load, we’ve got Mason, we’ve got Tatiyanna, we’ve got Aunt Chrissy, and we are making our
way into the water park. It’s crazy, it is already the end of June, and we are just now going to Wet n’ Wild. We still have our passes that are printed, we have to go take em in
to get our gold cards. If you don’t know, gold passes at Wet n’
Wild are totally worth it. Two trips and then after
that it’s basically free, so it’s totally worth getting, plus all the perks you get
for getting the gold pass. So we are headed into the water park, super excited, got the GoPro, stay tuned it’s going
to be an awesome day. Oh yeah the sound, the smells, all the sun tan lotion,
the chlorine water, they got some new attractions, they got the Roaring River. It’s not a Lazy River anymore, it’s a Crazy Cactus Roaring River, now it’s time to find some
shade and park our butts. Alright so we made it in the park, and the kids didn’t waste any time. As soon as they got their sunblock on, they were gone in the wave pool. What’s the first thing you guys did? – The Wave Pool.
– Wave Pool. – [Clintus] And then where
did you just come from? – The Lazy River, they made waterfalls and we – [Clintus] Is it still
the Lazy River though? – Yeah.
– [Clintus] Is it? – Kind of.
– [Clintus] Kind of. – You go on the Lazy River, but it has like water and all that, – [Clintus] There was
actually water in the river?! Holy molly! (laughs) – I want to go to the Rainbow Racers. – [Clintus] Rainbow Racers let’s do it. And the moms are going to just chill, and soak up the shade. Ooooohhh! Whoooaaa! Here we go. (laughs) Ooo here we go. It’s so dark, it’s so dark
I can’t see, I can’t see! Oh this was a bad idea. Ready? Ready? Who’s going backwards? Who’s going backwards? Ohhh it’s going to be Bryce. No it’s going to be me, woooo! Here we go, hold on. Ahhhh! Wooohoooo! (laughs) – [Bryce] Daddy, I went up like, Wooo! Yeahhh! Woo yeah. – Okay so we’re going
to go on Raging River. Me, Tati, Bryce, Mason. Okay so actually I didn’t
tell you guys this, but on the yellow slide
which is Mammoth Falls, somebody is actually stuck on the ride, so that’s why yellow
is not going right now. Like at the bottom they got stuck. Line’s crazy. So the yellow’s actually stuck, and they can’t go right now, so here we go. We’re going backwards I
can’t see where we’re, ouch. – [Mason] We’re going backwards! I don’t know what’s happening behind me. – [Bryce] Mason you’re
the only one screaming. – [Mason] I don’t know where I’m going. – [Clintus] Time for a little lunch break, grabbed a pizza from the cafe. Happy Bryce? – Yep.
– [Clintus] Yup. How’s your day going girls? – Good.
– [Clintus] Having fun? – Okay so we’re going
to go on the Serpentine, we’re going to go on the blue one. At first it’s dark then it
gets lighter as it opens up. It’s dark by the way guys. All I can see is the red
light from the camera. It’s so dark ahhh. Now it’s light. – [Tatiyanna] Oh my god it’s so fast. – So they’ve definitely added a few things since the last time we were here. They’ve updated the Lazy River, it’s now called the Crazy
Cactus Roaring River, there’s all kinds of like, things to get you wet while
you’re cruising along, including some squirt guns. and it looks like the boys found em. You guys shooting beer at em? – Yeah – [Clintus] Are these beer bottles? – Daddy what is it? – [Clintus] I don’t know look
it looks like a beer bottle. Or is that a cannon? It’s like a pirate cannon. – We went on the toilet
bowl and the roller coaster. – [Clintus] Yeah? – The yellow one’s better
because it’s faster. – [Clintus] Ahh okay. – These people went way before
us and we still beat them. – [Clintus] Oh nice, nice. – Tatiyanna and Sierra, we like to, when there’s a lot of water, we go undercover like this. (loud water splashing) – [Tiffany] Thanks Bryce – You’re welcome. Hi. Yeah, yay! Alright guys, so we are back home, grabbing a little snacky snack, a little light dinner, kids are watching movies, and I got a little bit of work done. What did you just get done watching? – What? – [Clintus] What did you
just get done watching? What did you guys watch? – Scooby Doo. – [Clintus] Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo 2? – I think the second one’s better. – [Clintus] You like
the second one better? You watched both of them right? Cuz why, because why? – What? – [Clintus] Because why? Because I told you to watch movies, right? Check what movies are out, and you watch two movies,
you watch two movies. Bryce is all done with his movie, playing some Destiny alongside me, yes? Yessss. Dude I really want you to get a PS4, you need to do more chores please. Do some more chores, get some more money, so I can buy you a PS4
please, please, please. – Okay. – In all seriousness guys, I want him to get a PS4 and get Destiny so we can play together because like, look at this setup. Look at this sweet setup we have. My TV, his TV, we can totally play Destiny together, we can talk to each other, we would always have two players. A lot of things with Destiny
you need three players, so we would only need one
more player for us to be on, and I’m excited. – [Bryce] Like one of your friends? – One of my friends yeah. So yeah, I want him to get it, but like I said, I’m giving him $200 towards his PS4, he needs to make the other two. He’s got $100 saved, he’s got $100 to go. – Who farted? – [Sierra] (laughs) – Did you? Did you? Owwww! Ahhh! My butt! – K.O. – Not yet.
– [Clintus] One, two – I got her! – [Clintus] I don’t know, can you get out? – [Bryce] Bad decision
for letting my hands out. – Well guys, by now most of you hopefully
have downloaded our app, I Tweeted it and shared it on
all the social networks today when the vlog went out. Reading the comments right now, looks like a lot of you
guys are enjoying it. Some of you are using Android, and are having problems getting it. I don’t know if that’s because
of the version of Android you’re running? That is the number one
problem with Android, is that phones across the world aren’t running all the
same version of Android, like Apple 95% of all iPhones are running the current version, whereas Androids, certain phones can’t run the new versions, so if you’re on Android and you don’t see the ClintusTV app, sorry I don’t know what to tell you. It’s probably only going to
work on the newest versions, so that’s not in my control, I don’t know if new versions of the app will be created for the
older versions of Android. As always, thank you so much for
your support, your love, give a thumbs up to this
video if you liked it, leave a comment down below, what your plans are for the summer, and check out the last three
year’s videos in the cards, and the links down below, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow for another adventure. Holy crap, I almost
forgot to tell you guys, it’s probably late for most of you, if you live here in the west valley, but tomorrow, Thursday June 25th 2015, I am going to the Dutch
Brothers surprise location from 12pm to 3pm serving coffee. It’s their one year anniversary, they are giving nine stamps
out for every purchase, and they invited me to come hang out and work with them for a few hours and serve some coffee, so I’m super excited. This vlog will be up a
few hours before noon, so hopefully if you’re in the west valley and you’re watching this, you’ve got some time to head on over to Dutch Brothers surprise over
on Bell Road and Litchfield, and come say hi, get some coffee. Alright guys we’ll see you tomorrow. Vlog on.

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