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Baalveer Returns – Ep 64 – Full Episode – 6th December 2019

Mom grabbed my ear so hard
that it’s still paining. What did I do? I was just
playing hide-and-seek. Why is he in such a hurry? Hey!
Thief.. Vivaan. Have you seen the thief wearing
red and yellow top red shoes and a handkerchief
around the neck? Yes.. The parrot
just flew by. I am not talking about parrot,
but a thief.. There he is.
– Where! He?
Is he a thief? Hey, he’s Dev Joshi,
the hero of Bharatnagar. And your PT teacher. Have your eyes become weak? D-Don’t study in low light. And wash your eyes
with cold water every morning.. D-Don’t use mobile phone. You children do it
a lot these days. Don’t do it a lot.
Should I tell your mom? Mr. Girpade.. Actually, even my eyesight
is weak that’s why I steal during day.
– What! Are you surrendering? Y-Yes. A-Actually, you didn’t have
the handcuffs so I tied my hands myself. Look, Dev. Nowadays, I am popular
among thieves.. I mean I have my influence.. It rains only when the clothes
are being dried on the roof. N-No, that’s a different topic. Hey colourful thief!
Come on! Partner, which magic was this? Come, I’ll tell you. Now tell me, Partner,
which magic it was. Frozen statue magic
and it is.. I can turn people into statues
using this magic. Right? What else can I do
using this magic? Using this, you can turn anyone
into a statue and change his
facial expressions. – Wow! Besides, you can even change
the things in their hands. The way you replaced the knife
with a rope. Right? Yes.
Exactly. And once the person
comes out of magic you can even change
his thoughts. If he’s about to do
something wrong then you can stop him.
– Wow! Please give me this magic quickly.
– Put your hands forward. Wow!
Thank you so much, Partner. Yes! Vivaan, I am going
to Brave Realm now. I have an important work. You just practice
this magic now. And yes, remember.
Don’t misuse this magic. Yes! What happened, Shaurya? Why have you asked me
to come so quickly? Do you remember, Baalveer? The golden date is starting
in Fairyland from today onwards. This date comes only once
in every 500 years. In this golden date,
the magical flower blooms. Magical flower?
– Yes, Baalveer. Shaurya told us that
it is a special kind of flower. It will be offered
to the Fairy Star on the next full moon night. Yes. This flower keeps
the purity of Fairy Star intact which gives us powers
and magic so that we can defeat the evil
and protect morality. And if the evil powers possess
this magical flower and if they offer it
to Fairy Star then they will possess
Fairy Star’s powers. But even mother must be aware
of this magical flower. Which colour is this
magical flower of? Violet colour. The flower looks very beautiful. Is violet colour beautiful? Thanks for giving such
an important information. Also tell us where this flower
can be found? The magical flower is never
found in the same place again. It grows in different planets. But this time, this flower
will grow on Earth. Where on Earth, Shaurya? We will get an indication
for that when the stars will form
a rainbow in the sky and that rainbow will tell us
where the magical flower will grow on Earth. Then we should go to Earth
and keep an eye right now because Timnasa should
not find this magical flower. She must have got to know
about it. If you don’t know its exact
location on Earth then how shall we possess
this flower? Have patience, Bhaymar. The Dark Fairy
will definitely find out where this
magical flower is available. What do you say? Whatever I said is correct,
is it not, Dark Fairy? Yes, I will not disappoint
you like Bhaymar did, Timnasa. I have full faith in you,
Dark Fairy. That you will never
disappoint me. You remember, right? That after you find
the magical flower you will be giving me
one more special gift. Timnasa,
you know what? To find the magical flower,
we need bees and not a fairy. So stupid of you! Good idea.
– Yes. Bhaymar, I am really enjoying
this flying experience. Wait and watch. I will get
the magical flower to you before that Dark Fairy does. Timnasa, these people.. It would be foolishness to
trust these people, Jabdali. Because only the Dark Fairy
can find the magical flower. It is not an easy task. ‘Instead of using
the word ‘freeze’ ‘I better use the word
‘statue’.’ ‘There are a lot of chickens
here for me to practice’ ‘the new magical
power I have got.’ ‘Let my magic stop
all their movements’ ‘and turn them into statues.’ ‘God! I myself have
frozen.’ ‘Where did I go wrong?’ ‘Did this happen because I
called these kids as chickens?’ Vivaan,
it is already lunch break. Why are you playing
statues game? With whom are you playing
instead of your gang? Come on, tell me, Vivaan. ‘Forgive me and release
me from this spell.’ I was not playing
the statues game. Our PT teacher had
given me the punishment of staying in one
position for 10 minutes. That’s why. You guys carry on.
I’ll join you later for lunch. Carry on. Friends, come.
It is lunch time. Before I practice
my magic on the kids it’d better that I practice
it on the non-living things. That would be safe. ‘On what should I practice
my magic?’ Ball, tell me now. Will you try
to hit my nose again? You can try. But then I will
make you disappear. No,
I will make you lose your mind. Oh! I had forgotten that you don’t have a mind. Brother,
before we beat Vivaan we will have to beat
his sidekick, Gopu. You are right, Chinti. See here, guys. Gopu has peed in his pants
while having his lunch. I haven’t peed here. “He wanted to visit
the bathroom so badly” “that he has wet his pants.” “He has wet his pants!
He has wet his pants!” “He has wet his pants!
He has wet his pants!” Chintu and Chinti,
stop all this. “Just like Gopu, even his
friends wet their clothes.” “Friends of Gopu wet their
clothes just like him” “They, too, wet their clothes.
They, too, wet their clothes.” “They, too, wet their clothes.
They, too, wet their clothes.” You are messing
with my gang. It means, you are
messing with me. ‘Fun fairy, did you see
the starry rainbow?’ ‘No, Baalveer.
I’m not able to see.’ ‘Fairies.’ ‘We will have to
find the flower’ ‘before Timnasa anyhow!’ ‘Yes, Baalveer.’ I found it! Make me a human fast! I came.
– Where did you find it? Well..
Dark Fairy said that it’s a beautiful
flower, violet in colour so I got it. Where is the flower? Timnasa here’s the flower. Wow, Tauba Tauba. I asked for a violet flower,
not an eggplant. Fool! Baalveer, we checked
everywhere in the west but neither
we saw the starry rainbow nor the flower. Baalveer, we checked everywhere
in the east but we also weren’t successful. Baalveer,
I went in the north direction and I saw something
near the Himalayas. Shaurya had told us
that the rainbow will direct towards the flower. So that means, we will get
the flower in the Himalayas. Before any evil power
reaches there I will have to go
there and get it. I got to know,
where’s the flower. I followed Baalveer
and the fairies and I got to know
that it’s in the north direction in one of the hills
of the Himalayas. Tell me the name
of the mountain. I have to go there quickly
and get the flower. Timnasa, I got slapped and instead,
you lost your memory. I didn’t say this. I want to say that your
powers don’t work in Earth so how will you
be able to compete against Baalveer
and the fairies? She will give me a
special present for that. The mark of the Brave realm. But what is the present? Timnasa,
swear on my pinky finger what is this? This looks like a nail
of an animal. Wow.. I got a eggplant,
so I got slapped. And she got a nail,
so she’s getting complimented. Wow! What kind of justice
is this in the Dark realm? Keep quiet! This isn’t a nail of
any ordinary animal. This is the nail of the protector of the Brave realm,
Shaurya. Now via the power of this nail,
I will make Baalveer my target. I’m going to the hill where I will find the flower. Vivaan’s respect will ruin
when he will get to know that we taught his
gang such a lesson. Brother, now it’s Vivaan’s turn to take his own case. Small eyes, and big dreams. Come, I will turn these
dreams into big ones. Brother, stay here. I will go and get Vivaan. All right, Chinti.
Go. May he stop moving
and turn into a statue. Did you see, Chintu,
what my freezing spell can do? No.. I’ll drench his pants myself. What happened, Chintu?
Did you have a lot of water? He was very busy, that’s why he
peed in pants. Peed in pants..
– Peed in pants.. Peed in pants..
– Peed in pants.. Peed in pants..
– Peed in pants.. Peed in pants..
– Peed in pants.. Shut up! I-I don’t know.
I haven’t done this. Chintu, do you pee in pants
even at this age? This is strange. This is worth publishing
on the notice board. Yes..
– Yes.. No, Vivaan..
So sorry. Please don’t publish it
on the notice board. – Really? Then you tell everyone what
you did to Gopu. Tell them. Yes, Gopu, I drenched
your pants using water. Sorry, I won’t repeat it.
I made a mistake. Have you all heard that? I already knew that someone
was making fun of me. The way Chintu made fun of Gopu the same way even I made
fun of Chintu. And this is not urine,
it’s water. Shut up!
Come on, Chinti. But, Vivaan, how did you pour
water in Chintu’s pants? And why didn’t he get to know? Did you get to know when he
poured water in your pants? No.
– Then? ‘I’ll teach a lesson
to the people’ ‘of Dark Realm as well
very soon.’ Thanks, Dark Fairy. The shine of this place suggests
that the magical flower is somewhere around here. Come, Baalveer.
I was waiting for you. It’s good that I found
the flower before Timnasa did. Shaurya, you’re here?
– We don’t have much time. That’s why even I’ve come
to help you guys. Don’t worry, the
magical flower is with us now. Yes, Shaurya. We can now offer
this flower to Fairy Star. Yes, Baalveer. You go to Brave Realm
with the fairies now and start the preparations. I’ll be there
with the magical flower. Okay. ‘It’s me who will offer
this flower to Fairy Star’ ‘not you, Baalveer.’ ‘After that, I’ll possess
all the powers, magic’ ‘and weapons of Brave Realm.’ ‘You people will live like
servants in your own house.’

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