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Who’s excited to go swimming? Me! I’m on my swim shirt and my swim pants. Awesome We’re on our way. Good day to you my friends. We’re going to have an awesome day today. We are at Burraston ponds and we’re with some of our friends. We’re going to be doing some free jumping and video drone footage. And I got my gopro, and I want to introduce you to my friend. So you guys brought your raft today huh. This is Paul. What’s up? From our life unlimited and he’s got his family here. This is his daughter, Sierra and Sarah Bentley So we’re going to have a lot of fun, are you guys excited? Yeah I’m gonna jump off a tree, I’m a little bit nervous actually. I’ve been here a lot of times, but I’ve never had the guts to jump out of this tree. Yeah, but I also didn’t have the right filming equipment. So you know document the occasion. So now I do. Are there swings on there? Yea h we got ropes. Hey guys, we swing and boom in the water, and it slide my arm so hard. That it got that. Ouch… And probably my side too somewhere. Yeah good job! How do you feel? Did you back slap a little? I got spank pretty good. That was awesome! Great job. That was awesome! Becca I can’t believe you’re gonna do it. You got this. You know what I’m more afraid of? The cold. You’re right, hold on to the black part. Okay this is so scary. When you jump pull and grab on to next one up like that. So that you don’t hit the water and dive. These are pro tips. That’s freezing! okay, go baby. What if my arms aren’t strong enough and be like… Charlie, you flipped up Charlie all the time, so you’re strong enough. That’s what I’m gonna do. You’re right. You’re like a half inch above the water. I wanna do that again that was so funny. Do it again Oh, you got this bro. You alright dude? So you just keep your legs on like that. Just put your legs perfectly straight, okay. almost You alright? A little bit too low I think, a little bit. Ryan your butt skipped on that. What did you do? I cut myself on something? Oh my gosh It’s long, does it hurt? Just give it to Josh, and he’ll add some blood coming out of it. I’m gonna get Becca wet. Becca that’s probably horse poop. Becca what are you doing? Eeww They are going to swim across this lake and come back. It’s gonna be a race. Looks like Michael made it all away across. Michael’s coming back. And there’s Michael he’s coming. Michael wins! I have a problem and the problem is we’ve been gone at CVX and family Reunion and Youtuber reunion and so many different trips and things that the house has become a disaster. We walked in the front door, and it smelled yucky and I’m like oh no I need to clean so I’m just going to do a little cleaning montage for you right now. That was weird right now. I’m going to continue this tomorrow now I’m tired. So we have absolutely awesome rocking day with our life unlimited. It was so fun. Thanks for hanging out with us. We had a blast. Hope you guys had fun watching all the adventures and craziness that we had today. My ears still hurt from jumping out of those trees. The pressure, and a lot of water got up in there and mess with it. I guess. We had a fun race, and that was pretty cool. Yeah, I lost. horribly mister Iron man I haven’t swam for four months and it sucks. So we’re actually going to be doing a really really fun food fight on Instagram. It’s going to be going up on Instagram today. So make sure that you go read the instructions because we’re having a fight against their family and we have to win because if we win we get to smash pies in their faces. Real pies on Saturday, so make sure to go and help us and win the food fight and go subscribe to our life unlimited. I’ll have a link in the description below. They’re really awesome family. We’ll see you guys next time alright, so yes. Pause the game! Good job

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