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Assistant and Batboy Waterpark Scavenger Hunt for PJ Masks Toys

– [Assistant] Family fun for everyone. Hey guys we’re gonna find PJ Masks. – Yeah, they’re all
hidden in this water park. Come on, let’s go. – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s go. Go on Batboy, go find PJ Masks. – Hey look, I think it’s down here. – [Mr. Engineer] You
think they’re down here? Wow Batboy, Assistant. – Look! It’s Night Ninja. – [Mr. Engineer] Wow Batboy
you found Night Ninja. Our first, hey that’s a steering wheel what does that do? – I don’t know. – [Mr. Engineer] (laughs) Oh
look the water’s coming out. Watch out for the water. (water gurgling) Wow! Alright Assistant, we’ve gotta find more. Here they come, they’re
looking for PJ Masks. (water rushing) The Batboy’s in the lead with, Oh well that was a big, alright Batboy can you find em? – Yeah, I found it! – Oh, great! – [Mr. Engineer] You found Owlette! Good job Batboy. (Assistant squeals) Batboy how do we get out of here? – Over here. – Fly, fly! – [Mr. Engineer] We gotta go. We gotta get outta here. I’m going down the slide too. Wow! Let’s go. – Guys maybe we should walk. It says “Please Walk.” – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah
it says “Please Walk.” (kids screaming) Oh there’s the Batboy. – My turn! – [Mr. Engineer] Now it’s the
Assistant’s turn to come down. (kids yelling) There’s the Assistant. Okay let’s go, let’s go. We’ve gotta find the rest of
the PJ Mask crew, let’s go. Wow! Alright Assistant, alright Batboy. Boy it sure is wet,
look at all this water. – Look Mickey Mouse. – [Mr. Engineer] Wow
you found Mickey Mouse. Wait a minute I can’t see. You found Mickey Mouse, good job Batboy. Okay Assistant let’s
see what the Batboy has. – Assistant will you
stand right here for me? (Batboy yells) – [Mr. Engineer] Oh no
that turns on the water. – Assistant, how do you turn it off? – [Mr. Engineer] Can you
swing like Tarzan guys? – (grunts) I’m trying! (all howl like Tarzan) – [Mr. Engineer] Pretty cool. (playful music) Okay guys so we found Mickey Mouse, Night Ninja and Owlette, right Assistant? – Right.
– Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] We’ve gotta find Gekko, Catboy, Romeo, and Luna Girl. Let’s go. Alright you guys have done a great job. Let’s keep going. – Okay. (playful music) – Water, water! – [Mr. Engineer] Look there’s a puddle! Right there, there’s a puddle. – Let’s go! Woohoo! Look, Gekko! – [Mr. Engineer] Look the
Assistant found Gekko! – Yay! – [Mr. Engineer] Good job Assistant. Wow she found Gekko. Look there’s the Batboy. – Hi Batboy.
– Hi. – [Mr. Engineer] You guys
are doing a great job. We’ve got a few more to find right? – Yeah!
– Right. I heard Romeo is hiding in the sand. – Let’s go find him Assistant. – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s go find him, hm. Oh boy where do you think Romeo could be? – I think he’s in the sand. – [Mr. Engineer] He hid himself didn’t he? – Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] The Batboy’s down. Hm, let’s see if we can find him. Romeo, Romeo? – Romeo! – [Mr. Engineer] Romeo? Maybe by the hippopotamus. – Listen I’m gonna dig. – [Mr. Engineer] So the
Assistant’s gonna dig. So the Assistant, oh look, it almost looks like
there’s a little sand castle right there doesn’t it? See right there? – You’re right. – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s
see what’s inside of that. Romeo wouldn’t of hid himself in the sand, would he have? – Hm I don’t think so. – [Mr. Engineer] Hm, well, wait– – I found Romeo! – Yay! – [Mr. Engineer] Wow you found Romeo, he’s all covered in sand. – He’s more covered in sand. – [Mr. Engineer] He is! Hey let’s go wash him off real quick. We gotta find Catboy too don’t we? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] He’s the last one left. – But first, I’m gonna play. – Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, they’re
gonna play in the sand. (playful music) Wait Assistant, are you in here? Hi Assistant! – Yeah, hi! – [Mr. Engineer] And here, no the Batboy is getting
eaten by a hippopotamus! – Me too! (kids screaming) – Maybe we should jump out. – [Mr. Engineer] You’re gonna jump out? Okay guys we’ve gotta go find Romeo! – Let’s bury Romeo again! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh I’m sorry
we gotta go find Catboy! – We just got all that sand off of us. – [Mr. Engineer] Guys we
don’t have time for showers, we gotta go find Catboy. – Yeah, right we’re gonna get wet anyway. Go, come on! – [Mr. Engineer] That’s right. We’ve gotta find Catboy. – It’s a water park, so obviously we’re gonna get wet. – [Mr. Engineer] That’s right, the sand’s gonna come off. Alright where do you think they could be? Okay let’s keep looking. Hm, Catboy? – Catboy, Catboy? – [Mr. Engineer] Catboy? Maybe he’s in these rocks, what do you think? – Maybe. – [Mr. Engineer] Do you see him in here? – No. – [Mr. Engineer] Where could he be? – Hey look! – There he is. – [Mr. Engineer] There’s Catboy. Good job guys. So we found Gekko, Catboy, Owlette, Romeo. – Night Ninja. – [Mr. Engineer] And Mickey Mouse. Didn’t we? – Right.
– Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] Alright, so
we found all of our members. Alright guys. Did you have fun finding it out there? – Yeah. – Yeah, it was the most
fund I’ve ever had. – [Mr. Engineer] Most fun you ever had? What do you think Batboy? – Yeah! – [Mr. Engineer] Okay everybody, if you wanna watch another video in 10, – [All Together] 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3– – [Mr. Engineer] Wait a minute, they gotta remember to subscribe. Remember to subscribe
to our channel right? – Yeah. – [All Together] 3, 2, 1, bye! – Bye! – [Mr. Engineer] Next video! (electronic sound) – Batboy, I challenge you to a Nerf war. – Yeah I bet I’m gonna win. – I’m gonna win. Let’s go to our forts and start. – Yeah I’m gonna win. Assistant, this is my fort. Nobody can get into my fort. (Nerf pops) (Nerf clicks) (playful music) (Nerf thunders) – Oh really Batboy? This is my fort, and take this! (Nerf whirs) (intense music) – Oh no, I’m under heavy fire. I gotta go get her. (Nerf clicks) – Return fire! (Nerf whirs) – [Mr. Engineer] Batboy you
better get outta there quick. – Now’s my chance. I’m gonna go get the Batboy. (Nerf pops) (fast-paced music) Oh no I’m out of bullets! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, hope the
Batboy doesn’t return fire! – I’m not out of bullets. (heavy music) – Return fire! (building music) (Nerf clicks and pops) (escalating music) – Out of bullets! Retreat! (heroic music) (Nerf whirs) – Now’s my chance. (Nerf clicks and pops) – That Batboy’s not gonna get me. (Nerf thunks) That’s for you Batboy! – Oh no! Ow! (escalating music) (Nerf clicks) (Nerf thumps) – Ow! (escalating music) (Nerf clicks) – Retreat! (heroic music) (fast-paced music) (Nerf clunks) (Nerf clicks) – Fire! (climactic music) (Nerf clinks) (Nerf whirs) (Nerf whirs) (kids shouting) – Die! – Hah, that was funny Assistant. – Yeah. – Let’s just go play on
the swings at the park. Come on. – Yeah, but– – Before we do that. – People at home, who do you think won for this battle today? – Yeah, and leave a comment below. – And who do you think won, Batboy or me? Me, definitely me. – Yeah I think it was the Assistant. – And please subscribe, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and I hope you watch another video. Just like the other ones. And our secret spelling
word is gonna be Nerf. – [Mr. Engineer] Nerf, N E R F spells – [Batboy And Assistant] Nerf! – [Mr. Engineer] N E R F spells – [Batboy And Assistant] Nerf! – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s go play, come on everybody! – Bye everyone. See you next time on
the Engineering Family. Bye let’s go play. (playful music) – [Mr. Engineer] Hey there everyone. Thanks for watching our video. Now make sure that you subscribe to the Engineering Family so you can lots of cool videos. In fact there’s another
cool video right there. You can select and watch it, I think you’re really good like it. It is team Umizoomi? Paw Patrol? Surprise Eggs? Frozen? Blaze? Masha? There are so many videos to watch, bye!

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