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AVOIR DES ABDOS VISIBLES: CE QU’IL FAUT SAVOIR !! ft. ma soeur kiné + démo abdo hypopressif

Hello, no Hi! Hello ! so today we will talk about a very important topic crucial i’d say .. we’re talking about abs! So if you have clicked on this video, chances are you have already wanted to have abs, or a flat stomach, or just strengthening your core.. So this video is for you! if you don’t care about this topic, I’ll see you in my next video! if you’re interested, get comfy because it is going to be a long video so take something to eat or drink because you’re going to be with us for a little while ! Today I’m with my sister Camille She’s a physiotherapist specialised in perineal rehabilitation So ..yep..that’s it.
– Hi everyone ! She’ll help me in this video cause she has more knowledge about the topic and also will help me to film and draw! So there will be a lot of information in this video so I will divide it into 4 parts, otherwise it will be too messy. So the first part, we will talk about anatomy, physiology.. So that’s rather my sister who’s going to speak, Then we will talk about the ‘classical’ abs exercises, we will see if they are good or bad, we will speak of other abdominal exercises that can be done to strengthen the abs, and finally I will conclude with some questions / answers, I will answer the questions you asked me as well as others .. So yep, let’s start with the first part! This first part can be a little boring for some but actually it is very important to understand what’s going on in the inside.
what’s in our body so we can understand this whole video. So, can you can tell us what are the abdominal muscles, what organs there are in that area? Of course So we have 4 different layers of abdominal muscles The most superfical, are the external obliques Then there is a second layer which are our rectus abdominus Then beneath is the internal obliques and even more beneath, the transverse abdominal, which is super important for us from a health perspective. it is not very visible but is ultimately the most important. Around this, so, above the abdominal we have our ribs. Below, the hip bones (pelvis). And so, the abdominal area which contains the viscera.. our digestive organs, bladder, uterus for women, rectum, all these very important organs, it is a box that is not closed by bony structures. so we have the abs in front, below we have our pelvic floor, aka the perineum, and above, which closes and which separates from the space of the lungs, is our diaphragm. at the back we have a small bone structure which is the spine, but eventually it is an area that is quite fragile because everything is soft tissue. So basically what holds our organs inside, our intestines, viscera etc, is largely our abdominal muscles, so that’s why, in fact, it is important to strenghten them in a safe way. Yes So now we go onto the second part, where I’ll explain, well, we will explain, what happens when you do a classic abdominal exercise such as crunch, sit-ups.. all that, they are also called the ‘hyperpressive’ abs. so, I think you have already heard of about “good and bad” abs. but is it really that simple? I think the easiest way is with an example. ok so, here we have a guy who, apparently, is not happy, is going to do, let’s say, a crunch . he’s on its back. so he’ll stand up, this is going to reduce the abdominal area, So that’s the diaphragm and this is the perineum these are the abs. on top of that, if the person is not breathing or inspires, visually it will cause a belly sticking out, and it creates a pressure that directs the viscera into the weakest are, which is the perineum. So in the long-run, it can cause problems that we’ll talk about right now, doing this kind of exercise, long term or not, In any case, what’s the effect on our health? well, the repetition of several exercises that orient pressure downwards will eventually, gradually, strech the ligaments that support, and the connective tissues, that support our viscera. and gradually, these viscera tend to go down in the abdominal cavity which can cause what’s called ‘organ descent’, prolapsus.. whether of the uterus, rectum, or bladder and it can also lead to umbilical hernias, inguinal hernias. incontinence also? Yea, incontinence is a result of organ descent when it is very pronounced. yea, I saw a video which actually showed crossfit athletes that were, i’ll put the link of the video so that you can go and see, but eventually they couldn’t hold their pee ! So eventually, is a crunch good or not? I would say for 90% of people, myself included, it’s not good because we don’t do it right. what’s to remember, I think you agree, is that it’s not really the crunch that’s bad, but the way we do it. in fact, a good exercise will be an exercise in which the tummy sucks in, right? where the stomach sucks in and where abdominal space is not reduced. and so all things like crunch etc. are ok as long as we can do them without buldging the stomach out. it’s very difficult, most people can’t do it, Yes it takes a lot of strength already, deep strength so from deep abs, transverse, and a lot of practice but in a healthy way, risk free. So here I give you the example of a crunch. I will show you the right way to do it So the belly does not come out and the wrong way is when the belly bulges out and the same goes for other exercises, you get the idea, there my stomach stays in, and here it sucks out. when you do a crunch, most of the time, it’s the superficial abs that are working, since it’s natural for the body to do minimal effort in order to make a move. and so, often, if one doesn’t have enough deep strenght, doing a crunch will just work superficial abs and so it is not really useful in building strengthening yes, in a health perspective, it’s just a surface muscle yes, aesthetically, that’s a different story. but yea ! This brings us to the third point which are the other types of exercises you can do to strengthen your core. I think we can recommender 2 types? Yes well, more or less there are isometric exercises and hypopressive exercises. absolutely. isometric exercises… What are they? we talk about an isometric contraction of a muscle when the muscle contracts without shortening or lengthening. so it’s a static contraction.. everything like planks, hover all that, then? planks, yes … and also, I think, all kind of stability stuff like surfing, well everything where there’s a little unstable eventually which allows to stabilize with deep abs. yep, everytime our legs or arms are moving and we’re asked to gain balance, the abs are engaged, but as long as they work in a static way, then it’s fine, yes, even all like, dance I think, well some dances and yoga is very good as well cause you actually have to hold postures and you need to stabilize that with your abs. So for planks, I just wanted to show you the ideal position. So there my bum is too high, so here i take it down, the back really need to be flat that’s not good, too low buttocks, too high buttocks hollow back If you must be on your knees, no problem, but don’t hollow back don’t put bum too high, too low.. for the obliques you can also do that, either on one leg or both, and like, do not lower the buttocks or too high, or twist or anything there, really pull up from the hips Secondly there are hypopressive exercises what’s that ? humm what is that stuff ? hypopressive abs were discovered in the 80s there are 2 main authors, if you want more information, that talked about this Cauffrier Marcel and Bernadette De Gasquet, the goal is to work with maximum exhale, and then pull your diaphragm by opening up the ribs, we try to vacuum the abdominal area this leads to a significant abdominal and perineum contraction. So, here is a demo! to do the hypopressive exercice, we breathe in the from the tummy, swelling the belly, we breathe out, the tummy pulls back in towards the spine, we try to breathe out the air to the max and then hold your breathe. hollow the stomach, try to slide the it below the ribs by opening them a little then we hold it 10 seconds and at the end we breathe again through the belly. to perform this exercise correctly, you must tuck your chin in place hands on thighs inwards and when you exhale and hold your breath, you push on your thighs, then, feet slightly apart, toes off the floor. when you’ll be in apnoea, you should feel a discomfort in the trachea, it’s normal don’t worry, it’s just a depression. but, if you really feel dizzy, then you must stop. there are other alternatives for this exercice, you can also do standing, placing your hands on your thighs, pointing inwards you can also do it on the all-four then be sure to have legs slighlty apart, hands still pointing inward and neck relaxed You can also do this sitting crossed legs place your hands as I show here shoulders should be low and keep your posture straight. So now you’ve seen the technique of hypopressive abs, benefits of them will be well, first, have a flatter stomach since it really works by aspiration, so obviously, it’s going to give a flatter stomach This is also a technique that is also used in yoga, it’s called nauli infact it is a technique that will do a deep intestine massage well, yes right?
-Yes Yes from viscera, so that’s great for digestion particularly. well actually, we’ll see when to practice cause it can be ..
– yep not straight after eating! what else ? It is interesting for back issues common back pain, it reduces risks of umbilical and inguinal hernias and is also indicated for people who have already had it to prevent recurrence.. including me when I had 2 hernias, it was the only exercise I was able to do at the beginning that was absolutely risk free for me, for streghtening you’re also going to, through these exercises, improve your daily posture because the body will have a memory of this self-streching. and it will give your back a support throughout the day. So then, can anyone do this and and when to do it ? not immediately after eating! voilà! I recommend at least 2 hours after a meal so that digestion has already well started, ideal would really be on an empty stomach, after a long period without eating like when waking up.
– I’m doing mine in the morning yes, straight after waking up is really the best time. avoid to do before going to sleep because it can disrupts sleep a bit as it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. it is not for pregnant women and also not for people who have hypertension even if it is under treatment. it’s really a no. any way you better ..
– yes if you have any doubt, and before starting anything you better have a medical opinion go see your doctor and ask him. so, is it something you can do every day? yes, actually the ideal would be 15 minutes every day or every 2 days if you have less time, it would be optimal. So now we go onto the last part, so I’ll answer some questions I received on instagram and other ones that I asked myself, well that I asked you because well, I’m curious. the first question is: do we have to give up crunches entirely or a little bit here and there is fine ? What is the answer? I know you love your crunch, the ideal would be, especially for us girls, it would be to limit this kind of exercise, to stop doing them, and replace them with lots of variations, the exercises we spoke of earlier, isometric or the hypopressive, that would be the best. Now if you still want to do them, be careful not to over shorten the abdominal area, really breathe out, and watch that your belly sucks in during the exercises. but it’s still not what I’d recommend. yea, you really have to ensure that if you want to do them, you can do them the right way, So even for me, well now that i’m stronger I can but beyond 20 reps, I think I couldn’t do more. it’s really something that if we really want to do properly, it’s really hard to do, it requires to be focused, to have control So then, the second question is: how to know if you are doing them well or not? The best way to find out is perhaps to film yourself? yes, or either ask someone to watch you. to have a good body awareness, to feel, to be really focused during your exercise, feel if your belly stucks out, check that you’re breathing out, So actually the belly doen’t have to bulge out, that’s the thing! -Yes
– it’s when you do a crunch or a movement like this, basically, your tummy doesn’t have to stick out like we saw earlier. and above all, you must not stop breathing let the air go out and exhale well. yes, and there is also a technique with coughing ? oh yes, to check, see if your abdominal muscles are strengthened in a medically correct way you can check if when you cough, your stomach rather tends to go out or rather go in If your abs are efficient from a physiological point of view, your belly should go in when you cough. except from the abs exercise, as we have seen, the hyperpressive ones, are there other things that are risky, let’s say, for the health of our pelvic organs? yes, so specifically for perineum, avoid exercise with impacts, vibrations, like, running is not very very suitable if you have any perineal issues or after giving birth um .. trampoline, yes, all things that can lead to vibrations. all that lifiting things, always adapt if you want to do exercises with weights that you life, stay with reasonable weights and remember to breathe out. The best is to focus on the exercise and not necessarily to lift incredible weights. Yes, it is better to do it right and make sure that you have better health. Another question, hum let me look on my computer the questions, oh yea, I had many questions about aestetics. and i mean, I totally understand since well, it’s rather pleasing!
– yea it motivates people! So the question is, is it possible to have a six pack or those super defined abs with planks and hypopressive abs ? No. I would say no, your muscles will be more toned, your belly will be flatter, more tight. on the other hand..
– it will still be defined, – Yes
– I mean, reasonably, but then it also depends on the fat content etc but without going into details it will still be yea, sort of defined..but really the six pack thing with the lines and demarcations, you only get this by working with shortening and repetition, which is not ideal. I would compare it somewhat to a dancer and bodybuilder. The bodybuilder will have very defined muscles, big, the dancer will be very, it will be much longer muscles, much thinner but very toned. work in hypopressive or isometry will bring you rather thin but toned muscles and stomach pulled in. Another question that is somewhat similar: how to have a flat stomach? or are these exercises going to help to have a flat stomach? So I think, at least I can say yes. because I found that my belly has flattened since I’ve been doing hypopressive exercises.. as we have seen, it allows the stomach to suck in, so then the body gets used to have this flatter stomach position. yes yes .. to have good result anyways you’ll have to be patient, it really is going to work if consistent, and 6 months you should really see good results. But then, exercise does not all. Flat stomach is not just from exercise it’s also about the diet, the living style, but yea, that’s another story ! Oh yea, there is also this thing going on on instagram it’s like the abs with a line in the middle What is it and is it good or bad ? Yes, so that’s what we call an abdominal diastasis in the medical profession it’s a tear that occurs between the two rectus abdominus It’s not necessarily a good idea, yea it’s kind of an aestetic trend but for us it is an additional weakness in the abdominal muscles than can induce hernias and so, is it a cause of doing this kind of exercise or not necessarily, like is it hereditary, where does it come from? A diastasis may appear after exercice where you shorten the abdominal space and yea, too much repetition, too much of it and it also can occur after pregnancy, after very important stretching of the abdominal muscles. then another question: oblique exercises are they good ? are they safe to do? So I would say that as long as we maintain a self-stretch and that we do not try to shorten the abdominal space, if the exercice oblique keeps the back straight, then I think there is not much risk really breathe out, but, everytime you shorten the muscle, it’s still the same issue. yea so everytime you’re doing this exercise where you bring your elbow to your knee, then there is a shortening? there is a shortening yes. Another question about obliques Is that true that oblique exercises give a thiner waist? yes, it would be the muscle orientation that is most likely to give you this shape at the waist. but visually I mean .. it would be more like an optical illusion because you basically have a visble muscle .. Yes. if you work your oblique in a static way it is better that repetitive and dynamic exercise otherwise you will increase your muscle mass muscle so it will be larger, less thin. it’s like classic exercices, crunch etc the more you do them, the more muscle grows, therefore the belly is less flat. and last question, still about aestetics : Is there specific exercises to target lower abs and love handles? to target the lower abs, yes, there are always specific exercises for that. Yes. but that doesn’t mean you will lose the fat you have around. fat will be targeted.. yea so what’s called love handles is a fat storage and to lose that you’re better off working first on the diet, and then things that are rather cardio based that will make you use your fat storage. yes, cardio and also just have a higher metabolism so This can also be done through weight training workouts / resistance because you will have more muscles, so more energy used but there is not a specific ab exercise that will shed the tummy fat away. yea definetly. it will tone it up
– ab exercice are really not for that So that’s it ! well, this video was very long, so if you’re still here, thank you! I hope you enjoyed and learned something! really my goal is to help you, to teach you something ! rather than aesthetics, maybe focus a little more about health.. if you know anyone interested to see this video, please share it, and like this video so I can know if you like this more informative/educative video and give a thumbs up to my sister … thank u..that has kindly agreed to come in this video well, I’ll see you very soon !! Love goodbye!! thank you all!

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