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Baby Alive Playground Fun Snackin Sara dolls with the girls find Hidden Egg Surprises

Snackin Sara
baby goes first hello
okay come on
come on let’s go ready, set, go
you can do it you got it
good job climb
im going to climb with you okay
baby’s head first hello
hello whats your cute little face
hello baby are you thirsty?
they are where is the cap?
got it one drip
look at that hmm
mmm yeah
my babies are tired baby is tired
but her still thirsty her bottle
you had a good nap sweetheart
ok baby’s look
more pick it up yellow
uh oh it opened say thanks
good job little one oh i want the big yellow one
here we go let’s go
now let’s go find more i see more over here
this is mine little one yeah
here you go do you like that
look at this tiny one look at this pink
look at this huge huge egg

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