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ASSISTANT Playground Playdate Fun with Animals Swings and Monkey Bars

– [Assistant] Family fun for everyone. – [Narrator] I wonder
where The Assistant went. – [Assistant] I’m right here! – [Narrator] Right where? She’s all the way at the top of that hill. Are you gonna come down here? – Of course. – [Narrator] Here she goes. Whoa, super fast! – [Narrator] Hey Assistant, you fell. Are you okay? – Yes. – [Narrator] We’re
going to go to this park and see geese and ducks and look at all the fun things to do. But first let’s go back up that– – Hill. Let’s go. – [Narrator] Let’s go. Let’s go into the park. I’m following you Assistant. I’m following you. – Here’s some stairs. – [Narrator] Whoa, you
know they’ve got some really cool playground equipment here too, don’t they? – Yes, they do. – [Narrator] Oh Assistant,
that hill’s too steep. Watch out, watch out! You’re going down on your bottom? – Not steep. – [Narrator] Whoa, pretty cool! – Wanna see me run up? – [Narrator] You, okay, let’s see if you can run up it. It’s kind of like watching– – Survivor. – [Narrator] Or a ninja. Remember Ninja Warrior where
they have to run up that hill? – Yes, Ninja Warrior. – [Narrator] She made it, woo! – I have to jump down. – [Narrator] Alright, let’s go okay? – Okay. – [Narrator] Okay Assistant,
what are you doing? – Uh, climbing this. – [Narrator] You’re going
to go up those monkey bars? Will she make it all the way across? Let’s see. So far, so good. One. I think she’s got it! I think she’s got it! Good job! – Let me try the other one. – [Narrator] There’s another one? Whoa! Up the ladder. Let’s see if she can make it. Ready? She’s hangin’, she’s hangin’. – Let me try again. – [Narrator] Oh, she fell! So close. – Let me try again. – [Narrator] So close, so close. Alright Assistant, let’s
see if you can do it. Ready? – Let me get a head start. – [Narrator] You want a head start? – Yep. – [Narrator] Oh, I think
she’s gonna make it people. Oh she fell. – Let me get a double head start. – [Narrator] How do you get
a head start on monkey bars? – Skip one. – [Narrator] Oh, you’re gonna skip one? – No, I already skipped
one from the last turn. – [Narrator] So here she goes. Ready? – I’m gonna get a double, I can’t. – [Narrator] She’s gettin’
it, she’s gettin’ it. I think she
– Made it. Made it. Good job! – Let’s go over to the other playground. – [Narrator] Okay, let’s go. Down the slide. Let’s see what The Assistant’s doin’. (loud sounds) That’s pretty loud. (loud sounds) That’s pretty loud. – So, can you go over to that speaker thing right over there? – [Narrator] Sure. We gotta go to the speaker. Let’s see. Find the speaker. So here it is. She is calling this a speaker. – Hello? Hello? Hello? – [Narrator] Hello? – Can you hear me? – [Narrator] I can hear you. Can you hear me? – No. – [Narrator] Can you hear me? – No. – [Narrator] People at
home, can you hear me? Ahh. Wait, let’s see if we can see her. – Put your face up to the speaker. – [Narrator] Put my face up to– I got a better idea. – Yeah? – [Narrator] I’m gonna put my face up to the speaker next to you. – No, that’s not how it works. – [Narrator] What? – What!? – [Narrator] Ready? – Up. – [Narrator] Are you
gonna make it up there? See if you can climb it. – Wait. – [Narrator] The climbing wall. Don’t fall Assistant. – I’ll try. – [Narrator] Whoa, you’re pretty high up. People at home, do you
think she’s gonna fall? I hope she doesn’t fall. So Assistant, what’s gonna be your next– Are you gonna try to go
across the rock wall? – What do you mean? – [Narrator] Do you think
you can go across it? – Like, hold on. Like– – [Narrator] Whoa. – I’ll start right here. – [Narrator] Okay. – Hold on to this. – [Narrator] Assistant,
do you see any pirates? – No. – [Narrator] Do you see any castles? – No. – [Narrator] Do you see any ducks? – Yes. – [Narrator] Should we go see if we can find any turtles or geese eggs? – Okay. – [Narrator] Alright. Hey look, there’s a bridge. Why don’t you run across the bridge too? – Okay. – [Narrator] So people at home, we’re gonna go see how many different types of geese and turtles we can see. – And eggs. We can probably find some geese eggs. – [Narrator] So wait a minute, we’re not gonna just go
on a surprise egg hunt, we’re actually gonna look
for real eggs, aren’t we? – Yeah, cause I already
saw one over there. – [Narrator] She’s already
seen a special egg. Let’s go. Let’s go down the slide. – I was hoping I could go down this. – [Narrator] Okay, you can go down that. – Or the slide, okay. – [Narrator] Whoa! Let’s go. – Okay. – [Narrator] Let’s go
see if we can find them. It’s a pretty day at the park. Now Assistant, should you
touch the goose’s egg? – No. – [Narrator] What would happen if you do? – They would die. – [Narrator] And they would attack you probably too, right? – Wow. – [Narrator] Geese aren’t real friendly. They’re not super friendly, no. – Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch. – [Narrator] Let’s go. – Let’s go. Crunch, crunch, crunch. – [Narrator] Alright, you got a good hiking stick now, right? – Right. – [Narrator] Up we go. – Tree proof. Well, actually it came from a tree. – [Narrator] Most sticks
do come from trees, right? – Actually all trees,
sticks come from trees. – [Narrator] Yep. (whistle sounds) – Let’s go this way. – [Narrator] Wait a minute. I see some ducks right there. Now Assistant, you found eggs? – Yeah, I found one egg, out of water. I’ve seen a ton that are in water. – [Narrator] Really? – Really. Ducks. – [Narrator] Again, I
thinks these are geese. These aren’t really ducks. Assistant, there floating away. Where are they goin’? – Bye. – [Narrator] Bye. – Here’s a stick. It looks like a log. – [Narrator] Hmm, can you show me that egg that you found though? – Sure. Let’s go this way. – [Narrator] Alright. Let’s go. – Heigh ho. – [Narrator] Assistant,
you don’t want to fall. – Cannonball. – [Narrator] Ha-ha. That water’s probably cold. (laughs) So we’re lookin’ for ducks
and turtles and frogs. – I’ve seen a ton of turtles too. – [Narrator] Fish, cats, dogs. – Dogs, cats? – [Narrator] A bear. – Bear? This way. Here it is. – [Narrator] Look! Right there people at home. You see the egg? – Right there. – [Narrator] Don’t touch it. Do you see it? The Assistant found it. It’s a real egg, right? – Uh huh. It’s not a surprise egg,
cause you can’t touch it. – [Narrator] It was a surprise
that we found it though. – Oh yeah. – [Narrator] Alright, so let’s see. What else is in the water here? – The tadpoles. I’m gonna go on a log. (frog croaks) There’s some fish. – [Narrator] You see some fish? – They’re tiny. – [Narrator] They’re like minnows, right? – They’re called minnows? – [Narrator] Yep. – Oh. – [Narrator] Don’t fall in
that water, you silly goose. – I’ll try. (laughs) – [Narrator] Okay. So let’s go play on the
playground equipment again, okay? – Okay. – [Narrator] Why don’t you
run across that bridge? – Hi ducks. – [Narrator] The goose. Ah, they’re not gonna let you touch them. Good job. Off we go. Alright, we’ll see you
in a minute Assistant. – Okay. – [Narrator] Hey, people
at home, we’ve been doing a lot of fun things
with The Assistant, right Assistant? – Right. – [Narrator] What was your favorite thing? – Seeing the egg. – [Narrator] Seeing the egg. Do you like to go on swings and fly on the monkey
bars and things like that? – Right. That was so fun, but I think the best part is that we found the egg. – [Narrator] Okay. No Assistant, watch out! – Whoa!
Whoa! Ready? – Whoa!
Whoa! – Whoa!
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word is gonna be– – [Narrator] Park. P-a-r-k, right? – Right. – [Narrator] Alright Assistant, let’s have some more fun at the park. – Okay. No. – [Narrator] Assistant’s swingin’, whoa! Whoa! – Whoa! – [Narrator] There she is. – Whoa!
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