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Aura Treehouse, Australia – KOMPAN Playgrounds

20,000 homes are planned in Aura,
City of Colour, located on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. That’s a lot of homes to sell and the developer
looked for something iconic to attract people. Our client had just gone on holidays. And he went to a part of Queensland where
they have a lot of old trees. And his kids climbed up through the hollow
parts of the trees and he thought this would be a great experience to try to bring to Aura. So, the idea was to build a playground with
structures as tall as trees. When we looked at the complexity, we didn’t
think there’d be too many firms that could actually deliver. Therefore, KOMPAN’s design team in Berlin – known around the world for creating unique landmarks became part of the process. We went backwards and forwards with the KOMPAN design team. We definitely took their advice on safety. So climbing on the inside rather than on the outside. And the fun factor, we definitely took KOMPAN’s advice on that. Working with KOMPAN I think is really easy. They have a really good intuition in terms
of design, so working with them from the outset to provide some quality play design elements
within the park has been really good. Now the one of a kind playground is a reality with vibrant colors appealing to the whole community delivered and installed by KOMPAN. The kids love the slides. They love the rope walks. I think it’s the fear factor too because
it’s up so high. I think that’s the real fun section of it

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