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Baalveer Returns – Ep 132 – Full Episode – 11th March 2020

How are you, Mr. Shorty?
– Welcome, Mr. Masked Man.. You are the chief guest
of this function. And we’ll be observing
your death anniversary today. No..
I’m not saying this. Of course, we’ll be observing
the death anniversary but of your queen, Timnasa. By the way, where is she? The masked man will be at
my feet very shortly, Sarvkaal. After that, I’ll make him
cough up the truth regarding the mysterious power to which you have guided him. If you want to get to the queen,
you’ll have to use this map. Right now, we are here.
If you want to get to the queen you’ll have to go here. to Sarvkaal Temple.
Got it? Here you go. Where did he vanish? Before I could make fun of him,
he vanished! And as for your labyrinth,
I’ve anyway broken it. Neither the masked man
nor the mysterious power will survive now. I think you are entering
your old age, Sarvkaal. That’s why,
on seeing your defeat you are rejoicing
instead of grieving. ‘You haven’t broken
the labyrinth.’ ‘Rather, you’ve got trapped
very badly in that, Timnasa.’ ‘Because I’ve just shared
a riddle with the masked man’ ‘in order to get
to the mysterious power.’ ‘I haven’t shared the location.’ ‘And even if you manage
to solve the riddle’ ‘you’ll find only the door to
get to the mysterious power.’ ‘There’s complete illusion
behind that door.’ ‘How will you break that,
Timnasa?’ ‘Because in order to break that’ ‘you’ll need to take the help
of another power.’ Don’t warn me, Sarvkaal. You are forgetting that when I’d
got expelled from Fairyland I was totally powerless. But after that, I had made you
my captive! Don’t be under the misconception that you can trap me
in an illusion. Well, here comes my prey! To gift his head to me. So, you arrived
on your flying machine! Not a flying machine,
this is my bike. I think you like my bike, right? If you want, I can take you
on a bike ride. You are acting smart with me
in my own place! It shouldn’t so happen that
in the process of taking me on a ride, you end up losing
the way. – Timnasa you look like
a sinking ship in the ocean. You are shaking badly.
Why? You’ll be the one to shake because you just
have 20 seconds left. The people who are unconscious
on the Earth will soon lose their lives. So, if you want them
to stay alive then come in front of me,
kneel down, and plead. Then I’ll give you the antidote of that virus. But if you don’t do as I said you’ll be responsible for the death
of those people. Tell me something.
Why should I trust your words? You prove to me that this is
the original antidote. Can you prove it? I expected you to say that.
Bhaymar! I had thrown the virus
on Jabdali for this situation. Because of which he was
in deep sleep. But watch the magic
of this antidote now! Queen of Fear,
I knew that you’ll cure me! Bhaymar.. Now tell me, masked man Are you ready to surrender
before me? In order to obtain
this valuable antidote. Have patience. I’ve a question.
If I surrender before you who will take this antidote
to Vivaan? As soon as you surrender I’ll create a magical door
through which I’ll deliver this antidote to Vivaan. All right, Timnasa.
I’ll count to three. As soon as this antidote
reaches Vivaan the keys of my bike as well as
my life will be in your hands. It’s acceptable to me. One.. Two.. Three! Timnasa, take off his mask. Yes, Queen of Fear.
Take it off! Timnasa.. Two of them! From where did so many
masked men come here? Removing people’s mask is your
hobby, right, Timnasa? Then come, fulfil your hobby
to your heart’s content. Wrong answer! Queen of Fear, Water.. Wrong again! Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
Catch a tiger by the toe. If you can, find out who is
the cuckoo and who is the crow. The original masked man is the
one who’d come in front of me before everyone. And who has been tied
with the rope. Hello, Ms. Timnasa.
Long time, no see! What is this supposed to be?
– You mean, this? This is the same virus
that you mixed into oblation and gave to people. The only difference is that
this virus is just 50 times more powerful
than the other virus. Do you know what this means? Are you trying to frighten me before the demise of everyone
on the Earth? Well, it was a nice try but you will not benefit by
shooting an arrow in the dark. Ms. Timnasa, I don’t
shoot arrows in the dark. If you feel that I am hopelessly
trying to intimidate you with a fake virus then wait for a while. Bless you!
I didn’t mean it. You’re in danger now. Timnasa.. Don’t worry.
You have the antidote, right? No, Bhaymar. The bottles containing
the antidote are broken. Only one bottle was left which I dropped when
I was trapping the masked man. Finally, we have managed
to trap you. Good job, Vivaan. It would be better
if you free the masked man and restore the memories
of the scientists so that they can
make the antidote. Timnasa, you don’t
have to save the world but you have to do this
in order to save yourself. I think, the game of chess
is very boring. But how did find my checkmate,
my dear masked friend? I am impressed, Vivaan. Now, allow me
to take your leave. Farewell! ‘Timnasa failed to unmask you’ ‘but I will surely unmask you,
someday.’ Shall we go
to the laboratory now? We have to get you treated. Here’s the first
batch of antidote for the viral infection. My scientists are preparing
to make the next batch. Water Fairy, we have acquired
the antidote. We have to give the antidote
to everyone who is infected. Okay. I will put this antidote
in every river and well so that a large number of people
consume the antidote. I will treat Wind Fairy
with the antidote, immediately. She’ll spread the
antidote through the air after she recovers. Good idea, Sound Fairy. If this antidote is mixed
in the air then every infected person can
be treated very quickly. Vivaan, don’t you think we should destroy Timnasa who constantly poses a threat
to the Earth? Sure, Sound Fairy. Grandpa.. Mom! Mom, please wake up. Grandpa! Grandpa.. Mom.. Mom, are you all right? Vivaan, are you all right? Debu! Debu, are you all right? Khushi! Where is she?
Is she all right? You were unconscious and you’re
asking about your children after waking up. Mom, if every child
has a loving mother like you this world would be
a better place. Don’t worry. Debu,
Khushi and I are very healthy. By God’s grace, grandpa and you
are cured from the infection. But we are home.
We didn’t go to the hospital because all the hospitals
were busy, right? Then how did we recover? Mom, let me explain. Please sit down, Mom.
Grandpa, please be seated. Relax.. Let me explain. Baalveer saved grandpa, mom
and everyone in the world who were infected
by the virus, Baalveer!
– Yes! Was Baalveer home? Yes.. – Yes, Grandpa.
– Why didn’t you stop Baalveer? We could have welcomed
and thanked him. We could have offered him
Samosas made by Karuna. I could have made
him tea infused with ginger and cardamom. We could have thanked him.
– Grandpa.. Baalveer had to give the
medicine to many people. Yes..
– So, he had to go. He left because you express
gratitude very elaborately. ‘Nagini’s serpent has put
this venom inside your body.’ ‘Nagini is the only one’ ‘who can remove this venom
from your body, completely.’ I am certain about one thing. The masked man is associated
with the Brave Realm or else Vivaan wouldn’t have come over
there along with his minions. Nagini told me, one of her
serpents bit the masked man. ‘One of my serpents
has bitten the masked man.’ ‘Very soon, the venom will
spread throughout his body’ ‘and he will succumb to death.’ The masked man seems unaffected
by the venom. The old lion,
Shaurya might have helped him. No medicine or herb in the world can stop the effects of my venom
for a long time. Very soon, I shall bring
the masked to you, Timnasa. Nagini, keep in mind that I want him alive.

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