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At Home or Office Exercises – Biceps

hi, I am leslie rae newton with we’re doing a series of easy exercises you can do in the office so far we have targeted your legs, your shoulders and your triceps now we are going to move to the front of the arm, your biceps we’re taking an office chair and a full
water bottle to get these exercises done for the bicep one we are going to be doing simple curls, want to move
to the front of your chair, so that you have a little more room if you are back here there is nowhere for your
arm to go, and your kinda cheating yourself so scoot out to the front, sit real tall you’re going to hold the water bottle in your
hand, you don’t want to grip too hard you want to make sure that you are not firing these
forearm muscles, and that you wrist isn’t working too hard however you want to make sure you want to have a nice straight wrist during this exercise your wrist should not collapse and it should not over compensate again we are not doing wrist here keep that angel real straight water bottle in hand you are going to come all the way down you are going to keep your elbow pinned to your side and you’re going to curl up this is going to be real easy the way you are going to make this exercise effective is to pretend that
this is not a water bottle but it is a 100 lb weight if, you in your mind, make it harder than it is, all of
a sudden you are going to be firing and flexing this muscle if you treat it like it is, which is just a water bottle you’re not going to be doing anything and be wasting your
time, and upset that you don’t see any results so apply your own resistance, make it harder than it is, let
that muscle fire and get some great guns at work

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